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  1. Thanks for that information also ChezShells.

    We didn't get that far on our break and dallied in the Languedoc instead.

    Shall retry a corsican safari another time.

    Thanks again all.


  2. Thank you Pierre!

    Especially for the local knowledge!!!

    Any other recommendations?



  3. We can highly recommend Brittany and have found the neighbours kind and welcoming to the strangers in their midst. We try to make an effort to join in the local hospitality efforts, making sure we organise aperitifs in our turn.

    The weather? Well you can see it coming from the west!!! But it blows through quite fast also!!! We've had some fab summers with sea-breezes kicking in on hot afternoons. Ideal place for little boat-trips also!



  4. Sadly I have to report that we try to get hold of the Sunday Times in the local town. Even if it arrives on Mondays some weeks.

    Another excuse for a coffee-shop lingering over the paper situation!



  5. Without knowing Corsica at all... And having the possibility of a short break there in the near future...

    Could those in the know recommend must-see places?

    We'll probably fly into Ajaccio.



  6. [quote user="Chezstevens"]We have bought a Rangemaster110 Elan Dual Fuel in, with the euro fitting, for significantly less from the UK. It is the same cooker that they sell in France. There will be no problems for us 'cos we chose the correct cooker - be wary of lpg models offered in the UK that have not got the EEC gas safety device fitted. Our wood burning rayburn has been noted by our insurance - again no problem. I asked the Rayburn dealers in France for a quote, which even with the transport costs, was significantly more expensive than you can purchase in the UK.[/quote]


    Many thanks for this advice. I did check with out French Insurance company and they have been very positive saying there was absolutely no problem . Good advice,

    Many thanks!


    K & P

  7. Thanks for that! That does sound a bit mad since Agas etc. are now available in Nantes? But thanks for the warning! We shall check with house Insurance!

    Cheers Vickybear!

  8. We certainly opted for short-term lets to our beach apartment even though we live in a house in the same village. The cast-iron security surrounding long-term occupancy in France (perhaps put in place for very good reason?) put us right off & we pulled out of negotiations with a long-term person. It's much better now; we can also make use of the apartment for family/friends when not rented and can access it in quiet times to stay on top of maintenance. The agent does a good job as well and is invaluable if only for navigating the joys of foreign paperwork, insurance etc.!



    Just our experience however.


  9. [quote user="legs_akimbo"]

    Is the Celtic connection strongly recognised within the Breton people? We are looking to move from Ireland and the kids have very strong celtic connections themselves coming as we do from a rural area in so far as language,culture and history are concerned[/quote]


    Thus far we have found it extremely positive although we only live there for part of the year at the moment. We're both Irish and at the very least it's an ice-breaker. However after that you have to stand on your own two feet i.e. if you're decent to the neighbours, it is usually reciprocated. Like anywhere I suppose!

    K & P

  10. We did have an esse cooker here in Blighty and want to instal one in our W. Loire coastal home. Any hints/tips?

    They are now available with a cat converter but we still favour the flue. Only problem is , the wind!!! On the coast.

    Any advice gratefully received! Our suppliers say they will deliver & presumably we get a gas engineer to fit.


  11. Certainly looks like it will be very  useful for us!

    Discovered the site via the magazine,


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