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  1. Hey, Lori, I don't KNOW it's 300, some of the posts in the comments section said it looked like a 300 instead of a 600 loaf so that's what I have been making. 
  2. Lori, if you do make that cheese bread, this is IMPORTANT.  Forgot to say that in the video, there is a discrepancy between the amount of flour in the spoken instructions and the written text. The correct amount is 300 grams of flour and not 600.
  3. Yes, Lori, great ideas.  Definitely paprika or chilli flakes on the top would look lovely.  I have thought of using some grains in the dough but not thought of herbs. I have made it with great success and to the oohs and ahs of guests.  I like to serve it if I am doing salad as a main course, say, a salade niçoise or in fact any "salade composée".  Very nice warm but, if cold, I like to butter it....I know...... sooo British but what can one do?  Bread, whatever type, even banana bread, needs to be eaten with butter[:-))] PS multi grained pastry crust, yup sounds lovely.  Sometimes I use that semi complet flour and that makes nice pastry too[:D]
  4. Wooly and Lori, while you are waiting in the queue (what queue?), here is a recipe that you might like and, Wools, even your grandchildren might like this. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gtf-GtJSj3Q[/url]
  5. oops double post, not my fault, the damn site was going slow[I]
  6. Excellent article, lots of details about the passe sanitaire, the when, the whom, the possible sanctions: [url]https://www.lefigaro.fr/actualite-france/passe-sanitaire-les-terrasses-incluses-pas-de-licenciement-pour-les-salaries-20210725[/url]
  7. Quite well, thank you, Wools. Enjoy your visitors[:D]
  8. I understand that both houses of parliament have now passed the pass!  Some minor amendments but safely through.  Anyone has any more info or links that we can read?
  9. So you won't have to try that Guardian recipe for yourself, Wools......I am not overly impressed; really fade ................. Made it today as it looks so unbelievably simple and I wanted to get out after lunch to take advantage of a lovely afternoon. I had to remind myself why I don't follow too many recipes.  My cooking has big, robust flavours:  curries are hot, mediterranean dishes are tomato-ey, cheesy dishes are generously cheesy, everything is abundantly seasoned and I could use 7 or 8 different vegetables for what is basically a veggie stew.  Lots and lots of garlic, sweet onions, quartre epices .....I don't do bland....
  10. Thank you for the link.  The Q & A section is especially interesting and helpful. This question and answer is surely good news? 13:58 Vos questions AKM Bonjour, Jean Castex a annoncé que « dès cet après-midi le ministre de la santé enverra[it] une instruction en ce sens ».
  11. Thought this merits its own thread though it tackles in part the same subject as the thread on the Delta variant spreading.  Didn't want this to be missed or neglected if tagged on to the other thread.... [url]https://www.sudouest.fr/sante/covid-19-jean-castex-au-jt-de-tf1-de-quoi-pourrait-parler-le-premier-ministre-4221966.php[/url]
  12. Here you are, Wooly; just read this and thought of you. Might try it myself this weekend. Would be good for eating cold for supper.  She is acknowledged to be an excellent cook. [url]https://www.theguardian.com/food/2021/jul/19/rachel-roddy-recipe-courgette-potato-in-lemony-olive-oil[/url]
  13. If you like baking, there are dozens of recipes for courgette breads, courgette cakes, etc on the internet. I use them for lots of things, stir-fries, in sauces for pasta,  courgette and onion omelettes.  For the latter, cook the omelettes but do not turn over, put on top a good helping of grated cheese and stick the pan under the grill.  I like making these to take on picnics as we both like cold omelettes. For a pasta sauce, use the usual onions, garlic, tomatoes, bell peppers and COURGETTES[:)]  Of course, once cooked, you can freeze the sauce in containers and use as needed.  Also good to put on baked potatoes. Don't know about freezing them as I have never done that before.  I would think that their high water content would make them unsuitable for freezing.
  14. Somewhere I will probably never see either. Pas pareil.....but, there are many, many places which we WILL see.....says I, even as I feel regret and sadness.... Quick, find me some consoling and beautiful music[I]
  15. Thank you so much.  Must admit, I just chose the link without checking it out![:-))] Did you like the programme?  I was thinking of you even as I watched it because this was one of those places that we'd  both have a problem getting to and negotiating the heights. Also, despite thinking that I knew about lots of lovely, intriguing places in France, I knew nothing about le Queyras so it was an exciting discovery for me. Lastly, it is a beautifully-made programme, n'est ce pas?[:)]
  16. Here it is.  It is possible to watch on replay [url]https://www.programme-tv.com/television/772149015/echappees-belles.html[/url]
  17. [quote user="NormanH"]I am not sure that one can say that he " called Covid wrong the first time" Are you mixing him up with  someone else? [6] [/quote] Indeed, more of the usual with Someone Else.....too little, too late on account of chaotic thinking, indecision and a reluctance to commit. So now "thinking" of a covid passport or pass sanitaire (your link, Norman).  Thinking is good but perhaps Doing is better?
  18. [quote user="anotherbanana"]Surely, they are only doing what they should have done in the first place?[/quote] Actually, in this instance, I don't think that they could have done what they are doing now.  This action has been provoked by the Delta variant and it's clear it is going to sweep through all of Europe. As they say, for everything there is a season.  And this is the right time to take action.  Imagine, if Macron had made last night's speech last year or even earlier this year, the French would have been literally up in arms.  As it is, there are lots and lots and lots of opposition but there is nevertheless a majority who approve. So, that's called good government.  You pick your time as politics is indeed the art of the possible.
  19. [quote user="betise"]And yet over 900,000 rendezvous for vaccination were registered on the doctolib site after his speech last night, which is an amazing response.[/quote] Yes, betise, and today a record number of vaccinations.  I think the French government has been very courageous to have taken this step.  Mountains of criticisms, of course, but it has made the difficult decisions and that's why we elect governments....to make the difficult decisions and do the unpopular things, when the occasion demands.
  20. mint

    S1 form

    [quote user="Weegie"]Definitely keep a copy.  In my experience, getting a copy from UK isn't easy. [/quote] That wasn't my experience.  I rang for copies and they were sent by return of post.  But, I agree, make and keep copies. I didn't....just stupidly hadn't realised the importance of keeping copies of just about every bit of paper in your possession.
  21. David, Sue lives in Morbihan, No 56, so her préfecture wouldn't be yours and maybe her door could be another colour[:)] Just trying to be facetious; I do understand your predicament.  We also had to clarify the préfecture address when we went for our RVs We emailed them and we had a reply within hours, explaining about the address (there was a bit of a mix-up in our case). You can email your préfecture as explained by Sue and you might have a pleasant surprise as to just how helpful they could be. Best to get an answer from them as soon as you can than worry about the RV.  You won't be the first or only people to have difficulty of excess.  Bon courage![:)]
  22. The backlash has predictably started.  C'est un coup d'état sanitaire!  Résisterons!!! And that's just for starters.......[6]
  23. Yes, me to a T so watch out![:P] forever yours, diabolo menthe
  24. Yes, but what style of knickers?  Same as Brigitte's so sort of his n' hers, boxers, Y front's, sporty ones like Calvin Klein's?  Do ask your neighbours......[:)]
  25. You are right, of course, Judith.  Alas, my pernickety nature is such that I like to get it just so, as far as possible[:(]
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