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    Hi Chris I am only going by what the locals said ,I was told they could sting and a very quick hospital visit would be needed.They could possibly be in the top of my barn but I know your knowledge far outweighs mine so any advice will help.
  2. gerry


    Hi all we have large hornets buzzing about in our orchard ,presumably after the forming apples etc,it is difficult to go over to the garden as they are so dangerous ,any ideas as to what to do or how long they might last thanks in advance Gerry
  3. Hi I was given priority boarding free , just because I had no luggage,could not understand why mums and kids were not put on the plane first,crazy if you ask me  Gerry
  4. Hi my particular perference would be a traditional timber floor allowing air circulation ,which would keep the area dry and free of damp and or dry rot which needs 20 percent moisture content to take place.The Barn would be treated as a normal living area so timber would be suitable but then I love Bois so am very biased  thanks Gerry
  5. gerry


    Thanks Will lots of info on that site excellent thanks Gerry
  6. gerry


    Hi married couple .English,will work in France if poss,we have a small retirement income for my wife and savings,no children,my health good ,wife suffers from rheumatism but manageble ok otherwise ,not investigated e forms yet help most appreciated Gerry
  7. gerry


    Hi this has most probably been talked about before so apologies in advance,but can anyone point me to a site or thread that will tell us the best way to obtain healthcare in france ,what is available and how much etc thanks Gerry
  8. Hi Teamedup sorry for delay im getting confused as to the different projects that qualify for 5.5 per cent tva ie for a full central heating system.and how we obtain the reduced rate will have to read more carefully  bon chance    Gerry
  9. Hi on a similar note if you had central heating installed with a reputable artisan can you claim tva back on that and does he charge it first thanks
  10. Hi we were told by the bank also Credit Agricole that if for instance you purchased something in Rennes you fill that part out writing Rennes on the cheque
  11. Hi Chris we are in Mayenne but we think they went two days ago ,we were surprised they could fly but there is a large flat top of stone on our chimney, but it is suspended on small concrete piers allowing room to get in, flying is another matter,the mother seemed to be training them at night as she used to perch on top of the chimney calling to them
  12. Hi just a follow on from a question I asked about what could be living in my chimney,amazingly for me it was Owls Barn ones I would think Ii know because I opened a small fireplace door and saw them ,we decided to let nature take its course, so think they will leave when fully grown, they are fed each night by mum to a lot of shrieking but thats all the noise they are quiet lodgers ,are they protected in France and is there a society to phone for help thanks gerry
  13. Hi Chris thanks for the info,do they climb down the chimney then,and we were going to have a wood burner fitted so will have to move them somehow thanks again Gerry
  14. Hi all hope someone can help,my daughter has just come back from our cottage in laval,we have a fireplace that is boarded up just above the fireplace but according to my daughter we have an animal that snores at night in the chimney and goes during the day.We know the only means of entry is on the roof and down the chimney full of hard soot has anyone ever heard of this happening before and how humanely can we solve this thanks Gerry
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