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  1. If you can afford a Mac at both ends they have a high resolution integrated camera (iSight) and you can connect using iChatAV which is superb quality. Obviously bandwidth (broadband speed if you like) will be an issue but I have used both PC webcams and Mac's with iSight and the latter have proved greatly superior, the PC versions being blocky and with a delay between the audio and video, even on the same internet connection.
  2. I had a feeling that would be your reaction! I must admit I don't like Explorer much either but don't often need to use it. I'll give Firefox a go. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the info. I have Explorer, I'll use that for future posts.
  4. [quote user="Dick Smith"]The reason for the difference is the size differential between a 35mm frame and a photo-sensor array, I believe. Are you using Safari? [/quote] Yes, is that why the quote came out as gibberish?
  5. [quote user="naps"]Thank you all for the additional information, my heart says Canon EOS Digital and knowing that I just may be able to use a lens from my old Canon is an absolute bonus. I think I'll take the old lens with me while I shop! [/quote] I have a Canon 300D and love it. I had the EOS film version prior to that and use the lenses from that with no problem although you do not get the full aspect of the old lenses focal length (e.g. 35mm equates to about 50mm for reasons I can't remember but they made sense at the time). If you want to see some examples of photos produced by the 300D you can see some of mine at http://web.mac.com/ronbannell
  6. Unless there's something very different about the French system I don't see why you shouldn't use dial-up as a back-up if you want to, especially if it's going to take that long to activate your ADSL (broadband) line. All you need is a phone line, it doesn't need to be a FT one. The machinery at your ISP's end won't be able to tell the difference. Again, someone I'm sure will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you will need to use a filter once the broadband is activated as it's there to separate the speech transmissions from the data transmissions and your normal calls will be affected if you don't. You can always try it with and without once you're up and running. If you make a speech call without it and there's lots of hissing and distortion then you'll know you need to use it. Hope I haven't confused things even further! Sorry, just re-read the previous posts and the reference re: filters was for extra sockets which I hadn't noticed. You will need a filter on the one you've got though.
  7. Thanks for that. Thought it must be a settings thing but didn't know where to look.
  8. The 'hover' function isn't working for me either and I don't have AVG so that's definitely not the problem. Does work on other sites though. Strange!
  9. Does the Livebox have an adequate firewall or should I be activating firewalls on the PC's connected to it? If so should it be all PC's connected to it (wirelessly). Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Anybody know if you can install a Livebox with Windows 98 SE? The manual only mentions Windows XP SP1 and SP2 plus Mac OSX.
  11. There is an Ibis http://www.hotels-europe.com/ibishotels/france/ParisLaDefense/LaDefense.htm and a Novotel http://www.novotel.com/novotel/fichehotel/gb/nov/0747/fiche_hotel.shtml just across the bridge from Pont Neuilly (easily walkable) at La Defense. I have stayed in the Ibis and it's perfectly satisfactory though not plush. The Novotel is next door and looked to have a bit more pzazz but as I was booked in by my company it was Hobson's choice. If you're arriving by Metro just stay on one more stop to La Defense instead of  Pont Neuilly and follow the ramp down to the hotels.
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