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  1. Thanks, it does help. Would be really interested in the 3rd option. Have you got a web link for that?


  2. Hi,

    I'm going to be in Aix-en-Provence in mid-May and then intend on having a few nights in Arles after that. I quite fancy a bus ride between the two towns but I can't find anything obvious online. Does anyone know if such a bus route exists or am I doomed to the inevitability that is the triangular rail journey into Marseille and back out?


  3. Hi

    We're heading to Lille in a few weeks and wanted to get some good recommendations for bars that sell Belgian beers. Specifically interested in the older, more historic type of bar, if such exist?

    Many thanks


  4. [quote user="idun"]

    It isn't 'quite' a simple cheese toasty with it's bechamel or creme fraiche, personally I prefer bechamel.

    We have a friend who doesn't like meat and we have ordered her one without ham.  I never worry about this. In France, choice for those that won't eat meat is often limited and it isn't my fault it is like that.


    Thanks Idun, that helps... sans jambon it is then! And yes, it's definitely the bechamel for me too!

  5. Hi

    We have a couple of vegetarians in our group this coming summer staying with us in the Languedoc area. Given the widespread availability of croque monsieur as a snack we were wondering if there is a vegetarian equivalent? Or, if not, would cafes be generally prepared to make one without the ham or would this be seen as a bit odd? 

  6. Just to update this if anyone else is planning to use Perpignan airport in the future, just spotted on the tourism office website that there's a city bus (no.19) which also serves the airport. At €1.10 compared to €4.50 it might be more attractive:


  7. Hi everyone

    I'm heading back to Languedoc (Banyuls-sur-mer) next year for 6 weeks as it was so great spending 4 there this year! I'm now trying to work out the best way to get there and flying into Perpignan is an attractive option. I ended up going by train this year but, good as it was, it was a hell of a long day's travel and I'd prefer to fly this time. I see on the airport website that there are shuttle buses to the station that meet most planes but I'd be flying from Southampton on a Saturday and, assuming FlyBe's timetable is the same in 2012 as it is this year, there doesn't appear to be one that meets that flight. Not so much a problem as there is one about an hour later, but just wondered if anyone knew the area and if there are local buses that run from outside the airport into town so I didn't have to hang around so long?

    Many thanks


  8. Thanks all, and especially Clair, for making things clearer.

  9. Hi

    I recently received an email containing the phrase "On y est dessus, tout remarchera cette semaine". Out of curiosity I checked my French dictionaries and search engines for a translation of "on y est dessus", but can't find one, yet it appears to be a common enough saying judging by the Google hits. Is it something like "above all"? Could someone put me out of my misery please? 

  10. Thanks for that. As you say it is probably OK for a month. My French isn't quite up to the task and I can't see how much it costs to recharge the 3G+ and how much surf time one gets with a recharge. And it might be difficult to get the 30€ reimbursement as I'll be in different addresses while in France and I wonder would they send it to the UK? Nothing is ever simple when people are trying to get money from you, is it [:D]

  11. Hi

    As I'll be in France for a month during the summer I'd like to have the facility of "broadband on the move" while I'm there. I checked this out a couple of years ago and it seemed much more expensive compared to the UK and I avoided it. I'm just wondering what the current situation is and can you get decent, cheapish and reliable coverage on a pay-as-you-go option now? I'll be staying along the Cote Vermeille coast near Perpignan. Any advice would be received most gratefully.

    Many thanks


  12. Just to let everyone know I ended up getting a dictionary from the Nokia store made by a company called IdiomaX. I was attracted to it because it comes with an integrated conjugator. Whether it's particularly comprehensive  or not remains to be seen but first uses seem good. And at £8 it's not too bad.

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