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  1. [quote user="verviale"] .I did not realise until I saw a programme the other day, that people actually used a man made beach beside it years ago.[/quote]

    I worked at the old Royal Mint on Tower Hill for 5 yrs (1959/64), and there was definitely a beach between Tower Bridge and Traitors Gate, where children played at at low tide.

  2. Thought you all might like to see our cats!


    Frisky - between 15 & 20 yrs old!


    Topsy - originally from Gidea Park!


    Ilargi & Spot - two Basque cats.


    Sammy - sadly no longer with us.

    All have a lot of history; Frisky, Topsy, and Sammy all moved to France with us, and the other two were our son's in Spain, and came to us Christmas 2005 on a "temporary" basis!

  3. Chalus, Haute-Vienne, this evening; the other shot is the daytime view. Richard the Lion Heart was shot from the tower with a crossbow in 1199





  4. Age   65
    Gender  Male
    Nationality  Welsh
    Job: Retired
    What is your position about France (Pro, Anti, No opinion)?  Pro (which is why I'm here)

    Main questions of the quizz:

    Have you ever been to France? Yes, 10 or 12 visits at least before moving here
    What’s the first thing coming to your mind when you heard France? Food, wine, and space.
    Have you ever heard of a specialized magazine about France (France magazine, France, French…..)? Living France
    When you think about France, do you only think about Paris or the entire country? Love Paris for two days at a time, but Paris is not France!
    Do you think France is like those Photos? Yes, sometimes.

    What is your favourite thing about France? France!
    If you have already been, did you find the French welcoming? Yes, without question (even the assistants in the grands magasins of Paris.
    Comments Je suis bien habitué, un peu integré, et trés heureux.

    (RH: Hope this erases my black mark! XX)

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