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  1. [quote user="pugwash"]And yet, avinalarf, people keep asking for it, and people keep supplying it  ???[/quote]

    Yourself included! [:)]

    Every reference I find quotes the same - 16% non-resident or 27% if resident.  Could you provide more information on your figure of 60% please?


  2. [quote user="phil"]We were in the process of buying a house in France when a friend told us that unless our property in the UK is up for sale at the same time we would be liable for Capital Gains Tax.  I have been unable to find any further information about this, and am unsure whether he was referring to French or British tax.  Can anyone shed any light on this please?[/quote]

    How can you be liable for CGT when you are BUYING something??  You are only liable when you sell, and only then if you bought it purely as an investment rather than a main home.  If/when you sell your UK property and it has been your main home then you are not liable for CGT.  CGT rules in France are rather more complex - you do not pay CGT in France if your French property is your main home - that is considered the case if you have paid income tax here for 2 years (actually 2 years worth of declarations, so could be as little a 1 year and 1 day).  If it is not your main home then CGT is payable at the full rate for 5 years and then decreases on a sliding scale up to 15 years when it becomes zero rated.  Now it is a bit more complex than that as well.. if you live in France then CGT is 27%, but if you can prove you have a main residence in the UK then you only pay 16%.  I couldn't get my head around giving an advantage to non-residents, but that is what our immobilier has just told us this week - we're considering selling our house here to move to something bigger. We are resident and working here, but only for 7 months so CGT may apply - tho it also seems that whether CGT applies is at the discretion of the notaire - we are waiting for a definitive response from the notaire next week.


  3. If anyone is interested in selling, one of my neighbours is looking to buy a small (I guess 2-blade) rotorvator.  He has a 6-blade rotorvator that he is selling and I'm sure he would swap his for a smaller one. (money either way, depending)


  4. [quote user="Will"]

    Just talk to a rural Frenchman.


    LOL.  Our neighbour gave me some hand-written A4 sheets he'd copied for me that showed me what to plant and when according to the phase of the moon.  I thought he'd gone completely barmy!  but I later found out it seems the normal thing to do.  I have heard they do the same thing in Italy too.  I have to confess I don't really understand it so I've just planted my veggies at the same time he does!!  I'll have a look at the link later and see if I can understand it all better.


  5. [quote user="freddy"]

    Many thanks for that that clarifies some of things - actually better than I thought.

    In terms of the two chambres could you register with metiers if you sold things as part of providing a service, for example you set up a business fixing computer problems, most of this comes under services for the work you do - some things come under selling things e.g. replacement parts say a new hard disk or someone asks you to set up a network so you provide the parts as part of the service.


    I believe that sort of thing comes under the Chambre de Commerce.  As far as I am aware 'services' like that all come under the C/Commerce - at least whenever I spoke to the guy in the local computer shop he always talked about going to the C/Commerce.  I think the best way to think of it is that the Metiers is for Artisans where the work involves some sort of 'creation' in some way or another - I guess that is probably about the simplest way of putting it.

    Best thing really is to speak to someone in the local Chamber of Commerce in the area you are considering, my experience is that they are very helpful, and often there is someone around who will speak English, or they will put you onto someone who does.


  6. [quote user="freddy"]

    Q2. If you do register as a micro-bic you have to register with the right organisation and can possibly add other jobs if they fall under the same organisation without having to pay 2 lots of cotisons. Can anyone tell me what the different organisations are and what jobs they cover. This must be avaialble on a website somewhere but I can't find it.


    Chambre de Commerce for sales related businesses

    Chambre de Metiers for artisans (plumbing, builders, etc. - anything to do with you 'making' something)

    If you register at the C\Commerce (I don't know about the Metiers) you can regsiter to do as many things as you like that come under their umbrella on the registration form (you can add things later, but it costs money!)

    [quote user="freddy"]

    Q3. I suspect I know the answer to this - if you start a microbic is it just you who can work for it or can a husband and wife work for the same one?


    Don't confuse the tax regime (Micro-BIC) with the business type.  There are two basic business types you would start.  Enterprise Indivduelle or SARL (equivalent of Ltd Co).  The Micro-BIC is a tax regime, and either type of company can use that regime.  Even if you register as an Enterprise Individuelle you can employ people (as many as you like) in the same way as you would a SARL.  Be careful though, because if you employ someone in France, as the employer, the govt take tax to the equivalent value of approximately the same amount of salary you pay the employee! (not to mention that the employee pays tax out of their own wages too!)  Not exactly conducive to creating jobs!  It is better that you only pay yourself as the non-salaried owner.  Family often work for 'free' to avoid, in effect, paying the salary twice over.  I know quite a few locals who run their business in this way.  You need to get to the local CC to discuss it as it is quite complicated, especially when it comes to medical stuff.  I registered my business assuming that my wife would be covered for medical under my cotestations, but in fact only myself and our children are covered under my payments and registration.  I could have registered her as a non-working partner in the business, but I didn't know that at the time!


  7. [quote user="allanb"]Thanks for the replies.

    I presume that if the "rated axle weight" is greater than the PTC it has no practical importance.  I mean, to my non-technical mind, if the total weight doesn't exceed 500 kg the axle weight can't exceed the same amount - or am I missing something?


    When it comes to following the word of the law then there is no obvious point in getting a 750 Kg axel rated trailer when the PTAC is only 499 - they are obviously 'down rated' to that to get around needing to register the trailer.  'Tho sadly as I now realise, I can't legally carry as much as I thought I could, it is nice to know I can without killing the trailer!  I guess it's a bit like putting in a 4x6 beam when a 2x4 would do - it is likely to last longer because it is not as stressed.


  8. [quote user="dogwood"]

    As for your 750kg I may be wrong ( It has happened before [Www]) but I think you will find that is also the rated axle weight.

    your trailer will probably still only be rated at 499kg gross. [:(]


    Correct!  Just looked at the plate...  PTAC 499Kg.

    Otherwise mine states


    2:   (blank!)

    3: 75Kg

    Also states the max load weight is 339Kg (or something like that, difficult to see as it is worn) - ooops! I've had 800Kg in before now (20 x 40Kg bags of sand) and a lot more than that in it that I couldn't weigh!

    Well, at least I don't have to bother getting it registered!

    BTW, this link is really good for spelling everything out quite clearly...



  9. I don't know exactly, but given the value, the 3rd figure looks like it could be the rated "nose" weight.

    I thought the carte gris rules applied to under 750Kg, rather than 500.  At least I hope it does, as I have a 750 trailer bought new in France and no carte gris! 

    EDIT: does the 500Kg thing apply to gross or unladen vehicle weight?


  10. Normally yellow markings on the road surface (often covering the white lines underneath) are some indication of roadworks being in progress and a modification to the normal road layout.  I don't recall seeing anything as you describe in general use, but difficult to know exactly what you mean.


  11. The cheapest way to get gravel is to visit a quarry or gravel wholesaler yourself with a trailer - my neighbour took me to one around here (not in your area I'm afraid) when I needed some, and they filled my 750kg trailer for 10€ (cash of course!), given how upset the tyres looked there must have been well over a ton in there as I've had a known 800kg in before now and they were absolutely fine then!


  12. [quote user="Jonzjob"]

    Do you really wash your clothes in the dishwasher?[8-)] We always use our washing machine... As for the dishwasher, ours was used once in the almost 2 years we have been here and that was by one of our visiting friends. after that it has ALWAYS been easier by hand.


    I don't understand how hand washing can be easier?!  What could make it easier than sticking everything into the machine and pressing the on button!?  Mind, our family does get through a lot of pots - it is not unknown for the DW to go on (full!) twice a day at the weekends.

    [quote user="Jonzjob"]

    Same thing with a micro wave cooker. We would not have one in the house. They are not good for your health apart from cooking food badly... [6]


    Well, I tend to agree, but they are useful for the porridge, custard, babies bottles / food (and I'm afraid to say re-heating coffee) tho!

    [quote user="Jonzjob"]

    I would not stand next to an HF transmitter ariel on an aircraft

    either, not would I stand in front of a radar ariel that is

    transmitting either... But it is a less painful experience than a

    vasectomie (spelling?). Does the same job!!!!![8-)]


    Now there's a thought...how reliable is that as a procedure?!  Maybe a trip to Poitiers is in order [:D]


  13. I've used a combination of the two.  I started with the multi-layer foil stuff in the bathroom and found it didn't make much difference to keeping heat in - I've now supplemented that with 100mm glass wood above it between the beams (using the foil underneath makes a great way of keeping it in position!) and it has made quite a difference, but I think that is as much to do with the fact that when I installed the glass wool it gave me the opportunity to block up a lot of drafts (a lot easier with glass wool than the foil product), and I'm sure that made as much difference as the extra insulation itself.

    One thing I would say in favour of the foil product (aside from easy of application, not dirty, itchy etc.!) is that it is damn good at keeping the summer heat out.  I put it in part of our attic, but didn't have enough to finish the whole attic - this was during late summer.  Whenever I went into the attic on a sunny day, the difference in heat between the 'foiled' roof area and the unfoiled area was enormous.


  14. [quote user="Quillan"]Be careful with the 8MB bit, it depends on the line quality and distance from the exchange. Some areas can only give 1MB max.[/quote]

    Good thought, but we have 2Mbps at the moment and we live in town so I don't think there will be a problem - FT suggest we can get up to 18Mbps (supposedly!)

    Tele2 was down again this morning between posts - it was down for 3 hours on Sat morning and dies on a daily basis for several minutes at a time - not life threatening I know, but it just adds to the perception that the service is pretty useless! (not to mention the earache I get when SWMBO is bidding on eBay!)  I think in the end I'll plump for the extra cost of FT and hopefully get a more reliable service - I can sign up "sans engagement" so I can switch again after one month if it turns out to be just as bad!  Unless anyone can tell advise me otherwise?


  15. Wondering what the service is like on Neuf for Internet / Phone calls (via the Internet).  They claim they can do 8Mbps DSL and [worldwide - almost] illimite phone for 35 euros a month and no payment to FT (that would be about 25 euros/month less than I'm paying now).

    Now the 25 euros saving certainly sounds good, but I'm more interested in reliability of the Internet connection with Neuf, and are VOIP calls any good?  My experience of Skype is that they aren't, but I would imagine their technology is a bit more advanced.

    Is there anything in France the equivalent of adslguide.org.uk that compares all the DSL suppliers from a users point of view? I'm with Tele2 at the moment for Internet, and to be quite honest they are useless.  Their DSL goes off at least once per week and support service is dreadful to the point that I don't bother to call now.  After a 30 months of non-stop connection with BT in the UK, having the connection go down for several hours a week is frustrating to say the least! Trouble is I don't want to change as I don't actually know at the moment if the others are any better!

    Any comments apprecited.



  16. We got ours in Ikea (UK) - a LOT cheaper than elsewhere - around £110 for 2.4m (Oak) as opposed to around £300 elsewhere, and they are a decent thickness not the cheapo thin ones.  It did take us 4 months to get the last piece as they didn't have any in stock for ages, they got 20 in one day and it all went out the same day (you can't reserve them and we weren't in the UK that day) - actually, now I think about it, in the end I gave up and did it a different way so we could use a smaller size!  The oak ones are a little rough, but I think that is a quality of oak, the beech and birch ones are smoother, but IMO they didn't suit our older house.  It seems to have taken ages to get them oiled up enough to be useful, and you do have to keep re-doing it, but as Will pointed out, well worth it.

    I heard that apparently a new Ikea was opening up in Poitiers (near Castorama I think).  I'm not sure that I'm looking forward to it!


  17. It depends on whether you want compost or manure.  The local decheterrie (at least mine - and others from reading the thread) does a wonderful compost.  They charge me 1.50 € per 'bin' (one of the big black ones).  I usually take the trailer along and get them to fill it, but I've seen others down there filling bin liners and putting it in their boot.  By far the cheapest way to get hold of it that I've found.  If you want manure then, a local stables should be able to help out.


  18. All I have to do with TB is copy one directory - it contains all my e-mail files, all the accounts settings (I have 3 accounts), and is always in the same place! (not a stupid random directory name like "XTYEGS_SWGWEG_EFWSES_EGS3454"!!) - if I want to install TB with all my settings and e-mail onto another machine all I have to do is install TB and then copy that directory over, open up TB and I'm right back to where I left off without having to re-type any settings or do anything else!  I haven't done OE for a while, but last time I tried to do this it took me best part of a morning to find the files and then somehow manage to get them to work on the new machine.  To be honest I can't remember exactly how I did it now, but it certainly wasn't as easy as TB!  Maybe things have changed since then?


  19. [quote user="pcwhizz"]Brilliant analogy Clair re Mailwasher  [:D]. 

    However, can you, or anyone, detail why you use Thunderbird rather than Outlook?  Is it just a I hate MS thing, or is there a real plus?


    I started using it because (and I'm guessing we're talking about Outlook Express here rather than Outlook - there is a big difference) Outlook Express is a horrible to back up & restore.  Thunderbird has built in spam filter which WORKS! (a big change after trying several spam add-ons to OE and not finding one that didn't kill OE!)  There are also a whole host of add-ons for TB if you feel so inclined to use that sort of thing.  The message filters actually seem to work, rather than when they just feel like it!  Personally I find TB faster (my e-mail files are several GB strong and I found OE struggled at that.  Overall, I just think TB is more robust, tho I suspect OE is probably 'easier' for someone who doesn't use e-mail much and doesn't care if they loose their e-mails.


  20. Been beautiful here in the Viene for the past few days, 17C - everything is budding and growing like mad - I need to cut the grass, but like miszter, the ground is really wet after what seems like weeks of having on/off torrential downpours.  I'm desperate to get the 'new' [bought 2nd hand] rotavator out to extend the veggie plot, but my neighbour insists that I'll just get completely stuck - I'm sure he is right, but it is getting very frustrating waiting for the ground to dry out!


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