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  1. Thanks ams. The mystery has been solved. Since 2004 I have been sent estimates (although it did not say on the bills) and this year they read the meter. Since January I have only used 1 cu.m. so no leak. At least I now know where the meter is!

    Thanks to all those who tried to help,


  2. Thanks Val2. 

    I have looked all around the house and in the garden but cannot find any soggy patches or areas where everything grows well. I also cannot find where the water meters are to do another reading to see if the problem is continuing. Our bill comes from the mairie so do I ask them to check the meters for me? If there is still a problem what type of organisation do I ring to check for leaks? I was cut off for 2 weeks earlier this year. the man who worked for the commune told me that there had been lots of problems with water in the village but that the problem was not to do with my house.

    Does normal household insurance inFfrance deal with this or should I have taken out separate insurance for this? I have only just received a cheque for a burgulary in November. It's not my year!



  3. My water bill for the year is usually between 100 -180 euros. I have just received the bill for last year which is 1237 euros for 860 cubic metres! 

     The house is only occupied for about 12-14 weeks of the year. I had repair work to the pool so it had to be filled again but that was only about 40 cubic metres.  Also last year a neighbour told me that water was bubbling up in the road outside my house but not on my land. The problem was fixed by the commune and I wasn't billed for the work so  presumed it wasn't my problem. Would I have been charged for this loss of water from the leak?

    Everywhere is shut until Tuesday but I want to collect as much information as I can and hopefully persuade them that I am not responsible for the whole bill.



  4. Am I allowed to take part in the vote for the mayor next year?

    I am resident in England and pay tax here but also I pay some tax in France as I have a gite which I let in the summer. I realise I can't vote in national elections but some people in the village say I should be able to vote in the elections for the mayor and some say I can't. We bought the land for our house in 2000 and the house was completed in 2002 if that makes a difference. I would like to vote if possible  as we plan to spend more time in France over the coming years. Hopefully someone else has been in this position and can let me know.




  5. No,it was London to Reims, all 400 kms of it! It felt like a long way round at times.


  6. I did it! There were times when I didn't which bit ached more but I am glad I did it. The first day followed the London to Brighton route for most of the way but we headed off to Newhaven.

     I thought Normandy was flat but I now know differently! I was amazed at how beautiful Normandy was, not at all as I imagined it. The cathedral at Reims was wonderful and we managed to find enough energy to party into the early hours. I am wondering what to do next but it will definately involve cycling.


  7. We set off tomorrow from Crystal Palace at 7.30am so apologies in advance to anyone on the road from there to Newhaven! I have done lots of training including a 90km day followed by a 50km day two weeks ago. I am a lot fitter but I still have trouble on steep hills. Maybe if I get behind the fast riders I will get dragged along.[:)]

    It is looking a bit wet in France and I don't have any waterproof trousers as I get too hot in them so I need some sun to dry out in between the showers.

    I will let you know how I get on, at the moment I am feeling quite nervous but I'm sure I will be fine once it starts.

    Happy pedalling


  8. My house was built by Marin and my neighbours was built by Lamont. I also know of another builder who is english speaking who has set up in the last year. pm me if you want any more information.


  9. Thanks for all the advice. I am now in France for a few weeks and I am trying to ride here but I am in the foothills of the Pyrenees and the trouble with going downhill is that you have to come back up!

    Do semi slick tyres have smooth sides?  I have a hybrid bike, would they be fine on it? 

    To keep my feet in the correct position I have changed the pedals and bought cycling shoes which click on to the pedals. I was told you only fall off once as it is a quick (and potentially painful) learning curve. I hope so as I fell in front of a queue of traffic on my way back from having them fitted.[:)]

    You are right about the gears JR. I went on a training day to learn how to use gears, it was amazing the difference it made.


  10. I have signed up for a charity bike ride from Crystal Palace to Reims despite not having ridden a bike for 30 years! Although I am riding my bike most days I am having nightmares about the terrain. We are cycling from Crystal Palace to Newhaven and then through Dieppe,Gournay en Bray, Beauvais, Compeigne, Soissons before arriving at Reims. Has anyone had any experience of cycling along this route and if so , how hilly is it?



  11. The 12 people are aged in 30- 40's. I don't their interests as they are a group of work colleagues of my husband. We are taking them away for a celebration and we thought that eating in the la Cite might be a bit different. However now I have all the other suggestions  for restaurants I will probably think again!

    Thanks for all your help


  12. We are staying in Carcassonne for a weekend with 12 friends in May. If the weather is fine we have many ideas of places to go and things to do. However, if it rains we are short of ideas. Has any one got any suggestions?

    We are going to eat in La Cite on the Friday night, suggestions for a restaurant would be welcome and if it doesn't stay open late is there somewhere else we could go on to?

  13. Hi elaineb

    Would it be possible to pm me again giving me your email address as when I try to reply through the forum it doesn't work.

    Thanks, Eillen

  14. Hi Hendo

    We have only left it without topping it up for a short while because we were worried about the water going below the level of the skimmers. We were told that this would allow air into the pump and ruin it. In the winter when everything is turned off and the water level is lowered it does not appear to drain away completely, probably to about half the depth. I am down there on the 1st Dec for a week so I could look at it then.

     We inherited the pool with the house so we are not sure how old it is but the previous owner was a DIYer and probably built it himself. As an example of how good he was we found a live wire in a walk in wardrobe!

    Thanks for your help


  15. Does anyone know when Ryanair publish their summer timetable? At the moment I can only book until the 25th March.


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