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  1. Age   65 Gender  Male Nationality  Welsh Job: Retired What is your position about France (Pro, Anti, No opinion)?  Pro (which is why I'm here) Main questions of the quizz: Have you ever been to France? Yes, 10 or 12 visits at least before moving here What’s the first thing coming to your mind when you heard France? Food, wine, and space. Have you ever heard of a specialized magazine about France (France magazine, France, French…..)? Living France When you think about France, do you only think about Paris or the entire country? Love Paris for two days at a time, but Paris is not France! Do you think France is like those Photos? Yes, sometimes. http://dryosia.free.fr/tpe What is your favourite thing about France? France! If you have already been, did you find the French welcoming? Yes, without question (even the assistants in the grands magasins of Paris. Comments Je suis bien habitué, un peu integré, et trés heureux. (RH: Hope this erases my black mark! XX)
  2. Glamorgan (RhonddaCynonTaff) and West Sussex (Worthing, Southwick, Shoreham)
  3. Had to post to check on my blob situation!
  4. We live next door to M.le Maire, so no problems, but he does like to be introduced to new Brits arriving, and it can speed up the progress of permissions through the Mairie!
  5. Isn't Jude the saint of lost causes?
  6.   Logan said: Europe in general is fast becoming intolerant and conservatively Christian. Is this not a reaction of our western heritage, which like it or not, is founded on "Christian" ethics, against what is perceived as agressive attitudes on the part of some followers of Islam? And his ridiculing of the French law against Nazi uniforms, if the soldiers of the Reich had marched over "Englands green and pleasant land" for five years, committing atrocities, would UK legislation not contain a similar law?
  7. Yes, Chris, I believe those old Welsh Mountain rams can get quite agressive if their flock is threatened!!
  8. I have always thought that a "ten pinter" was broadly equivalent to a "two bag job - one each", which could never be said of one of my fellow countrywomen!
  9. This weekend (18/19/11/2006) it's the Journees des Pepinieres here in Chalus (Haute-Vienne), when the local nurserymen display their trees, shrubs, and equipment. It's always been a good opportunity to contact them or buy.
  10. When I was about 13, my father, who worked for a local pharmacist, brought home a very early steel-clad hearing aid battery for me to look at. However, getting bored with homework, and mum and dad asleep by the fire, I threw it into the fire, to see what would happen. I swear to this day that the resulting explosion, apart from spreading the fire all over the room (holes in furniture, carpets, floorboards) caused my father - all 20 stone of him - to levitate at least two feet in the air before he stood up and dealt with the redhot embers and myself. About the same age I tried to build an acetylene lamp: Zube tin with hole in lid, short length of glass tube drawn to form jet and sealed into lid with chewed blotting paper, calcium carbide and water in tin, and light resulting gas. All went well until the reaction died down, the flame went back down the tube, and the explosion sprayed my mother's newly decorated kitchen ceiling with a black mess! And I survived to adulthood!
  11. Twinkle; as you've asked so nicely I'll come clean. Just outside Pontypridd: a village called Cilfynydd which only existed for the Albion pit (according to my dad, it produced the best steam coal in Wales!).
  12. No, boyo, South Wales, not Sarf London.
  13. Phil Yeah, we're in stereo for the rest of the guys and gals! I couldn't remember who I'd signed on as, and admin didn't answer my request for details, so I decided on a new identity. Must find an appropriate avatar.  
  14. Dick, It's not my first post; just reincarnation following a change of computer!
  15. By the way Cass, it was nice to see you starring in the D & A advert today on Channel 4!!
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