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  1. The problem is not with the bank accounts.  I have filled all those in.  Once all the accounts were done, I came to the another screen that asks for the titulaire of any assurance vie hors France. I have left the boxes next to our 2 names blank.  As explained, we do not have assurance vies.  I tried to press suivant but the notice keeps coming up to say I have not indicated which of us has an assurance vie.  I see this evening from my messagerie that my message has been sent to Nontron!!  Never had anything to do with Nontron.  All previous messages were answered in Ribérac or Périgueux, so I am more frustrated and weary than ever. Good job I have a relatively free week this week, ie no doctor's RVs; otherwise I don't know what I would do.  Might have to go and queue up at the tax office if no message comes back.
  2. Déclaration par un résident d'un compte ouvert, détenu ou clos à l'étranger (compte bancaire ou compte d'actifs numériques) ou d'un contrat d'assurance-vie souscrit hors de France en 2020 There, pomme, these are the exact words in the annexe 3916.  As explained, I have duly filled in all the bank accounts.  Then the form about an assurance vie....nowhere to put we don't have one and I did not tick either of our names.  Also, I did NOT tick box 8TT so it had nothing to do with me ticking any wrong box. I sent them a message yesterday, so far not a dicky bird[6]
  3. What an interesting article, pomme. So it all boils down to jingoism in the end.  Well, there is no legislation against this most pernicious of national characteristics.
  4. I have read that the EU is not going to be renewing its contract with AZ in June for more supplies.  Sorry, can't provide a link because the article is only for subscribers. Probably due to reluctance of uptake rather than anything "wrong" with the vaccine.  I have heard some posters state that they will only take the AZ and so I think they had better press for it now while it's still available
  5. Not only 450 k Sue but over 600 k one glorious day last week.  Except then the weekend arrives and they push out the cart on Friday and then the numbers fall on Saturday and by Sunday a mere handful gets done[:@] Is it FOUR jours fériés in May?  So I am not holding my breath.  If you are any good at praying, that's about the only resource left to you.
  6. Thank you so much, pomme, for coming to the rescue[:)] I will go back and untick the offending box 8TT if that's what I have done.  And yes, I agree with your answer to Judith; there is a note to say that for this year, exceptionally, blah, blah.  I was glad of that because it was a bind looking up all the account numbers plus I haven't the foggiest when bank accounts were open, well over 40 years ago, I would imagine. Thanks again for your help.....gratefully appreciated...[:)]
  7. I too cannot understand this impatience to re open establishments when the rates of infection, hospitalisation, réa are still so high. In the Dordogne, our rates of infection and deaths are going down at a steady rate but hospital admissions are high and bed occupancy is at about 85%.  Not ideal conditions for réouverture of anything. I am hoping that conditions will indeed by some miraculous phenomenon improve because I can't see the government going back on its intentions.  There are signs that restos are doing much cleaning and re-ordering of their facilities and generally preparing their premises for later this month. My Pilates class are re-starting in the open air on the 19th but we still don't know how many people are to be allowed to gather outdoors. It seems that the government's promises are being taken seriously by interested parties so I don't think they can now readily change their minds over their stategy which is not based on any scientific or even common sense thinking.
  8. That's the thing, Judith, no problem filling in the bank accounts, National Savings, etc but no AV outside France, none inside France either come to that.  I think I will email the impôts using my secure messagerie.  It's them that err.... need to think outside the blasted BOX?[:)]
  9. I have come to an impasse, no further progress possible. Just thought the end was in sight having spent ages filling in all the foreign account details, one page per account and, just as I was heaving a sigh of relief when.....there it is...the dead end sign[:@] Fill in the details of your foreign assurance vie or similar financial products.  Neither of us have anything remotely like this stuff so couldn't cocher anyone's name. However, the form now assumes a life of its own....you fill in details of your asurance vie or you do not leave étape 3 and you go not get to finish[:-))] Please somebody, tell me what to do or at least tell me if you have also encountered this obstacle and how you overcame it? Thank you.
  10. Thank you for your patience and clear explanation.  What'll I do without you?  Er.....is there a song with that title?
  11. You are right in that it is part of 2042 but I have found a copy of the form; it is called RICI but I think that is only for paper declarations.  Not "remplissable" on line. So, for interest, here it is: [url]https://www.impots.gouv.fr/portail/files/formulaires/2042/2021/2042_3453.pdf[/url]
  12. No, not the 2047.  It was a form I learned about from either nomoss or pomme.  The first year, I wasn't given the credit until I had produced the form.  I will try and find a copy or look back through my declarations and, if I find it, I'll let you know. Yes, Cesu does work out the cotisations and take them by prélèvement. Haven't yet gone back to the impôts site; had a headache and went out to walk and clear my head[:)]
  13. Thank you, NH.  I seem to recall having to fill in a red form called R something. 
  14. I've forgotten what form it was for claiming the crédit impôt for employing help around the house. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.  I am as confused as ever over doing the déclaration despite having done it for years and even declaring on line last year.  In particular, I've forgotten how much stuff you need to wade through before deciding what to put where.  Thank you to everyone who has asked questions and an even bigger thank you to everyone who has answered questions.  As some advertiser claims "every little helps"!!
  15. Indeed, Cajal, thank you for the thread drift.
  16. Happy Birthday for Sunday, M Judith[:D]  I hope you all have a lovely day.  Weather here set to be fine so I wish for good weather for you too. Yes, I too would like to have a few people round eating outdoors.  Both our parasols have somehow got broken during storage.  We haven't been able to buy new ones locally on account of sales of "non-essentials" not being allowed. Now I feel I want to be busy and I am buzzing again.....went to someone's house for the first time since forgotten how long, I mean actually went inside.  Nice, cool, roomy kitchen and boy, did it feel good to be doing something so ..well..so normal[:D]
  17. Yes, Judith, I knew what I meant too!!  It wasn't until I went back over what I had written that I could see the ambiguity and where misunderstanding could arise.  But there we are, don't we all say or write something now and again that doesn't come out the way we meant it?  [:D] I am most reassured by what you have said about the Israeli study and I have another reason for being keen to know about this stuff.  I am hoping to go on that long weekend walking with friends in Cauteret that was delayed from last year.  We booked the gîte last year and some of us even paid the deposit but, of course, it had to be cancelled.  It's not until the last weekend in June and I am following the figures closely to gauge if I shall be going or not.  I think most of us in the group have had at least one dose and many will, like me, have had 2 doses.  I have my own bedroom and we have had a salle de manger allocated to just our small group of friends.  Then, once out of the house, we would be spending all day outdoors, walking and exploring.  We will probably have dinner outdoors because that's what we normally do anyway.  Fingers crossed. But, unfortunately for me, I will have to have at least 2 more PCRs and maybe even 3 .....you bet I am not exactly keen to have them.  Wish someone would shoot me with a tranquilising dart beforehand! As I said right at the beginning, G & B, different people have different reactions.  I don't think my extreme one is typical and I don't think my own attitude to the test is helpful either[:-))]
  18. Chessie, if you insurance doesn't cover you for 0 km distance from home, then you could ring up a local garage and ask them to come out to you. Of course, you then have to pay them yourself so choose a garage as near you as possible.  The last chap that came out didn't want payment, started the car with jump leads and told me to drive it around for at least 30 minutes.  I gave him a good tip as he saved me a bundle of trouble.
  19. Oh dear, I didn't mean that the manufacturers claim that their vaccines would absolutely prevent you from getting the virus.  The surgeon's sec said something about antibody levels in the serum and I wasn't sure that a swab would show that.  I thought it would be a blood test for that result so rather than quote her I said that the jabs would not protect anybody absolutely and that was just what I guessed the secretary was trying to tell me. I didn't mean to imply what you said, Ken. Judith, it seems strange to me that if the vaccine is supposed to not only stop you from serious illness, but weaken transmission, why would you need to have a PCR for hospital admission?  If you were to want to take a plane or go abroad, would you need a PCR as well as being fully vaccinated? Nomoss, do you know anything about this or indeed have any thoughts on it?
  20. Thanks, Judith.  I suppose it could be that the jabs do not absolutely prevent the jabbed from catching the virus, despite all the manufacturers' claims?
  21. [quote user="Judith-aka-Judith"]My only PCR test, done by the nurses here, was before I'd had my jabs, and was not very nice, not quite not painful, but it made me cough!!  Other than that, Mint's reaction was not dissimilar to mine .. I'd really like to know whether once vaccinated completely, one needs to take a PCR test as well .. such is the efficacy of the vaccines that we are told, PCR tests should surely not then be necessary. [/quote] Well, Judith, I can now answer your question.  The surgeon's secretary rang and gave me a date (so only 3 months delay, not bad).  I asked about the PCR and she said yes you'd still have to have it.  At my gasp of horror and agitated explanation about the torture the test is, she put me on hold and went off to ask somebody.  Answer? still yes. Then I rang the anaesthetist for a pre op RV and I asked HER about the PCR, hoping for a different answer.  Hoped in vain, she confirmed that yes, I'd have to have one before admission. So, to whom it might concern, don't build up your hopes, there is no escape from the dreaded PCR! 
  22. I have wondered whether they really need to dig the swab in so deeply and twirl the damn thing about in what seems like the base of your brain stem[6] Trying to describe it to my OH, who is from Wales, I said it was as though they had to go a VERY long way inside the tunnel to get to the coal face. So, once the first nostril was done, I thought in my innocence the first time that that was it and I could leave.  NO, it's then the turn of the second nostril and, you guess it, it is if anything even more painful because, unlike popular belief, pain does have a memory and by the second nostril, I am stiffening up my whole body and preparing it for the assault. When I am in the queue, I try to blot the coming test from my mind and to ignore the pictures I have seen on TV where people have writhed and cringed.  I take an absorbing book to read or some calming music to play on my cd player.  When I eventually get to the head of the queue and am shown into the booth where the action takes place, I am already shuddering internally.  Then when they ask me to stand against the white screen erected there and to lean my head back and pull down my mask, I really want to pull the mask UP instead of down so that I could cover my eyes and properly be in the stance of someone about to be executed by firing squad.  That's not to play down the horror of people who have faced a real firing squad but I assure you that is exactly what I imagine at that moment.   Hmm wonder if the swab wielders would in fact make good torturers?
  23. [quote user="pomme"]Nombre de décès mis à jour quotidiennement pour les décès survenant à l’hôpital et chaque mardi et vendredi pour les décès survenant au sein des établissements sociaux et médico-sociaux. (105,419) from https://www.santepubliquefrance.fr/dossiers/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-chiffres-cles-et-evolution-de-la-covid-19-en-france-et-dans-le-monde So no count of deaths at home.[/quote] Yes, pomme, I see what you mean.  For some reason, I have always taken the higher figure to take in everyone else who didn't die in hospital! So now we really haven't the foggiest how many have died and where.....[:(]
  24. [quote user="alittlebitfrench"] Dyslexia nlves matter #[/quote] Or even Dyslexia lures, KO?
  25. I've had 4 PCR tests in the previous few months and all were HORRIBLE, painful and about the most unpleasant procedure I have had to endure.  I have less fear of root canal work by the dentist and certainly less fear than having needles put in my vein for the administration of medication. 2 were done by the same woman, 1 done by a man and the 4th by another woman.  All were lab personnel.  My surgeon gave me one to be done at home by the nurse but our lovely nurse said that in our area the tests were centralised and that it had to be in the lab. You and your wife are definitely not alone.  In fact, the last time I was in the lab waiting my turn, a young man came out, sneezing, eyes tearing up and blowing his nose repeatedly.  Obviously, as with most things, different people have different reactions regardless of the skill or otherwise of the perpetrator! I was naturally hopeful now that I have had both doses of vaccine that I would not need a PCR prior to my expected hospital admission.  I still haven't been able to find out this info because, guess what, my op was cancelled[6]
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