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  1. No the Americans see Trump as a 'fine upstanding man' or do they see Trump as a 'good ole boy' who will kick other countries up the ass because 'America is Great'?

    I once said to an American friend something negative about the US - and she was a mild Democrat - and I was very forcibly told 'I can criticize my country you may not'.

    So taking on China I presume will be seen as positive and pressurizing US companies to base their operations in the US will also be seen as positive and increasng employment.

    Contrast that with the UK - energy companies owned by companies based elsewhere for example, EDF, train operating companies by, in some cases companies that are owned either in full or part by state owned companies in Europe......anyone heard a politician saying 'Make UK Great'?
  2. House in the UK was built in 1968 and when making some changes to the heating system suddenly discovered that some of the old pipework was 1/2" and 3/4". Sudden problems but adaptors are available. But this is not ideal.

    So install 15mm pipework in your French house, get a burst pipe want to make a change and you have a problem.

    When in Rome do as the Romans do, when in France do as the French tradespeople do.
  3. 'PS. Bit of a childish attempt at insult with the name there PaulT. Some people are stupid and others are born stupid.'

    Er no, that was a typing mistake - an insult would be far more than something of that nature.

    Perhaps, you should think about not insulting the OP in the manner in which you did!
  4. Just seen the response you got on the South West region - what an absolute difference.
  5. Mr Huge I am sorry but Holiday Inn will not let you stay there for 15 days because Cathay Tours has said they will not!

    What a horrible experience you have had from one member of the forum. Most of us are friendly so do not be put off by the odd one or two.
  6. Back on theme and just seen the latest posts of this resurrected thread

    Took me back to my school days when I studied George and Weedon Grossmiths Diary of a Nobody and the hapless Charles Pooter painting his bath with red paint.
  7. Still, look on the brightside the conditions are not such as in Hong Kong or Venezula.
  8. Sorry, going off thread.

    Jon, saw the website address and had a look. Absolutely amazing - what beautiful and very intricate pieces you have made.
  9. Chessie, do make an appointment with the GP. You can then explain the situation so that when OH goes to see the GP, presumably, it will be about another matter, the GP knows the situation and can steer the conversation to the alzheimers.

    Can feel your frustration in trying to pay the bill - seems you have a solid gold jobsworth to deal with.
  10. NickP good that they found nothing wrong so top marks for being truthful - but could be a way of getting work.....no such thing as a free lunch.
  11. Wow, missed that one WB. Mind you, junior would probably say that most of those soldiers in Arlington came from poor background so do not count.

    Makes you wonder about those in the public eye in the UK who trade on their friendship with President Chump.
  12. In the UK cars that are 40+ years old are now MOT exempt. Responsible owners do put them through the test just to make sure.
  13. But Crabtree catchup is achieved via the Internet not via the satellite. No Internet connection no 7day EPG. As I previously posted, if it is detected that the connection is from a non UK Internet provider then it will not work. One way round it was to have a VPN that was UK based but I understand that these are being 'sussed out'.

    As for LNBs they are available with:

    Single connection

    Two connections

    Four connections

    Eight connections.

    I currently run an LNB with four connections. We have two 'lounges' and both of these have two connections so that one channel can be viewed and another recorded or two channels can be recorded at the same time.
  14. As far as I am aware the only satellites that broadcast UK TV programmes are the two Astra ones. Our house in 31 now has a 1.2m x 1.3m dish and at certain times of the year some channels are lost, such as ITV for our UK region it can be found by selecting another region.

    The dish feeds two Humax boxes. However, catchup is not available as it is done over the Internet and unless you have a VPN in the UK it will not work.
  15. In the world of no win no fee lawyers the NHS also has a large number of claims by people who claim that they fell over a lolly stick etc. Certainly, the trust that I worked for suffered from this.

    In my experience the NHS use very expensive firms of solicitors which at times are needed because of the complexity of matters. However, they are used for ALL cases rather than for simple matters using a local solicitor at much lower cost.
  16. Totally agree BB and I bet there was no crowd trouble.
  17. PaulT


    Depends what the new PM does - as the current one will be dead in a ditch on 31/10.

    So as the UK is not leaving the EU on 31/10 the EHIC will still be relevant.

    However, I have heard that ambulances will often take patients to private hospitals where EHIC will not be relevant.

    There have been reports to the ASA regarding the Government adverts that state the UK WILL be leaving the EU on 31st - stated as fact which is turning out not to be the case.
  18. We originally insured via a French agent but prices went up and up hence changing to a UK insurer. Plus, in the case of poor French a UK insurers policy is written in English.
  19. PaulT


    There you go Mint, become a moderator and you could go further!
  20. French house insured via the AA and never had any problems insuring with them.
  21. In English the name Captain Mainwaring comes to mind.
  22. [quote user="mint"]It's not a good day for Scotland if their game with Japan is also cancelled.  Not sure how long this typhoon is supposed to last and whether anything can be done to save this match?


    I wonder, if in hindsight, especially threatening legal action, Scotland would now prefer the match to have been cancelled.

    From the games point of view can only be good news as another country could become more interested in rugby.
  23. Having worked in the NHS for 41 years it came as no surprise to see NHS Consultant in the footing - assuming it was as a medical consultant as opposed to a management consultant.
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