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  1. Hi everyone, I have a bit of building land for sale.  Can anyone give me information as to how to go about it.  It is part of my proberty and I think I have to get the Geometre in to change the boundry lines - is this correct.  I would be grateful for any information. Thanks Julia
  2. Hi everyone, Does anyone know of an English speaking accountant living round Labastide Murate, Gourdon, Sarlat. Northern Lot, I would be very grateful. Julia  
  3. Hi David, Thank you for the useful information.  I have been putting down the powers, but only one a week, so I will give it a go with two or three. I will also look for some sort of vent/cowl to fit on the top as am sure it is a wind problem too.   Thanks again.   Ann.        
  4. Sorry me AGAIN Just noticed you are from the UAE.  I have been to Dubai several times, what do you think of it?   Ann
  5. Sorry Steve, it is me again. I forgot to ask you if it OK for this Clapet Aerature to be outside and I presume on top of the vent pipe? Ann
  6. Miki Thanks for your answer.  I haven't got a counter and thought I would make a charge to cover them having electric heaters on all the time in that way if they did at least it would cover my costs. Any ideas how much that would be. Ann
  7. Steve, Thank you for taking the trouble to answer my question.  I think the pipe is high enough as it extends above the roof of a double story barn.  I will look in the Brico's for the vent and see if I can find one. Thanks again. Ann    
  8. Hi, my fosse is only two years old and is very smelly.  I have heard that one can get some sort of  filter to go on the top of the stink pipe which allows the air to get out but stops the smell.  Does anyone know if this is so and where I could get one from, what it is called and  also are there different sizes and would it be OK to be outside all the time or whether they need to be fitted inside. I would be grateful if someone could help.  Thank you. Ann    
  9. Hi I have got a late 2 week booking in October and think that my guests will need heating.  I advertise that heating will be an extra charge.  What is the usual amount that owners charge. Ann      
  10. I have recently been widowed.  Our long term dream to move to France came true, but sadly went wrong. I would like to share my experiences with any one that has had the same thing happen.  Ann
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