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  1. Our Removal firm here in Ausralia are still saying we will need some  french  decloration form that will let our  households good duty free into france.Can anyone tell me where I can pick up this form from Customs in Limoges (where we ill be next week)so that we can fill it out and send it back to our agent.An addresse would be helpfull if you have one.If we have to come in via the UK its going to cost us an extra $700.
  2. Well here is an update...We have sold the house.The furniture went off in a sea container on Tuesday.We are now staying overnight in Perth (Western Australia) and we fly out from here to Paris on Saturday night. .A few days there and then off to Limousine where we start our house hunt.....
  3. I know a UK modem connector will not fit the French phone sytem so what is the French adaptor called....?
  4. Can you get a train from Charles de Gaulle airport to Limoges or do you have to go from the Austerlitz ?
  5. [quote user="Teamedup"]   My husband has his out on display, I find it rather attractive, but I don't know how to use it. [/quote]   I am not even going to attemp to  answer that one....[:$]
  6. [quote user="5-element"]No idea. Thinking about it, yes, it could mean that he gave me a ticket to book me for a dance with him, so "I have a ticket with him"???[/quote]   Pancake starts singing a well known Beatles song........................................
  7. I guess the biggest holdup in getting your registration is weather you can speak French or not. I think that must be the biggest factor.
  8. My only suggestion would be to seek help from the British Consulate...I'm sure they will have some answers for you.
  9. Yes..Here in Oz when stopping at any road juction we give way to all traffic coming from the right.That also applies when going into a round abouts.
  10. Ok.Fine...Its just that the removalist said they had had hassles sending someones personal effects into france recently and they adviced  that they will now go to UK first.
  11. Are they still made with pigs blood ????
  12. Michael Connelly ..........................I love the guy.   Michael Connelly has bucked two pervasive trends in modern crime fiction. Too many writers have fallen into the trap of writing quirky detectives who detour into cutesy or hard-boiled stories that devolve into violent, ironic self-parody. But Detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch of the Los Angeles Police Department is serious and straightforward, and Connelly's latest, the knowing, taut and suspenseful Echo Park, proves that Harry's creator is as well. Now, nearing 60, Bosch is back with the LAPD, working in the Open-Unsolved Unit, going over cold cases with his most recent partner, Kiz Rider. Most of the cops on the unit, including Rider, are from a different generation. Harry may have backup, but emotionally and mentally he's alone.  
  13. If you are coming in from outside the EU make sure your shippers/house removelist send you household effects  to France via the UK,where it is off loaded and then moved  to France.If it comes into France direct you may have to pay import duty and also a lot of paperwork.By coming into the UK first,France  considers it as Custom cleared thus saving a lot of hassle.It may take a bit more time for your bed and dinner set to arrive [:)]  but its worth it.I have just spent a few days trying to get my stuff organised for shipping from Australia and this appears the best way to do it and that way you do not have all the bureaucratic paperwork.
  14. Lori... We have duel citizanship,Brit and Aussie and as we will be using our Brit faces when we land in France I dont see any problems.We have gone into all the details...but....knowing the French way of things I dont expect it  to be set in concrete [:D]
  15. Ok.Thanks for that.We will be coming in on our Brit passports but I will contact CPAM for sure.
  16. Maybe it was them that moved to  Western Australia [:D]
  17. This is a bit of a grey area for me as I dont know alot about the French health system.When we move over to France from Australia next month we will have the Oz pension and because we came from the UK I now have a small pension from them as well.My question is what kind of health insurance/cover will I need to get.Will I be eligable for anything French.? What is the best way to go about it ?
  18. Ok,thanks Will  [:)].I will have to see what I can come up with as I dont know anybody in France as a contact address....Oh by the way.Your www dont seem to be working.
  19. Looks like they emigrated to Western Australia.There are two here...[:)] and....I was also born in Dover.   http://www.whitepages.com.au/wp/resSearch.do
  20. As I will be using a laptop  and moving around while we house hunt does anyone know if Teleconnect France have a 56k dialup service.It does not mention any on their website ?Teleconnect FranceTeleTeleconnect Franceconnect France
  21. Sprogster... It may sound silly but we just decided on a change.Its as simple as that.....We looked at Greece and its Islands,Italy and even Spain.We have been to France before on a few holidays so we said,yes,thats the place for us.Australia is a great country and I wish everybody the best of luck in moving out here.Now is the time to move here as there are now so many retiring they are getting short of workers.Housing is cheap compared to the UK and France.Where we are an average three bed house goes for around 120.000 GBP .
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