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  1. Thanks, MT, and you did very well today!!
  2. But where's it gone today? Any ideas??
  3. Sylvia Can I second all your sentiments (well, except for crying - big boys don't cry!!)? Phil (actually in Chalus)
  4. Click on "utilitaires" - that's commercial vehicles.
  5. I've hired from Rentacar Limoges three times (once to UK, twice to Switzerland); you can specify on there website the probable kilometrage, so you know exactly what you will pay. They have branches in Poitiers and La Roche Posay.
  6. Thanks, Val! I'll be in the Mairie tomorrow.
  7. While on the subject, can anybody confirm whether I need to re-register for next years elections? I registered last year, and it seems from the form instructions that 5 years of registration are necessary for it to be permanent. But my neighbour, M.le Maire, assures me that once is enough. Thanks
  8. Valleyboy


    They are probably psychopathic killers who have perfected that innocent look to fool the unwary.
  9. There is a bug in the Comodo firewall update t0 version 3.0, or perhaps it just didn't like me. It sent my computer into a continuous loop, and I had to start in Safe Mode and System Restore to get back to normality. If you're using Comodo, my advice is don't update until the bug is fixed.
  10. I have to say that I admire Paul Gray's courage in taking the blame for his department's failure, and wonder what Sir Ian Blair thinks of his action. But... how about a conspiracy theory... the "junior official " was in league with an "illegal immigrant" security guard, and the discs are now somewhere in Eastern Europe?
  11. Does anybody know the relationship between the French and UK methods of measuring cholesterol? My wife's C-level is high according to our medecin traitante, but the blood tests show a level of about 2.6, with a safe level of about 2. (figures from memory)
  12. "Rudolph the red-nosed sanglier" doesn't quite hack it!
  13. [quote user="Lisleoise"][quote user="5-element"]Bravo Sweet 17, for being one (two) of the people one can rely on!!![;-)] Let's hope there are plenty of others  who will thus achieve full integration.... [/quote] I can go one further (as can TonyFDordgne) as we are both candidates for our municipal councils [;-)] [/quote] Our Maire has asked if he can put my name on his liste, too.
  14. I bought a complete kit for the rear brakes on my wife's Super Cinq - €99 from Norauto Limoges - and my local Renault dealer fitted them for €60.
  15. Ian You are not alone! Wales first, and then France.
  16. It's a bit of a haul from Bellac, but in Oradour-sur-Vayres there is an excellent English-speaking Vet, Sophie, who works with Philippe Biron. If you care to PM or E-mail me, I'll give you her phone number. Good Luck with your move!
  17. I thought most 50-somethingish grandmothers were (or were becoming) a tad bristly. OK, I'll leave quietly!
  18. Give them enough, and they'll topple over without the effort of flapping (and you can have Omelette a l'anise or au houblon)!!!
  19. Try Gamm' Vert on the ZI Nord, or near Carrefour at Boisseuil.
  20. Don't want to nit-pick, but "choux" is actually French for cabbages or a type of pastry - the word you are looking for for lime is "chaux".
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