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  1. Free movies to watch.Some as recent as 2007 http://www.movieforumz.com/index.php
  2. As it stands at the moment my incoming mail shows the American date of 7/5/2007 month,day,year. How do I change it to read day,month,year instead.?
  3. Try Teleconnect.Their site is in english....http://www.teleconnectfrance.com/Pages/Home/Home.aspx
  4. When you want to disconnect from French Telecom do you need to send them an official letter or just phone them with the date you want the phone disconnected ?.
  5. If anyone is interested I have a Navman N60i Satellite navigation system for sale.It comes with all the UK/European maps installed.
  6. Ok.At least it has give me something to work on...
  7. Would a Sky digibox work in any country for viewing free to air programs...?
  8. I was informed by Teleconect that if I cancel my France Telecom line I will not be able to have my Voip or adsl.Is this correct ?I seem to have read that with Alice and Nurf boxes etc you can save the FT rental charge by dropping them.Is this not the same with Teleconect?.
  9. Yes Sunday Driver,you are right....my bad proof reading [:(] I have corrected my first post.[:D]
  10. Thank Miszter....and I even edited the first post to keep Ford Anglia happy.....[:D]
  11. Does  the cinama in Le Dorat,87 has a website so i can see whats coming on.?
  12. Does anyone know if the cinama in Le Dorat,87 has a website so i can see whats coming on.?
  13. I know a UK modem connector will not fit the French phone sytem so what is the French adaptor called....?
  14. [quote user="Teamedup"]   My husband has his out on display, I find it rather attractive, but I don't know how to use it. [/quote]   I am not even going to attemp to  answer that one....[:$]
  15. [quote user="5-element"]No idea. Thinking about it, yes, it could mean that he gave me a ticket to book me for a dance with him, so "I have a ticket with him"???[/quote]   Pancake starts singing a well known Beatles song........................................
  16. Are they still made with pigs blood ????
  17. Michael Connelly ..........................I love the guy.   Michael Connelly has bucked two pervasive trends in modern crime fiction. Too many writers have fallen into the trap of writing quirky detectives who detour into cutesy or hard-boiled stories that devolve into violent, ironic self-parody. But Detective Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch of the Los Angeles Police Department is serious and straightforward, and Connelly's latest, the knowing, taut and suspenseful Echo Park, proves that Harry's creator is as well. Now, nearing 60, Bosch is back with the LAPD, working in the Open-Unsolved Unit, going over cold cases with his most recent partner, Kiz Rider. Most of the cops on the unit, including Rider, are from a different generation. Harry may have backup, but emotionally and mentally he's alone.  
  18. Lori... We have duel citizanship,Brit and Aussie and as we will be using our Brit faces when we land in France I dont see any problems.We have gone into all the details...but....knowing the French way of things I dont expect it  to be set in concrete [:D]
  19. Ok.Thanks for that.We will be coming in on our Brit passports but I will contact CPAM for sure.
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