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  1. I sort of am aware of all the taxes and VAT etc... but it sure would beat another winter in the UK!! so any average profit would be a reward. after all the rules and regs, is there any possible chance of selling if we did the work ourselves? I know my work is fine in the UK and i understand the various methods etc in France, but is the insurance asked for by the estate agent, notaire, marie, or the purchaser. What if we were to sell the land to a personal friend? We have been given various information from architects / engineers in France that say the main items to guarantee are the footings, groundworks etc. and the roof!!
  2. sorry all, was meant to address everyone! Thanks for the replies. I appreciate that there is no real alternative to sorting the guarantee out if we are looking to sell but are the construction costs in France similar to those in the UK of @ £1000 per SqM. Also if we were to go ahead and employ artisans to get the shell up, leaving the interior works, electric, plumbing etc to ourselves to finalise, what are the chances of resale. I suppose it is quite an open question dependent on chance and luck. Looks like I will be building my old man a retirement home!
  3. Hi BJSLIV, thanks for the reply. We were hoping to sell the property after completion. the 'shell' refers to the footings, drainage, mains, fosse, walls and roof. kind regards Craig
  4. Hi all, first time on the forum.. I am hoping someone can help? Me and partner have just bought some land in Dordogne to new build single storey with 2 dorma bedrooms, about 160m2. Being a builder in Uk was hoping to construct everything myself. Having spoken to and spent numerous amounts on English project managers and engineers we have found that we require French builders to do all the work in order to receive the 10 year guarantee. Can anyone recommend a way around this and also what we should be paying for a shell as the prices being thrown around are enormous! Kind regards Craig
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