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  1. Isn't there a rule that you can do three or so markets a year without registering, or have I imagined that? I'd like to do a couple of craft markets before Christmas (as a hobby I make silver jewellery)... would I have to go through all the rigmarole and expense of registering as a trader and a business just to do a couple of markets?

    Any advice gratefully received!


  2. Thanks Ron. Off to the Hotel des Impots now to have my homework marked.... fingers crossed! (Gosh, I'll be glad when this is all over with).

    Merci encore,


  3. ...the deadline looms and I'm nearly there (I hope!)

    One finally question of your collective, considerable, and highly-appreciated brainpower: am I right in thinking that I should enter my french bank account interest (miniscule though it is) in box TS (2042)?

    Sincere thanks,


  4. Many thanks for your reply, Will. Paperwork at the ready.

  5. Please excuse what is - almost certainly - a very stupid question.

    Since I arrived in France a year ago I have been picking up part-time work via Manpower and being paid by them on a contract basis. I'd assumed that, as I'm not self-employed, I wouldn't have to complete a tax return, but doubt has just crept up on me... Could someone kindly clarify, should I be expecting to receive, and complete, a tax form?

    Many thanks,


  6. A very big thanks to all of you for taking the time to reply to my question. I think that we reached a consensus. The reason that I ask is that I am thinking of offering a domestic cleaning service in this area (there seems to be an un-met demand), and I wanted to ascertain what would be a reasonable rate to charge. I don't expect to make much of a living (before you say it!) - but I am an odd fish that actually thoroughly enjoys cleaning and figure that this would be a good way to get to know people.

    My experience is similar to yours, Smiley: since we have lived here we have encountered a couple of workmen that have tried it on, but the positive experiences vastly outweigh the negative.



  7. Good afternoon folks,


    I hope that you don’t mind me picking your brains (there is an awful lot of collective brain power on this site), but I’m interested in what the average hourly going rates are in the SW for cleaning/garden maintenance/ gite changeovers (esp 46/24)


    Any advice would be very gratefully received.


    THANKS in advance,

  8. Good morning,

    I wonder if you might be able to help?
    I'm a 31 year-old ex-corporate treasurer, and have recently moved to the northern Lot (Dordogne border) with my family.
    I am extremely keen to learn a trade and would be happy to (legally) accept a minimum wage in return for experience and the opportunity to learn. In return, I can offer you enthusiasm, energy, dedication and a strong pair of arms! I am a keen DIY-er and have experience and good-amateur skills in construction, plumbing, electrics, carpentry, plastering, tiling and decorating.
    If you would like a keen and able apprentice, please send me an email at [email protected]

  9. Hegs, you are a star!

    Thanks ever so much.

  10. I wonder if anyone might be able to help?

    Could you tell me - are there any retail chains in France that sell bicycles? I'm wanting (as a surprise present) to buy a bike for my father who lives in France (SW) and so wondered whether I might be able to buy one on line from a retail chain???

    Any advice would be greatfully received.

    Thanks a lot,


  11. ... yes, I'd wondered about that one too. And do you have to have a license to trade? And, if so, where do you apply for such things?

    Any advice would be greatfully received!

  12. Can anyone recommend a UK lawyer to give a translation of / opinion on a compromis? I can translate the document literally (with lots of help from a dictionary) myself, but am concerned that I might maybe be missing out on some of the more treacherous subtleties!

    Many thanks,
  13. Is it standard, do you know, for a compromis on a pre-1948 house to have a large section (4 pages, in my case) regarding lead-poisoning related public health codes. I know that it is standard to have lead searches on older properties now, but the detail that my compromis goes into on these matters makes me slightly nervous (albeit this all seems to be generic with no specific references to this particular house).

    Is this normal?

    Many thanks,
  14. Can anyone recommend somewhere to purchase white-goods (we need a cooker, fridge and washing machine) in the Lot? Ideally reasonably priced and good choice.

    Many thanks!
  15. It's 20-30 minutes drive away, but the nicest place in the vicinity used to be the Oubliette in Rochecorbon (towards Tours): fantastic food in a very chi-chi troglodyte cave. Go and do some degustation in Vouvray on the way... oh, happy memories!

    Bon apetite,
  16. ... can I draw once again on your collective wisdom? (and also just say what a wonderful resource this site is: it is like having an oracle on-hand 24/7. Beats the AA as the 4th emergency service!)

    A few of issues that I was wondering about, as I'm about to sign my compromis:

    - at what stage is it normal for a house to be taken off the market? Presumably upon signature of the compromis, yes?

    - is it the convention now in France (as in the UK) for the seller to draw up an inventory (what is staying/what is being left)? Is it the custom to leave/take built-in white-goods, do you know? I'm guessing that this varies sale-by-sale, but wanted to get an idea of what was normal.

    and on a slightly more banal note...

    - is there an alternative to conventional adapter plugs (by that I mean the sort that we normally take on holiday) i.e. is there something more permanent available? If so, do you know where said items can be purchased?

    MANY THANKS in anticipation.


  17. Sounds like saltpeter (potassium nitrate, I think? But someone will no doubt correct me). Fairly harmless and common in older houses (especially damp outhouses), but I think that you can by solutions from DIY stores to dissolve/suppress it... otherwise you can mix it with charcoal and make gunpowder out of it, perform voodoo rituals with it, or use it as a fertiliser or as a food preservative. They also used to put it in army rations because it, erm, suppresses male virility! What was I saying about it being harmless...?

    (absolutely full of useless facts)
  18. ..I'm considering using HIFX to transfer a deposit to our notaire, and wondered - does anybody have any good/bad experience of them?

    Many thanks,
  19. I guess that there are may be specialised products in france, but I'd say just feed them the old-fashioned way - give them a nice dose of linseed oil (let a generous application soak in) and then polish in a couple of good layers of heavy duty wax floor polish applied a couple of days apart.

    A tiler incidentally gave me a great tip for polishing terracotta tiles - buy a car bodywork polisher from Halfords or the equivalent... works a treat!

    Best of luck,
  20. Wonder if you might be able to help me?

    I'm conducting a bit of a straw-poll to see if an idea has legs (excuse me mixing my metaphors)...

    My husband and I are thinking of setting up a business in the Lot/Dordogne offering gite caretaking/keyholding services (cleaning, garden maintenance, changeovers, renovation/decorating, pool-maintenance services etc) to supplement a chambre d'hote income.

    I know that lots of people are already offering these services in various locations, but wondered, is this something - in your opinion - that there would be a market for?

    Appreciate your guidance.
  21. Hello folks - I'm seeking some advice...

    My husband and I are thinking of perhaps setting up a business in the Lot/Dordogne offering gite caretaking/keyholding services (cleaning, garden maintenance, changeovers, renovation/decorating, pool-maintenance services etc) to supplement a chambre d'hote income. Can anyone that is already operating one of these enterprises (and I see from the classified sections that there are lots of these businesses out there), give me some guidance as to whether this brings in enough to keep food on the table?

    Any advice would be very greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks,
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