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  1. [quote user="Clair"]I see! [:D]
    The hospital should be grateful for the wildcat power cuts![:-))]

    Well in a way.  Yes.[:-))] They had notice of this cut, for an unplanned immediate failure caused by a supply fault they would have had no notice and would have been up merde creek without a paddle.  At least the next time there is a power failure this hospital will not be caught out by dodgy back up systems which might put lives at risk.

  2. So they would have had  a power outage of 40 minutes if there had been a local supply failure caused by a substaion explosion or fault then?  Only one generator in the whole hospital or was this just the lighting?. In critical areas of hospitals and control centres etc its normal practise to have generators and battery packs installed, but maybe in France..........[Www]
  3. How would you be starved out by a Super U strike Fred, you live in union free rural Dorset[:P]. 

    Ebaynut was spot on, why shouldn't workers take direct action that is the way its done here.  Please don't talk tripe about hospitals and airfields being blacked out as all have emergency generators and automatic back up battery backed lighting systems in the event of local power cuts.

  4. Maybe your seller was covering his tracks, how can the registry not be up to date unless he has done some unofficial hiving off of land or tax avoidance?

    The short answer is the buyer normally pays the Geometre's fees, whether or not the land was divided by the seller for sale or not. We paid them when we bought the farm and have just bought a parcel of land that had to be split and re-registered as part of a land swap and the two buyers have paid the fees.  That is how it normally works, you are also paying for the new registration in your name.

  5. Whatever the cartre grise was its still less than three years UK road tax  and far better than not being legal on the road in France and not having an accident claim paid out as a result, especially where kids are iinvolved.[:$].  What price peace of mind? 
  6. Tony saId "But there's no need to be so downright rude to Jon either, "

     So making him out to be a liar doesn't count then? [:P]

  7. [quote user="jon"]

    That sounds very miserable...

    France Forum. A place to express ones passion for France.I much prefer to explore ideas than sip at cocoa at 7pm.I am not a member of the Cocoa Club!


    Jon  Are you attention seeking or just bored? You have contributed upteen posts that are largely illegible because your space bar does not function on another thread and are back here with another on the same theme.

    You may think France is great, good for you, I like it here too, but unlike you I am not naive enough to think that the whole of France is like my small rural area.  You have made it clear what  you think unforunately many find your posts naive in the extreme or just wind ups, but when people are asking others who live here if they would recommend it without a job and with small children not for a holiday or holiday home, please recognise there are people who might just have something to offer that is a more realistic view of day to day life in France than that you clearly do not possess.

  8. Yes I stand corrected.  I was just quoting from the notes that came with the 2042 that say that Declaration "est possible pour tous" although having now read it in depth that probably should be clarified to "all who have been sent a 2042 and have declared tax before"!!  As you say the teledeclerant  number is still required although that is on the 2042 form which is sent out and which you can ask for, so a previous declaration is not required for that, however it also requires the previous year's RFR which would be impossible for a first time declarant, although it does say that anyone can do it.[8-)]
  9. " As a first timer, we can't complete the forms online so they should be in today but she said we won't be fined"

    This is not true, you can do an on line return now even if it is your first tax return.   Probably best not to if you are having problems with the paper forms. 

  10. [quote user="David"]

    Do you actually believe this stuff Ron, or are you just stirring it?



    No its not a wind up.   What is being suggested is that if you you are ex civil servants/police/teachers/services and do not get your pension/allowance paid in France in euros, you can declare it at a totally different rate to that used by people who receive their pension in euros on the same dates.

    This "rule bending" is then deemed "OK" as long as you have bit of paper/E mail but I doubt that many who choose to go this route this year will be so insistent on using the year end rate if the rate at the end of next year is stated as 1.35€ and for much of the year it was below that rate.[blink] 

    All those contributing here know what the "right" rate is, so why not just use it[8-|].

  11. So parsnips the ex UK tax inspector's justification for deliberately understating your income is "This to further inflate the obscenely bloated and inefficient french state".  Glad to see you have your priorities right then[Www]  Were you happy for people to do the same and not pay your wages in the UK?

    You also state that "why would anybody chose to further deplete their already diminished income" ............ Well, how do they know its depleted if they don't know what the rate is until May of the following year????[8-)]

  12. Sue in 56 said "No, in a correctly advised email from a large, central Tax office, in a town where the 'tax fraud' centre is based; which my nextdoor-but-one neighbour works for.

    I, for one, can't do it; so will stick with the 1.2067 I was advised of.

    I'm with Sue on this one. If the "office" says that it OK to use that "rate" even though we know its both actually and technically wrong and by doing so makes our declaration that it is a true and valid tax declaration invalid, are we not just doing what many UK MPs have done?  Having in many cases asked what was "acceptable" under the rules and guidelines, they then did as they were "advised", knowing it was acceptable under the rules but morally indefensible in the "court of public opinion".

  13. Perhaps somebody who doesn't read war and peace into a simple query can answer the question about the apparent contradiction between the judgement of exportablility of DLA and the letter received by the poster above the one who just wants to lash out.
  14. I think you need to calm down and aim your venom at those who in your opinion deserve it. As to whether you and your O/H deserve DLA is neither here nor there,  it was not exportable when you chose to move to France.  Action is now being taken to rectify this through the courts and due process, if that is frustrating you then fire off emotive letters to the people responsible.

  15. "Some of the civil servants nbeed to remember that this sort of attitude is costing some of their political masters their jobs!"

    So if they were just signing off claims like the Fees Office did for MPs without proper investigation that would be alright then would it?  You cannot have it both ways Tony.

    What I don't understand is the apparent contradiction to the previous claims/statements that DLA is now exportable because of the ECJ, this reply (unless its been mistyped as it seems to have many typos), says otherwise and also that you have to live in the UK for 26 weeks in the last 52 to make a new claim for it.

  16. [quote user="sueyh"]

    I received this response from the local tax office:-

    Traité par : , scoup CALAIS

    Bonjour Madame / Monsieur

    Le taux est:0,9525.
    Veuillez agréer,madame,monsieur,l'expression demes salutations distinguées.
    Contrôleur principal des impôts


    You intend to use this for what?  Declaring a regular monthly police pension or your end of year annuity? 

  17. Why don't you try and join the Arab League  or the one legged lesbian club?  Then complain that you are being discriminated against when they reject you.[:P]

    Personally, I have never agreed with the existence of the  Association of Black Police Officers as it gives out the wrong message to the wider community, a club within a club.  However at one time it was thought necessary to have such a body to counter perceived and actual racial discrimination within the Police forces against ethnic minority policemen.  Unfortunately the antics of some of its members in certain high profile cases and their readiness to play the race card brings it into disrepute IMHO in the eyes of many.

  18. "his WORST case scenario would be spending a few years here, and having to sell up and move back to UK" 

    Oh that's all right then. Assuming that he can afford to buy anything in the UK on his return,  I wonder how his kids will feel after those "wasted" years in France trying to get an education in a language that they don't understand.  Be alright though, when they go back to the UK they can always catch up can't they??.  The kids will go back to the UK anyway to get a half decent job so no real harm done as long as the parents live the dream........... 

  19. I thought Bob T had something like this, but his may be military.

     However, what is non taxable in the UK is almost certainly not the same in France. You need to ask your tax office about this as its not a French "pension" and may well be tax deductible here.

    However, you also run the risk of a tax office clerk making a decision on the hoof as these pensions are not exactly commonplace in France.

  20. "The Impots know nothing of E106's, be they workers or otherwise, why should they, it's nothing to do with them"  

    Is that a statement of fact or a question?  Either way its wrong.  It may have slipped your notice that the financial and health care systems are linked and have been for sometime, the Impots know exactly how your healthcare is provided and who by.

    The suggestion I made is not bizzare as the French word "revenus" which is part of the heading of the section that you should enter your income not to be taxed again  translates as revenues, no mention of pensions.

  21. Ernie

    For what its worth I think its rubbish, However your case is not the norm is it?  Do you have your main residence and seat of financial residence in France and is that the address used for all your accounts and employment? You also have a worker's E 106 which tells them that you do not work in France and they might think you do not live here either. Easiest is to get a letter from the Mairie and that settles that once and for all. What I would then do is follow the FAQs in the tax section and declare your income as if it was a military or service pension taxed in the UK.  That way you are ensuring it doesn't get taxed again and you pay the appropriate rate on any income to be taxed in France.

  22. Sweets if you do not go to the tax office you will not get an address change noted.  Why buck the system, isn't it hard enough?
  23. [quote user="J.R gone native"]

    Selective memory works best for me, I went into the Tresorie Publique this afternon and the two people before me were asking advice on their declaration des impôts and one of them said that they were told the opposite last year, you are not alone.

    [/quote]  Why would anyone go into the Tresor Publique on a tax query??  Do they go in the butchers for their bread?  The Tresor Publique collects money, does not changes addresses or give tax advice, that is the job of the Hotel Des Impots, well it is where I live.[geek]

    David  Declare your income at whatever rate you think is correct, you know what it really is.  So what if a tax official quotes 1,04€, we all know its not correct unless its for a year end receipt from the UK.  However I'm sure that will not stop people using 1,04 € and quoting this tax official or that to justify it to themselves, and then at the next moment rant at the UK TV because some MP followed advice from the Fees Office also knowing what they were being told was really morally incorrect.  Be interesting to see how many will grasp the year end rate next year[Www]

  24. Jr said "In France the cameras face the oncoming vehicle"

    No they don't, there are quite a few on the A75 and A20, the Paris ring road and other RD roads in central and SW France that face the direction of travel and would take a picture of the rear of the car.

  25. So its not your principal residence then and therefore attracts the higher rate of TF as Gluestick said above.
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