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  1. Absolutely loved this advert.  Made me laugh out loud.  Thanks Bugbear [B]
  2. My wife and I went, and there was a great selection of books to be had. There were also Videos, CDs & DVDs. Although it was a little busy at times, it was not that bad, and if you just waited behind someone they moved off after a short while and we were able to browse that section and move on. We then went into the restaurant that the organisers had suggested, and had a wonderful lunch (highly recommended). After lunch we returned to the venue, where it was now fairly quiet and picked up a few more books. Got in excess of 50 books. Very worthwhile visit.
  3. We had something very similar at the beginning of the year. We agreed to the bornage as the party who asked for it pays the costs. They are only asking you to help with access to your land to measure etc. When they have finished you will get another letter asking you to agree the new/existing boundaries. That will be the one you need to check carefully.
  4. As a Scot I have to say I support only 2 teams, Scotland and whoever is playing against England!  ha ha [:P] Seriously though we have 2 flags on our barn, a Scottish one and a French one.
  5. jill&paul

    Flu Jab Season

    Thanks very much, will have a go over the weekend. Did you put the needle all the way in?
  6. jill&paul

    Flu Jab Season

    Can anyone help please. Got mine from the pharmacy today, but never injected myself before. How and where do I inject, and how deep does the needle got in? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, Does anyone know how are these panels fixed to the joists/timbers in my roof please? Thanks Paul.
  8. Hi ltf, Can you please let us know your screen resolution (ours is 1280 x 1024), as the site is perfect in our Firefox! Perhaps anyone else using Firefox can comment please. Thanks jill&paul.
  9. Hi Simon, Although we are a holiday rental our place is quite large, and we are happy to take long term rentals. We are in Dordogne, but can drive to Tarn & Garonne in about 45 minutes. If we can be of help please let us know. www.gitededordogne.com Thanks Jill & Paul.  
  10. We know one in St. Cyprien (24). He is Dutch ans speaks perfect French and English. Let us know if you would like his number.
  11. If we are allowed to recommend ourselves perhaps the Dordogne will be OK for you: www.gitededordogne.com Let us know if we can be of help. Jill & Paul.
  12. Can anyone help? We have a rather large lizard in our annexe. We have plenty of the small ones outside, but this is a a large one, but still very quick. It is mostly green all over, and has a body the size of a long large sausage! When we try to get near it, it runs off and hides. It is very quick. Any ideas how to catch it please. We just want to put it outside, where it belongs! Thanks.
  13. We have tracked down the nest now - it appears our neighbours had a couple of nests in their attic. They are about 150-200 metres from us, and they have, so they say, sprayed the nests last evening. It is their holiday home (Parisians) so they only found the nests yesterday when they came down for the weeked. Still some hornets about today, but numbers now reduced. Let us hope that has done the trick!
  14. These are fair comments, except that we have a gite and are expecting guests soon. It is not a nice thing for guests to see a lot of these very close to them!
  15. Can anyone help. We have a hornet problem - but not a nest! When the weather is warm they appear on and fly around our annexe roof. If there is no sun, or when the annexe is shaded by the main house they disappear, not even a singe one! Is there anything that can be used as a deterrent? Thanks for any help in advance.
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