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  1. Just thought you would like an update, i've been to see the social worker. She said i might be able to get some of the money allocated to us through the APA benefit if i was employed by my husband, but no, just had a letter this morning saying because i lived with him it was rejected.

    So, that means no carers allowance from the uk and nothing from France.

    if anybody has any advice on what happens when you become disabled here, i would be very grateful.

    Even our E121 is just for retirement, so haven't got the full 100 per cent.
  2. Hi, does anybody know if there is an equivalent  of the carers allowance payable in France, and what it is called,  my husband became disabled in France and receives the APA because he is over 65, this pays for a woman to come and clean and keep an eye on him for 3 hours a week while I can go out, I could have more help but don't really need it and can manage.  He is classed as 80% disabled and is on AGGIR 2, whatever that means.


    I don't understand how they work out what we are entitled to, I had to give details of our income and savings, somebody did come and visit to see what kind of help I would need when he came home from hospital, but since we didn't know just how bad he would be it was difficult to say what we needed, never mind the fact I had no idea what kind of help was out there, if I knew then what I know now I would have saved myself both money and stress.   


    We are managing with the practicalities, but it would be nice to have a bit of extra money just to pay for extras. 


    Any sort of info would be appreciated
  3. Thank you, this is just the sort of advice and information I was looking for.

    thanks again

  4. I'm sorry, but I'm still not getting my original question answered, is there anybody who has received the form for the new carte vitale from the CPAM at limoges. 


    I understand the points that you are making about it really not being needed.  But in our particular circumstances it would make things a lot easier.  Since my husband became disabled in 2006 and is still in a wheelchair after spending nearly a year in hospital, I probably know more about the health system than most people. 


    I will be going to the local CPAM office soon, yet again, the last time I went I was told the form would be sent in about 3 weeks, that was in January, but there is a problem with the computer system, which is the same answer I got from the English Helpline, and the Assistant Sociales, who asked for me last year.  I just can't see them having a problem for nearly a year.   



  5. The phone number for the English helpline is 0811 363646, Mon to Fri 9am to 6 PM. 


    I understand what you are saying about not really needing the Carte Vitale, but since we had to give our old card in, because of a change of the Securite Sociale number, they have made numerous mistakes.  Also, because now of our situation we do use the health services a lot.  We have just received our statement from the CPAM for the first 3 months of the year, it ran to 7 sheets, printed each side. 


    I am also asked continually, from the Doctor, the chemist, the nurse and the physio, if we have heard anything.  Our doctor has also said that we are the only people he knows with this problem. 


    I just need more information.  We have actually lived here for 13 happy years with no problem before this.

  6. Has anybody got a problem getting the form for the new Carte Vitale, it's happened since we received our E121 when my husband reached 65.  They took our old cards and said they would be sending the formulaire later, that was nearly a year ago.   


    I've been to the local CPAM office and also telephoned the English helpline numerous times,  I am just coming up against a brick wall, they keep saying it's a technical problem.  It also seems to be causing problem with the participation forfaitaire.   


    Our main office is in Limoges, so I would be particularly interested about anybody who has had dealings with them.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Thankfully we do have some very good friends that have helped me out when I have needed them.  The problem is that we seem to be the first people we know that have met this kind of problem.  The fact that because we are totally in the french system.  Anyway, Thanks again, I will let you know how we go on. Kelly

  8. My husband has had a stroke and is now disabled and in a wheelchair, we have lived here for over ten years and are in the french health system.  Because he is sixty-three there seems to be a cut of point of being under sixty for a lot of the benefits we could claim for such as AAH.  Although the hospital and the assistant social are very helpful, I would like to hear from anybody who could give me any advice on any help I could get for when he comes home.   I have put a claim in for APA which, I think, has been excepted.   It has been a steep learning curve for me and I would be greatful to hear from anybody who is, or has gone through something similar.
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