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  1. Hello Jo, not knowing the system this is a bit of a guessing game but as you have topped up previously and as you say there is an overflow I would suggest you fill to the overflow with the system shut down, any excess will overspill when the system is heated through.. You need to check/change the pressure gauge.... Best of luck. Charlie.
  2. Hello Jo, Shut the pump off,  let the system settle and then bleed the rad's from the highest in the system to lowest.... Hope this helps. Regards Charlie.
  3. Hello Steve, nothing wrong as long as the olive turns on the pipe with no movement along the pipe. As a rule of thumb a quarter turn on the fitting after the olive has gripped is sufficient, I know it doesn't seem a lot but try it. Regards. Charlie. 
  4. A pity for KP rain stopped play , will Straus declare overnight and get the Auss in as there is more rain forecast. The 11 o'clock highlights are doing me in as I stay up and watch them then it's on the radio when I go to kip.....[:)] Excellent cricket. Charlie.
  5. Thank you Frederick, this brings life into perspective. Charlie.
  6. Hello Bug's, go for the highest point 1st and just let it bleed of quietley. Not sure if you have problems with central heating rad's but this is the same, high point down. Best of luck. Charlie. 
  7. Hello Jon, Pop rivet, arc welding will just blow holes (if you can strike the arc) and give off toxic fumes... Regards. Charlie.
  8. This was the reason for my earlier post, if LP posts a reply you don't need to read the forum for long to realise he's the man when it comes to plumbing matters, it must be quite frustrating LP when there is also a lot of dross[:D] teapot, if you need your oil refinery maintaining anytime, or a safety presentation, or oil spill response I'm your man!!!!!!![6][6][:D] Heat exchangers and controlled bolting systems a speciality, a bit of laser alignment on the side. Regards. Charlie.  
  9. Reading this thread endorses what I have been thinking for a while, lots of people with the best of intentions reply to things they have only a little knowledge on. Why can't there be designated people who do have expertise in disciplines to give advise. I'm not trying to stop anyone posting but there are certain things said on here that can be downright dangerous i.e. people advising on gas regulator adjustment and settings, elecrical repairs, installing woodburners etc etc. The reason for this post is not to put anyone down but to highlight what I feel is a situation that at best can lead to confusion and at worst is dangerous. Charlie.............   
  10. After picking our 4 year old (a long time ago) daughter up from her christmas party she told us she had a wismith voucher? a wismith voucher? A WH Smith voucher[:D][:D] Charlie....
  11. Hello Geranium, we used Fiddes hard wax oil on our new oak stairs etc and it was superb, finish excallent and hard wearing. Now for the rub, get it in the UK if you can, the european Fiddes outlet is in Belgium, the postage is more than the oil[6] Hope this helps. Charlie...... P.S. I now wait to be told you can get it in the local brico depot!!!![:)]
  12. The system over here is as follows, you have 12 points to start with, for committed offences these are deducted until you lose all and then your license. The record is kept on the prefecture data base so not actually on you license. For a 1 point speeding offence this is on your license for 1 year, regardless of UK  or French license. My point is being looked after in Poitiers.......[:$] Charlie......[:D]
  13. Hello Wendy, Le Cerc in Loudun are good for electrical repairs....Not the main store they have a workshop on the back road to the market.. Regards. Charlie....
  14. Weedon, How can you doze in the middle of a test match? It's nail biting before the toss, chess played over 5 days.[:D][:D][:D] As for the tennis, yawn yawn, I couldn't believe it when they clapped the roof closing, unless of course it was because something did work at last unlike terminal 5.[6] Charlie.
  15. Hello Steve, I tried PM'ing you but for some reason it didn't work so here goes! The website is goodlife.com, this is not an ad & I don't have any connection with it other than I did get good service from it. The repellars work and are humain. I hope this is of use as the situation can be pretty depressing. Regards. Charlie. 
  16. We had the same problem the winter before last, we have 3 cats!!! We invested in ultrasonic repellers that feed into the electrical circuit (not the €25 ultrasound jobbies from the brico depot)! We got them on an internet from a site in the US at £35 each. Since then we have not had any rodents in the house, the cats love it as they can now sleep all day. [:D][:D] If you pm me I will give site details. Regards. Charlie.  
  17. Hello Danny, Thanks for the reply, to clarify, I bought the second live box 6 weeks ago, it has Nom Livebox 6E6D marked on it, it states on the box for Vista, XP windows 98 etc. Our old livebox was supplied by Orange about 3 years ago as part of our contract. The contract is telephone and internet. One point the liveboxes aren't the same, the old one being probably 3 times as big as the new one! Cheers for your time and hope this makes sense? Charlie..  
  18. Hello, I have an original live box d952 about 3 years old that runs my PC (XP 2000) using an ether net connection, I have bought a lap top (Vista) that I am trying to set up using the wireless connection, it will not load. I do have new Orange Vista live box 6E6D available. Do I need to contact Orange to change any contract as they supplied the original live box or can I go ahead and load the PC and lap top using the new live box? Thanks in advance. Charlie.  
  19. What a superb sense of humour and such a sad way to go wooly, he'll be missed.   Charlie.
  20. Cath, all you need is to find a friend with BBC and book a seat......   Charlie.......
  21. Hello alley, have a look at http://www.allotment.org.uk/ poultry section good for advise. If the link doesn't work pm me and I will forward. Regards. Charlie.[geek] Link repaired by a mod.
  22. Hello wee, if your pipes are unlagged your best off getting insulation anyway, Bugs was right you really need to turn off the boiler until you get a flow. Can you get any heat into the garage to up the temp i.e. space heater? In the meantime don't go heating the pipes with blow lamp etc as this is the best way to burst the pipes!!!!!!! Open  the 1st hot and cold tap in the system until you have a flow. Hope this helps.. Charlie.........
  23. [quote user="teapot"][quote user="TefkaC"] Be very careful about using stainless steel fixings, they are not the cure all that people believe them to be as they fatigue and crack leading to fracture. Also be very careful about going off Godins design as you can be introducing other factors i.e. larger bolt can lead to overstressing in other areas. I would suggest you get professional help. Sorry to hear about the narrow escape and hope it all comes good in the end..   Charlie....... [/quote] Ooh scary, best we just sit on the floor together and tell sad stories. [:D] Be careful about using stainless steel fixings, they are not the cure all that people believe them to be as they fatigue and crack leading to fracture. Just like the ordinary steel ones as supplied by Godin, except stainless is more resistant to harsh environments and does not rust. More expensive though which is why Godin would not supply them. Be careful about going off Godins design as you can be introducing other factors i.e. larger bolt can lead to overstressing in other areas. We are not talking about moving parts here, its a static chimney flue. I would suggest you get professional help, The Titanic was built by professionals, The Ark was built by a amateur.   [/quote]   I obviously don't know your background Tea Pot but I worked in engineering for 40 years+ and no before you come back that doesn't make me an expert if fire installations but I do have expertise in fixings. Just a couple of points, from the original post I thought it had moved i.e. sheared. The Titanic didn't sink because of bad design but peoples incompetance in the use of it I take it from your last line of the posting you must be a very happy person  I do think there are too many people with little or no experience ready to hand out advise on these forums,     Regards. Charlie..........  
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