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  1. Since when did airlines, especially the low costs, care about what passengers like? The fact is that rear-facing seats are incomparably safer as studies have shown again and again, in collision accidents. (It makes no difference if the plane blows up mid-air though.)
  2. Holiday Autos usually gets my vote and they include extras that the hire companies charge for when you check in, so you know when you book what you will pay. Always cheaper than booking direct with the company you get the car from, often considerably cheaper, and extremely helpful if things go wrong. I've checked they do cover Beziers airport. See http://www.holidayautos.co.uk/
  3. [quote user="Audois"]Apparently Beziers are having a hard time touting for business; not sure who will take them up on their new runway but it certainly seems it won't be Ryanair. 


  4. Beziers airport http://www.beziers.cci.fr/2-13026-Accueil.php

    The Bristol route starts next May, three times a week.

    Details of the flights were in Midi Libre today, but no mention anywhere of the other destinations that Beziers (and I) was hoping for.

  5. The Beziers-Bristol route is mentioned is mentioned in the print version of Midi Libre today as well, but not on their website. Three times a week from May 2008. The Beziers airport website has the news at http://www.beziers.cci.fr/2-13225-Commerciaux.php but no mention of any other destinations they will serve. It has been reported in the past that Beziers was looking at two routes to the UK and another to Germany or elsewhere in northern Europe. 
  6. A result at last

    Following my e-mail to SpeedFerries on 26 April, I sent a real letter on 15 May, enclosing copies of their original e-mail about the cancellation and my replies. 

    Lo and behold! An e-mail apologising "for the inconvienience caused" and with details of the free compensation ticket, received 23 May. A little late, but a result. 

  7. Interesting!

    Not having received the e-mail promised "within 2 weeks" I phoned today - needed to rebook the cancelled crossings which I did. Then I asked about the compensation crossing. The operator knew nothing about free compensation tickets and suggested I write to customer services, which I have just done by e-mail. Like Barter, my original ticket was the November 2-for-1 freebie, but when I booked to use it I did point out that my intention had been to use it during the revised dry dock period. "No problem, the validity is extended to May 31," they said.

    Now, my e-mail cancelling the March 29th crossing did specifically say "As you have been negatively influenced by the dry docking period for the second time", so perhaps that's it. But seeing as I did not get the e-mail promised within 2 weeks perhaps they have back tracked. I'll await with interest a reply to the message I sent them this afternoon. 

  8. Or check on the airport's own web page http://www.beziers.cci.fr/2-13026-Accueil.php, which, incidentally, has some pictures of what are clearly Ryanair aircraft. Latest news is that the airport has received a licence from the French civil aviation authorities to operate international flights and has the necessary infrastructure (presumably meaning a booth for a passport checker and customs official).
  9. Got back yesterday on the 9.50 from Boulogne. On time and smooth in every way - checking in, loading, unloading and the sea as well! No customs checks at all at Dover, drove straight out without sight of anyone in uniform.
  10. Alan Zoff wrote: "When you say "extra" free return trip, do you mean in addition to a replacement for the one that was due to go Thursday or instead of? They have offered me a replacement ticket (or return ticket if I do not use the return part now) valid for an extra year in place of the cancelled booking. Not sure if your post indicates that you are getting a 2 for 1 deal as compensation. "

    Sorry to reply so late - only just got back from France. Speedferries e-mail says: "As you have been negatively influenced by the dry docking period for the second time, SpeedFerries would like to offer you a free return FLEX Ticket for a standard car and up to 5 passengers as compensation. The ticket is valid for 1 year and can be activated free of charge online. You will receive a booking number and security code for your free ticket by e-mail within the next two weeks.

    With regards to your 29th March booking, please chose an option below." and goes on to  list the options. So, it's an extra free ticket.

  11. I knew it was taking a chance to book for the first day after a refit, so I was not too surprised to get the e-mail about the cancellation. However, to Speedferries' credit, they have given an extra free return trip as compensation, which considering the ticket I was going to use was free anyway from their November offer, which itself was extended because of the dry docking, Ii think they've been quite generous in their treatment of passengers. Compared with some others I could mention by air and sea!
  12. There used to be and still may be a ferry service from Sete to the Balearics and North Africa. I know the African services still run. so it could be worth checking. No other details I'm afraid, but a web search may bring something to light.
  13. According to the sign on the A71 I saw recently, it doesn't reach Tours yet. This is confirmed by the Viamichelin website which says there is 65km of motorway on the 124km route.
  14. It's possible, but Easyjet doesn't seem to have been too interested in the Languedoc so far. Ryanair obviously has Carcassonne, Perpignan, Montpellier, Nimes and Rodez, all within an hour or so of Beziers, so that could be overkill, or it could make good business sense to keep the region for themselves.  The rumours from Beziers always refer to flights to/from UK and Germany, which of course would suggest Ryanair. Another possibility is Air Berlin
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