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  1. If you start up a business in France, is the system the same as in the UK where you can earn a certain amount before paying tax?  If your partner wants to start something like a B&B and doesn't have any other source of income, either in the UK or France, how much could be earned before income tax became payable?
  2. When I receive a quote for a job from someone who only shows me a SIRET number, how do I know that he is registered to do the job in question?  If an autoentrepreneur, does he have to show anything else/  How do I know if he has professional insurance?  Apart from asking the person myself, is there a link or website I can check it out? Thank you.
  3. Just been re-thinking the issue and does it matter whether I am economically active or not? There is a likelihood that after a year of house renovation I will have somewhere that allows me to start a business-ie renting out a gite, or maybe I'll do something different.  If I was working in France, or more likely self employed, wouldn't I have to pay the equivalent of Nat Ins contributions? In that case would I be entitled to any benefits from the health system? I have also just discovered that my teachers pension counts as a Govt Service Pension so no joy on that one as far as French tax is concerned! Thanks, Alan
  4. Thank you very much for going into detail.  Does that mean that the sequence of events where one of us is the sole earner through a UK pension is: Take 10% from annual income Divide residue in half (husband/wife) For each of the two halves, take off the 5687 Then with the residue of each half, start subtracting the appropriate percentages from each band, the sum of which represents the total amount payable for that year. Alan
  5. Now that the November 23rd issue now seems to be resolved, what's the likely outcome for a 60 year old, about to move to France and live permanently with his wife in the house that they purchased 2 years ago?  The official version seems to be that I'm OK till Jan 2010 (I retired Dec 2007 aged 60.5) and have to take out private health cover till June 2012 when I'm 65. Is this the sort of thing that gets taken up at Strasbourg when somebody questions why, after paying contributions in another European country for nearly 40 years, the right to health cover is no longer transferable to another member state?  Tell me which railings-I'll bring my own chains. Alan D
  6. Thanks.  Starting to make sense. What tax free allowance would a married man with no other dependents receive?  I assume that the system is the same in France as the UK-ie you get a tax free allowance till the lower rate of tax (5.5%?) kicks in and then you move steadily upwards. Alan D
  7. Thanks. I presume I have to inform the tax office (or pensions?) that I will be paying tax in France.  Should I then obtain up to date info from them to show to the French tax office to ensure I'm not taxed twice?  What would be the changeover date, is it the day that I officially take up residence in France? Alan
  8. I have just received my English tax code for April 2008 onwards so I know how much I will have left each month of my pension, which is at present my sole source of income.  I have also been told that my pension can be taxed in France so I have to find out how much tax I would pay under the French system, do a like-for-like calculation and decide whether it will be advantageous to be taxed as a French resident.  The inevitable questions are: How can I find out how much I would be taxed in France-ie how to do the sums. How do I make the request to be taxed as a French resident. Are there any hidden problems-if I find I will be better off under the French tax system it will sound too good to be true! Alan D
  9. Very interesting.  Many thanks.  My position is that I'm on a teacher's pension which is taxed in the UK.  I was assuming that this was something I couldn't change. The thought of getting all my tax back after I transfer sounds too good to be true but isn't there a minimum qualifying period?  I think I'm reasonably au fait with car ownership and health. Alan D
  10. This may seem an odd question but what are the actual criteria that determine when you become a French resident? I've been paying all the usual taxes etc for the house we bought 2 years ago but intend to move over permanently soon.  We'll probably keep an English address (currently living with daughter) and I have an English pension paid into an English bank account and will presumably pay English income tax.  However, I don't want to keep sitting on the fence if it penalises us in some way and we lose eligibility for things we would have had if we were officially French residents. I suppose most readers have been through this themselves but with changes to the health service causing confusion, I wonder if there are any other issues emerging that may also change the situation. Thanks, Alan D
  11. I think I know how to register-thanks Forum.  Do you have to pay car tax in France and what will I need to show in order to insure my car?  Is insurance similar to UK eg discount for no claims etc.  Oh, and does anyone have a pair of headlamps for a 1999 Renault Scenic? Thanks. Alan D
  12. Many thanks.  Does that mean that if I didn't actually move out there till I was about 63, there wouldn't be a period when I had to pay for health insurance? Alan.
  13. Can anyone clarify my position or advise me where I can get an accurate answer?  I retired from teaching in December, 6 months after my 60th birthday.  We have owned our French house, paid all the necessary taxes etc for over 2 years. Just after Christmas I began moving everything over, having sold my house in the UK 30th November (living temporarily with daughter).  By April, everthing will be in the French house and so will my wife (aged 53) and myself. Will either of us now have to take out private health insurance and if so when and for how long? Many thanks. Alan D
  14. If immigration is high on his agenda what's the general view on Brits moving to France?  Restriction or encouragement because we are a source of income?
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