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  1. Well.I retire in 8 days time so I will leave you to work on that one....
  2. How about we have a forum called "Grumpy old people in France".Just let them come on and have a good old "Grump" about France and let them get it off their chest and then have nobody answer them........[:D]
  3. This kind of discussion must go on in a lot of ex-pat forums all over the world..I think its a case of "Do want you wanna do...be want you wanna be....yerrrrrrrrrrrrrr.[:)] Life is what you make it.Either join in and except it or just stay out on the fringes and look in.I think it up to the individual  how they see their own way of life and how they run it and how they interpret it.They must be left to see life as they see it.They have their own world and they must live in it......I rest my case !!!!
  4. Hi This will answer it for you... http://www.frenchentree.com/fe-lavie/DisplayArticle.asp?ID=134:
  5. I know it is available online from the U.K... http://www.luciesfarm.co.uk/acatalog/Scottish___Kobe_Steaks.html
  6. Try putting the flash drive in the usb first and the start the laptop.XP should find and recognise it.
  7. [quote user="Susie24"]It's not an Aussie secret anymore because Nigella Lawson was recommending this method just before Christmas.  I do them this way now and they're always fab.  I sprinkle with the semolina though, not dip each spud in. [/quote]   Ok...thats it.......Thats the last time I tell her anything.I told Nigella that in confidence......[:D]
  8. With the hobby earnings level.Here on Oz that relates to just under $20 a week.Its not a massive amount and as long as its not above that its not declarable.
  9. I have a question....here in Australia any money earned from  selling items that come from a hobby is not classed as taxable if it is below figure per month or year... what is the French stance on this....???
  10. I will let you into a little Oztralian secret so dont tell everybody.To get roast potatoes  crispy on the outside and soft on the inside just boil them lightly and then dip them in semolina and roast as normal.........
  11. Not sure how you stand with this as there may be no early system restore files because you have done a number of reinstalls.See how you go with this.....   To do a Restore. click on the Start button select Programs select Accessories select System Tools select System Restore Start the System restore program. Click the button next to "Restore my computer to an earlier time" and click the "Next" button. A calendar will appear. Click on the date that you wish to restore Windows to. The box next to the calendar will show you the available restore points from that day. The ones marked "System Checkpoint" are the automatic ones that Windows XP created. Choose the one you want, then click "Next". Don't pick a point too far back in the past,just one just before you started having problems -- remember, any programs you installed since your restoration point may not work anymore,so you may have to reinstall them. Reboot your PC.
  12. I think the bottom line is.."The choice is yours.Do you want to be part of the team or just be a spectator  ? "
  13. Pads We are in Western Australia.About 400k south of Perth.  
  14. Susie24...   Just out of interest,what is the name of your blood pressure tablets ?
  15. [quote user="KathyC"][quote user="Pancake"] Well I intend to have a go at learning the language when I get there this year.I know it will be a challenge.  [/quote] Yes but that's what puzzles a lot of us, why do people wait until they get to France to start learning?  Most people plan months (if not years ) in advance, but they leave the most important thing until last. I know that you may not be able to practse speaking until you arrive but grammar and vocabulary can all be started, so that the foundations are in place for when needed. [/quote] I have been learning but its hard to get the pronouciation right so I have been using CD's...I have spent the last six month trying to get out local Adult Learning Center to run French classes.....they have now agreed. They start the course two days after I leave to go to France for our holidays...[:'(]
  16. Yes it is a good one.I have been using it for some time.I also use Systranet http://www.systranet.com/systran/net as it will translate whole web pages as well.
  17. Pads... We use to live in  Cornwall in in 67/69.Outside of Cambourne in the village of Barripper....
  18. There are many posters on this and other forums that sometimes use one,or more, words of french in their reply.For the sake of those people who are not yet multi lingual  how about puttting the (english word ) in brackets to help them along.This may be a pain in the butt,but I'm sure in the long run it will help.It would help me thats for sure and I'm sure,all others as well.I am a firm believer in helping other...as you will all find  out when I  take up final residence.....[:D]
  19. Well I intend to have a go at learning the language when I get there this year.I know it will be a challenge. So if you come across someone with a Crocodile Dundee accent trying to speak French,it will be me..........[:D] "Thats pas un couteau... ceci est un  de couteau" "Jetez une autre crevette sur la bavure"   So..how was that ???
  20. Whats the saying....Jack of all trades.Master of none.......
  21. Dick Smith ..... Suppose to be good.Its the one I use. http://imtranslator.net/  
  22. Could someone  translate this please.... Jolie petite maison , conviviale, comprenant cuisine, séjour, petite pièce. A l'étage: deux chambres à l'étage.Grenir aménagé. Petite dependance avec cuisine, chambre, mezzanine. Plus salle d'eau ,wc. terrain non attenant avec garage; idéal maison de vacances; possibilité d'acheter en meublé.   My translation is a bit confusing...to me anyway.This is the Australian translation... [:D] Pretty small home, convivial, understanding kitchen, stay, small room. On the floor: two rooms on the floor. Done up Grenir. Dependance baby with kitchen, brings to room temperature, mezzanine. More room of water, toilet. not annexed ground with garage; ideal home of vacation; possibility of buying there furnished. Thanks.....
  23. Freebox.Thats the way to go....Compared with that it seems like some ISP's here in Australia are still using carrier pidgeons
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