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  1. Anton,

    I've got two of the Maria Theresa thalers which were struck by the Royal Mint; I bought them for silver value + striking cost when I worked there (early Sixties). I believe they were struck to be used in covert operations in the Middle East in the Fifties (?Aden), and then Austria decided that they were still legal tender despite bearing the date "1711".

  2. Quillan

    You mentioned 'inflation after decimalisation'. This was in no small part due to the decision to adopt a £/cent system for the 'new' currency, meaning that the new penny was 2.4 times the value of the old penny, and as a result the whole basket of goods priced at less than 10d drifted rapidly up to be priced at the same number of p, followed by a sympathetic rise in the price of higher value goods. If a 10/-/cent system had been adopted, then the difference in value between old and new basic units (+20% against +140%) would have had a much smaller impact. The £/cent system was chosen because of a sentimental preference for the pound sterling. If the UK enters the Euro system when the euro is valued at parity or less with the pound, then one would not expect to see significant inflation of prices. The choices before the Halsbury Committee were £/cent, 10/-/cent, and £/mil.

  3. If anybody in Haute-Vienne or the Dordogne is offered a Skybox and card in the near future, could you let me know by PM or Email? (Also a DVD recorder, and a couple of portable televisions.) This follows a break-in at a friend's house and gite complex at the weekend. Obviosly, if you can get details of the vendor, that wouild be greatly appreciated by both us and the gendarmes.

    Many thanks

  4. I've just registered a UK Merc C180 here in Haute-Vienne; Patrick Launay (the Mercedes dealer in Limoges will do the inspection and provide the necessary attestation. An MPH speedo with secondary KPH markings is fine, BUT MB France want €125 for the CofC. The Carte Grise will cost you €33.28 per CV fiscal. The sticky on re-registering your car gives full and clear information.

  5. Thanks, guys for the input. This is genuinely an enquiry for a friend - do I sound that stupid????

    He already owns and is extremely attached to the beast, and wants to restore it here in France, and I'm pleased that the consensus of your advice is broadly what I told him; i.e., fit replacement Rover engine in UK, update the registration document, then trailer it to France for the rest of the work.

  6. A friend (French resident) is in a quandary! He has a 1957 Land Rover LWB station wagon (only 267 were produced apparently for the UK market) with a completely shot engine. He would like to bring this to France and restore it, but with either a 2.25ltr LR engine or a Ford 3ltr V6 in place of the original 2ltr F-head lump.. What are his chances of registering this in France? Are collection plates a possibility?

  7. I've just acquired a Mercedes C180 RHD to re-register in France, and shall probably need to change the headlights. The original regiostration date was 31/01/1997, but it seems that there was a model update in Sept 1996, and while I can find plenty of reasonably priced units on Ebay, I need to establish the build date of the car to be sure of getting the right ones. Can anybody help?

    Thanks in anticipation!

  8. Still slightly hung over from the aperos! 19 councillors here, and two lists. 7 elected from each list, and I as the only resortissant managed to get 505 votes (out of1125 cast), so feel quite pleased with myself, but Ishall be in the play-off next Sunday. I think my appearance on France3 helped. If anyone wants to seit, its here  http://jt.france3.fr/, 12/13 Limosin, Vendredi 7 Mars. Cheers, and good luck to anybody else who is in next Sunday's vote.

  9. Patrick,

    I don't know how old you are, but when I was a kid in the 40s and 50s, almost every house in the UK had a sewing machine, and mothers made and mended clothes and domestic linen with them; seeing the machines in the houses at Oradour took me back to my childhood.

    Apart from the horror of what took place there, it is a fascinating piece of social history; you can see how life was in a small French town in the 30s, and also the trades that no longer exist.

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