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  1. Just wondered how busy it is in the SW, lots of trick / treaters here, gave a few of them a bit of a "trick" myself - put on a strange mask when I opened the door!

    I've run out of sweeties now, so hoping the bell won't ring again (the poor dog has got a sore throat with all his barking)

  2. One of my friends has found out that he is considered "inactif" because he is working, but NOT for a French employer, therefore he pays his money to CMU but has also received the letter saying after next March he is no longer covered.

    So it is affecting a lot of people, not necessarily early retirees.   Someone needs to look at the situation again it seems

  3. I've tried to search websites to see if there are any occupations which are exempt from tax in France, ie. seafaring.   Does anyone know anything about this particular subject please.
  4. Can anyone recommend a good private insurance?  It will be wise for me to at least look at that option too, to be prepared.

    Lori, do you mind saying who you have to submit your insurance details to?  Impots?

  5. It is indeed a very grey area.  I had already contacted ENIM a while back and they didn't know the answer to my problem.   Yes, perhaps they're good with mariners who work for French companies but in my case, they didn't have a clue.    After several phone calls to different Governmental/independent departments, I was none the wiser.   In France it seems if it doesn't fit into "black" or "white" they don't have a solution.
  6. The E106 can only be issued if you are paying into the UK NIC and it is ongoing providing the situation remains the same. I have declared UK income to France Impot and have the relevant documents, so the CMU shouldn't be a problem.

  7. But I am not self employed, I have a contract with my employer who, due to the nature of the business is registered as offshore. I do not work in France, nor the UK as I am a Mariner.  So, you are saying that I have to register (as what?) and say I am self employed when in fact I am not, I have an employer.

    Very confusing!

  8. No because they are an offshore company and do not stop any contributions.

    We are not trying to dodge paying, we just want to know how to contribute to someone as we fall into one of the "exceptional" categories.

    Thank you for your help.

  9. Does anyone know the answer to my original question please.   I have already explored all the other options and the CMU de base is now the way to go.   I am not asking about the E106, as I said, this will not continue after next year.   I am not employed by an English employer, nor a French employer but I am employed and need to contribute to the French social system.

    Please answer the original questions.

  10. As our existing E106 runs out next year we have been told to apply for a CMU de base.   Presumably this will be via the CPAM.

    I have some questions:

    1) what documentation will we need to provide, ie. salary slips, etc?

    2) as we are not retired and salary is paid into our French bank account each month how do they base the contributions?

    3) how much are the contributions, is it dependent on earnings? 

    Many thanks

  11. I know that the rounds around Rennes have changed recently, does anyone know where the Rennes airport turn off is when travelling from St Malo on the motorway towards Rennes?

    Many thanks

  12. If you live in France, but don't actually work in France (you work for an offshore company), is it possible to opt to pay a voluntary contribution in order to get health cover in the French system?

    The reason I ask is that my company do not deduct either tax or NI, so my wage is gross and I want and NEED to pay into something in order to get cover.   I am trying to find out if there is a contribution I can pay in the UK which will give cover such as the E106 (mine expires next March).

    This is all a very confusing issue, I don't work in France so haven't got a French employer but still need health cover somehow.

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