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  1. Yep no problem.We have had 18 month to look at what we want and where to go...I have worn Google out.You wont be able to chase us off with a big stick....you might say I'm coming home to roost as my family tree goes back to France. We went over to England in 1066 with Willy and his mob...we even joined the British army and fought Wellington at Waterloo...as for cricket,I dont mind who wins...[:D]
  2. No problem.We are commited. [:D] And no,we do not loose our citizenship.Infact we can even take up French citizenship and still retain our Oz one.I will post the link incase any others interested parties out there need to read it. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/132.pdf
  3. Bloodyestateagent. Well that has explained a lot.As a outsider and potential buyer its made things a lot clearer.
  4. Hi Wen The wife and were born in UK.We emigrated with our two  kids to OZ in 1969.We have both OZ and Brit passports...We are in Western Australia,down on the south coast.
  5.   [IMG]http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b376/SylviaFigg/tannahlot.jpg[/IMG]
  6. My wife and I are really looking forward to settling in France.We have gone into it with our eyes wide open.We know it wont all be plain sailing but must say this whole site have given us a good insight to the positve and the negative side of things.When we get settled I hope I can help others the way all of you guys and gals have. [:D]   Joyeux Noël et Bonne année à vous tous. Continuez le bon travail
  7. So I take it if you give notice you can still move out before the  three months is up but you will still need to pay the rent till the end of the three months... [:)]
  8. The first picture that was posted ,the iLoir,is what we would call a 'possum' its very much a likeness http://www.hotkey.net.au/~perrelink/Possum.htm
  9. Speaking as an Ozstralian and soon to head over that way,its a great idea.[:D]
  10. Dick Smith....I am  the all forgiving Wizard.......he eh
  11. Ha ha ...sweet17,your forgiven...
  12. [quote user="sweet 17"]Because, Benjamin, we are British.  So, we don't like living in condos; we prefer our own house with our own gardens and no neighbours below or above us.  We have better sense than to sit in the sun all day, getting skin that looks like boot leather.  We feel guilty if we are contributing to global warming.  We don't like the way Americans talk and generally conduct themselves.  And we have a sort of Protestant mindset that says we need discomfort in life.  Do you need any more reasons?[/quote]   Just remember sweet 17....There are many Americans laying under the Normandy soil that have given you the freedom and choice to do and say that ..
  13. We are hoping to settle in Limousin next  year moving in from Australia and my wife is into Folk Art  and pastels and runs workshops over here.I know she will be delighted to pass her skills and knowledge  to whoever is interested.I will put in her webside so you can see what she does.....she cant wait to start painting local scenery...[:-))] http://members.westnet.com.au/figg/gourds/gourd.html    
  14. Ok thanks for that.I had an idea it might be something like that.They never tell you in those ads if the rent if monthly or weekly....I hope its monthly.. [:D]
  15. Looking at flats/houses on the net and not sure just what the cc stands for.I'm thinking it some kind if maintainance charge...Can someone enlighten me please. 335 €cc Fees:327 And the fees are for what...a one off payment ?
  16. So how do these guys get away with it ?? They say its legal because of a loop hole in the legislation. http://www.euautodocs.com/
  17. Hi Can someone plese tell me cost in  cents/kWh is for electricity....
  18. Can anyone tell me what the monthly UK pension payment for a married couple is ?
  19. I dont know where I saw it,on this forum or somewhere else, but there was a list of food stuffs like milk,butter,eggs bread etc and the prices.It was there as a guide for new comers.Does anyone know where it is ?....
  20. Well.you certainly gave me a lot to think about...[8-)]
  21. A question for those with central heating. Not sure what to go for so can you tell me what would be the rough price per year  for running these...?
  22. No she is on the wrong side of 30 [:D]
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