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  1. if i upset twinks or missy.

    im getting mail from someone now asking me to stop talking to the aforesaid



  2. yup dick-got it.

    how about lost voices of the great war-max arthur-? great anecdotes.

  3. ''Birdsong''-Sebastian Faulks

    another good book for Dick but a novel.

    dont moderate me -it hurts-!

  4. I bet clair pulled it.

    btw dick- ''goodbye to all that'' by Graves is a good ww1 book his autobiog of his time in the trenches.



  5. i mailed you at doolin


  6. only way i can talk is public or yh
  7. I  got your mail missy but the link to reply will not work-hence the public post my outbound email is intercoursed moderater, please note my choice of english

     but my yahoo works i think.

    overjoyed to find I am not the only reading nut here. my yh is hotrats_7 or send me your phone number or something dont worry i gave up stalking- that halle berry is is a real pain-!

  8. I cannot send emails

    but stay in touch

    my parents phone 0033231687302-leave a number I can phone you back

    regards to the family


  9. was installed on my computer-but its all in french-i understand most of it but english would be easier

    please help me me to change it over

    thanks gang


  10. with a dentist husband-my computer died  i got it fixed bit have lost all my email address's

    drop me a line

    chris in st lo

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