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  1. Hi there.     I have had a doofer for 3 years now and all working great but although this is mine it has been registered on a friends Bank Account.   They will be cancelling this soon and so I want to try and set one up on my own account or UK Credit Card.

    Does anyone know of a Web site where I can register one in this way as the area provider I am with do not allow this.


    Look forward to hearing from someone.....pretty please

  2. Thanks Ron


    But the original question was never about credit cards as such, just would the petrol stations be open at all between 1.00 - 5.00 am on a Saturday morning on the autoroutes

  3. I normally travel at Humane times but middle of this month I will be leaving Euro-Tunnel at Midnight and travelling Down to Toulouse.    Will the petrol stations on A10, A71 etc actually be attended during this holiday period or will they be open for French Credit Cards only etc

    Appreciate any comments

  4. Brilec....

    The reduction in capacity probs meant alot of Flexi Fairs turned up and you got bumped to next train!

  5. Hi there

    Went out on 15th December & returned 30th December.   No delays and more auto lanes for self check in open than in the summer.


    Really agree with above comment about thump screens rather than touch!   Who designed those!


    Only drawback was the idiot on way out with a 15 year old renault that decided to deposit part contents of petrol tank in carriage.     Livened up an otherwise boring crossing and loads of flashing lights and sybols I have never seen before!    Had to evacuate carriage etc. so at least journey appeared to be faster!


  6. Used mine about a dozen times over past couple of weeks always with ease and without problems.    At Tolls at Lyon and also Montpellier must have saved 30 mins on each occassion.    Only once was it frustrating to find no "reserve" lane.   That at Carcassonne where about 3 or 4 lanes but all were marked T although none reserved


    If this the future then what the point.    If I have to queue in the future at more and more tolls I would not use it out of principle


  7. Hi all


    Just used mine for first time yesterday....So damn easy........and the looks on French Drivers faces.   They really think you going to make fool of yourself and cannot believe when barrier raises.


    Wish I had got one years ago.     All the worry too about where it was placed.    Just pulled it out from glove compartment when approaching T lane and chucked it on dashboard.      Thing bleeped and through we went.    Easy as that.

  8. Thanks Andy...

    Glad your all went through Okay.    Hopefully going to try mine out next weekend.     1.95 m as I just measured it unloaded so I should be alright.



  9. Hi folks....staying for couple of weeks in Cap D'Agde near Beziers.    Can see a few sports fac. there, especially Tennis.      Really looking for Athletics Tracks in area for some serious running.     If anyone knows of anywhere please post and let me know.



  10. Just got mine and worried how it will work on windscreen of my car.   Also with roodbox height is 1.95 m.....Anyone SURE this okay!



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