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  1. Thanks for that info
  2. Hi, just going to the market, could anyone tell me the french for 'point of lay' Thanks, dont want to get the wrong chicken!!
  3. Thanks Val, will go to Tarbe today and then if not to Vic on saturday
  4. Thanks Pat, we had thought about baby chicks but waas told at Jardiland that they couldnt guarantee the sex so think we will go for some a little older.
  5. Hi, we live near Marciac Dept 65, we are looking for young chickens to buy before this sunday before my grandchildren arrive for a holiday. Can anyone tell me where I can get them please. Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone for your quick responses, we will look into the suggested options. Pauline
  7. Hi, could anyone help, we are trying to help my hubbys sister visit us in SW France, she lives in Cardiff and wondered if anyone could tell us a good route to fly, we are struggling to get her here. Thanks
  8. Just wanted to say I was thinking about you Paul, I cant imagine how I would cope if it were one of our Bichons.
  9. Thankyou all for the tips and advice, I will wait until April to get the chicks, that coincides well with my grandchildren coming so they can be i volved, I just need to find a good place to get them from. Thanks again.
  10. Hi, could anyone offer advice, we are looking to get 4 chickens preferably chicks, I prefer a small friendly breed so my grandchildren can be involved when they visit. Any advice please, also how young can I buy them?
  11. Hi, just picked our 2 rescue cats up from the vets today after their op, a brother and sister, the vet charged 96 euro for the female and 49 euro for the male but they gave us 10% discount for the 2, 130.50 euros.
  12. Pauline

    Cat poo

    Hi, can anyone tell me why my dog has started eating cat poo??? yuk
  13. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.
  14. Could anyone tell me the french for diced stewing steak. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the advice, i will take a look, just looked on a website called 'price checker' which was really helpful.
  16. Hi, could anyone advise, my daughter is trying to get from Bournmouth to SW France to visit us, can anyone suggest the best route, flight and airline they may use.
  17. Hi, we are looking for 2 sofas also, we have looked all over SW France without much luck, Ikea appears the best so far but they have to deliver and I believe it costs a fortune, someone said 300Euros, does anyone know if this is this correct?
  18. Hi, could anyone tell me where I could get 2 pygmy goats from. We live in SW near Marciac.
  19. Pauline


    We are certainly getting the holes still, can crickets dig threw solid clay?
  20. Pauline


    So what do they do just make perfectly round holes from the lawn down or via the mole tunnels? do they just make holes and go? sorry to be so naive.
  21. Pauline


    Well LF members dont need to dig holes they can come indoors they are always welcome! Not sure about frogs digging holes and thought they were to big for mice, OH wondered if they were breathing holes for the moles??
  22. Pauline


    Just wondered if anyone could tell me what the holes in our lawn are, we have had hundreds of moles which have now gone quiet for now thankfully, we have thousands of worm mounds and now we have started getting holes about the size of a milk bottle top in the lawn, we have no idea what is making them or what they are can anyone help please.
  23. Thanks Woolybanana, I shall go on a hunt so friend doesnt starve whilst here on holiday.
  24. Thanks for that, could you tell me what the words for gluton free and wheat free is please. Hope you had a good day today.
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