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  1. Molly,

    Sent you a PM a while back - don't know if you saw it.

  2. Oh and if you were a hypothetical popstar and really wish to cover your tracks you could think about spending mostly cash rather than leaving a spending record and the telephone calls you make, etc.
  3. Where do you wish to be tax (and hence health) resident?  I presume the UK.  The french authorities may ask you to justify your non-residence status - in which case you just send a copy of a UK tax bill/notice of coding, etc.  A proper answer really depends on your intentions. 

  4. Sent you a PM - don't know if you saw it.
  5. Installer is Ecodesign of Ambazac - they would cover your area.  Contact is David Moutaud - Please mention me if you call him.  I'm seeing him in a couple of weeks - I'll pass him your details of you wish.


    We got 35% grant from ANAH, Euros 600 from ADEME and will claim the tax rebate.  You will be entitled to the tax rebate - they reimburse by cheque if you have no tax liability.


  6. We have installed solar water heating (panels in place - water cylinder will be connnected soon) = local french installer used.  We are in Haute Vienne.  Found cost after grants to be reasonable.
  7. Grey and non-descript here (Eastern Haute Vienne) today, like many days recently.  But the weather all over much of France has been pretty poor.  Take a look at www.meteo.fr for detailed monthly climate information by department - minimum, average, max temps; number of sunny, rainy days, etc.
  8. Richard - the advice you received from the french tax office is correct.  The income is taxable in the UK and is only taken into consideration by the french tax people for calculating the rate you pay on your income subject to french tax.  Therefore you do not need form 2044.
  9. Once your home is regarded as a maison secondaire then it will be taxed as such - not just from the date which it became your maison secondaire - so on the entire gain made from purchase to sale.

    There is a period of grace during which you can sell your home.  I'm not sure of the exact rules - but definitely a year is allowable (see notaires de france website).  Two, I'm not sure.  If throughout the two years your house is on the market with an agent, vacant and not rented out then you may have a good case.  In the case of a house in France it is a question of convincing the notaire that it is not a taxable situation - for a property abroad it would be up to you to declare a gain.  However, I would consider taking professional advice.




  10. The gain would be taxed in France under French rules - ie: forget about the three year rule, taper and letting relief available in the UK.

    You would be looking at the total gain since purchase.  If you have owned the property for more than five years there is a 10% deduction in the gain for each further year of ownership - ie: no liability after fifteen years.


  11. I don't think that the loophole can be closed until the tax year following that in which the new tax treaty is ratified - I would therefore think 2007 at the earliest.
  12. Try www.meteo.fr - they give monthly historical climate records.

    I live 20 mins from Bourganeuf.  I like the weather - but it depends what you're after.


  13. Me too.  I'm supposed to be changing the roof but I might as well build an ark instead.
  14. There is no minimum residence period any longer - as long as you can prove to the notaire that it is your principal residence then you do not pay CGT.  The guidelines say the place where you reside for most of the year.  However, you can own it for just a few months - obviously you could not do this successively.
  15. We had 130 m2 of tiles delivered for a cost of 50 euros, which was money well spent.
  16. We saw a hundred or so Thursday and a couple of hundred yesterday - Eastern Haute Vienne/Creuse borders - flying North/North East.
  17. I've just used Funnels of Mitcham to deliver an item - which they did at really short notice.  Reasonably priced and excellent service.
  18. Or was his given name Dickie, he comes from Billericay and he's doing very well.



  19. I think the point is that if cats and dogs become infected, then humans stand more chance of catching it from them, rather than directly from birds.  The more humans catch it the more chance the virus then has of mutating and passing between humans..
  20. That's not avoiding UK tax.  That's evading it, which is a criminal offence.  Take your chances.
  21. The idealists can campaign for the Green party, the sensationalists can read the Daily Mail and the crackpots can bury their head in the sand, maybe even the oil bearing shale.  There are many informed, sensible people studying the world's oil resources.  That the OPEC countries will reach their peak oil production in ten years or so, is a reasonable conclusion.  If you look at what happens to supply and prices on the downside of the hydrocarbon production 'bell curves' you will see that prices do not fluctuate, but instead rise steeply.   Twenty years is not at all short term.  Consider how long the world has been using oil - not very long at all, how quickly proven reserves are being consumed (quickly), the population growth over the next twenty years and the industrialisation of China, India, etc.  The next twenty years becomes very significant indeed.

    There may be significant undiscovered oil reserves in the Arctic and other areas, improvements in technology may lead to economic extraction of Canadian 'heavy oil' and the Middle Eastern countries which will be left in charge of the world's oil supply might develop stable regimes sympathetic to supplying the West (and shortly the East) at prices it is used to.

    I wouldn't expect to get cheap oil for the next twenty years, but I must admit I do rather believe the crazy notions of extremist organisations such as the US geological survey. 




  22. If your ground is wet then this overwhelmingly determines your choice of planting.  Take a look at other wet areas and see what does well.  Alder and willow are particularly suitable.  Without wishing to be rude to other contributors, a lot of the suggestions just wouldn't work in wet/boggy conditions.  
  23. As a long term option I would think geothermal, woodchip boilers, etc would work out more economical than oil.  Oil is a limited resource being used up quickly and I see no reason why its cost could not easily double, triple, quadruple or whatever over the next twenty years.
  24. We had an air/air salesman visit.  He told us that as there was thermal energy in the air down to absolute zero, the system would have no trouble working well at minus 10, which was 263 degrees C warmer.  I frankly didn't believe him - not the physics, but the claims of effectiveness of the system in cold weather.
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