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  1. I bought a detauper at the beginning of last week after years of trying to deter moles using sonic devices and awful smelling batonettes.  Sonic devices were totally useless.  The batonettes did work sometimes.  However, I decided to wage war when I had a mole invading the potager causing all sorts of problems and loss of veggies.   I used the detaupeur on this mole first.  Got it within an hour after setting it up [:)].  Moved to another part of the garden to a new mole hill (all mole hills had been flattened earlier),  Got this mole withing 10 minutes! [;-)] Then moved to another new mole hill.  Set this up (very quietly) and even before the detaupeur had become active (5 minutes after arming it) the mole was trying to move the bomb!   [:D] Got that mole as soon as the device became active.  The 4th mole within 48 hours was got overnight.  [:)]  I then had a week of no new mole hills until yesterday when it seems as if another mole has moved in.  I must admit I haven't gone searching for mole bodies, but having seen a bomb go off (the 3rd mole), I can't see how they can survive.  I seem to have the most success when I go after moles that have recently produced a taupiniere - and very quietly set up the detaupeur.  Time will obviously tell if I can manage to minimise mole damage using the detaupeur - but it is more successful than anything else I have tried.
  2. AKA Fat Dormouse, Squirrel-tailed Dormouse, or LOIR in French. Has anyone else had unwanted visitations from these cute little creatures?  One sat in the kitchen cupboard quite happily allowing my son to take photos of it!.  However, having to clean our kitchen from top to bottom on arrival at our Maison Secondaire was not our guests idea of fun .Has anyone got a solution?.....Rat or mouse poison?.....traps, in which case what size? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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