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  1. Ceejay said "As a matter of interest for those who are contemplating registering a UK vehicle here in FRance, I have just had the headlamps changed from UK to French at my local Peugeot garage prior to the CT. For a Peugeot 807 the cost for the two headlamps was 300Euros each and a further 29.40 for fitting. However, when I went to pay the bill I was told that if the car was insured by a French company they would pay the cost! Unfortunately it's still insured by Saga!! I wish I had known that two years ago. I had to change both headlamps on my Peugeot 407 Coupe (RHD) and it hurt. 2300 Euros! I rang my UK dealer to check and they said that all Peugeot parts had shot up in price and if I had the job done in the UK it would cost at least £1900. How in Heaven's name two headlamps cost so much is beyond me despite the fact that they have a mechanism that adjusts to which way you are steering.
  2. Woops! Sorry, it's been some time. I meant your V5C Document. Regards Windmill
  3. Whatever you do, don't forget what I did and that was to tear off the bottom strip of your V95 and declare that your car will be exported! Cost me dearly :-o( Regards Windmill  
  4. If it's of any assistance I had a similar pronblem with my FS 55 Strimmer. It refused to start and I tried everything in the book. Finally I gave it to my local Stihl agent who fixed it by blowing out and clearing the small intake pipe at the rear. I don't know whether your model has the same intake but it is less than 1/4 inch and is positioned at the rear of the machine? Might be worth a try?
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