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  1. unfortunately high social charges are what destroy many small businesses. if you can get rmi go for it, although i have been recently refused as my girlfriend is employed, why not ask the cpam what their charges will be, you may find they will be more or less the same, apparantly artisan liberale is one of the less expensive methods of beeing self employed but you need to get better advise than i can give.  if you deregister your health care should continue for three years without having to pay your coitisations, however i have been recently informed that this is likely to be reduced to one year and after which you would need to be registered as unemployed to get basic minimal cover. i had the same problem running a business, after three years the taxes and social charges took far to much of my money. i chose to stop working self employed, putting myself in the position to either seek work on salary or do something else, i am much happier, less stressed and apart from the dreaded declaration de revenue, that still hasnt arrived, have reduced my outgoings enormously. aswell as this i have been eligeable for refunds on some of my social charges. this could all go horribly wrong when i get my declaration de revenue but they cant have what i havent got. unfortunately social charges have to be paid whether you earn the money or not. i ended up in the same vicious circle i needed money to pay the bills so i had to work more to do so, the bills got paid my income went up so the bills got more expensive. in the end i felt as if i was working for the state and not myself. i dont know how long you have been registered but the second and third year are more difficult i know this doesnt help very much but dont dig yourself deeper into a deep hole dont think of it as getting money for nothing, if you can use the social system. you have invested in france you have paid your bills and kept no doubt far too many office workers comfortable in their offices while they eat out in the restaurant everyday with free meal tickets. it seems very much the case of the worker keeping the beauracracy in comfortable employement  
  2. french for welding is "soudure" ps this helps lots http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr
  3. so if your using an insert with two tubes taking the heat to other rooms in the house do you need to calculate the surface area of all the heated area or will the room with the insert be much hotter than the other rooms with the hot air feeds?
  4. what do you mean by sister the joists?
  5. we  are too on clubinternet and yes it can be a bit tempermental especially at the weekends when everyone is on the internet and also between the hours of  six and ten in the evening however we are happy with the service free phonecalls and 24 hr internet we have found the wifi more stable and quicker than the ethernet cable connection and make sure the modem is configured online with your set up and that the firewalls on your system are configured for the router modem it took a bit of messing about but now is stable if you restart the box you may need to reconfigure the modem online your telephone light on the box will only be on when you are using the phone and we have been using the internet without the service light and no phone access i think a lot of it boils down to usage saturation but in general its stable oh and danny thanks we sorted our p2p problems again i think it boiled down to the p2p software beeing saturated and also our poor config it all works now we dont bother using it when we know the net is busy as indicated above
  6. what was the outcome of this thread the video info has caused me to worry is the dwb dormant during winter months and can it be treated with prouducts such as xylophene?
  7. make sure you are accurately gauging your mix buckets are more accurate than shovels, maybe wet the walls and mix a bit more its hot and dry walls will suck out the water in the mix before it goes off , are you using the same sand
  8. after beeing here some 15 years and beeing self sufficient all that time i aggree no wonder the french authorities make it diffficult there are far too many people coming from the uk and and living in a dream world expecting immediate assistance from the anpe because they were not prepared for the harsh realities of living in a foreign country. this could well have an affect on the high social charges some of us have been paying while some of the english swan over here and as you say expect to be baled out because they have spent too much time listening to some of the nonsense that is printed encouraging people to come here and set up their often unrealistic business plans.
  9. the rascist issue was not directed at me it was merely an observation we both made about the present political climate. and yes thankyou for your positive thoughts as i do hope to continue i do however need to try and organise what little financial assistance i can get, the administration lottery seems to enjoy not beeing responsible i could always chuck my girlfriend out and become celibataire but its not really an option
  10. ive used the oxford-duden pictorial french english dictionary which has a wide range of technical information in it although not exhaustive so see if you can getit from a library before you buy it however http://babelfish.altavista.com/ this often helps
  11. made sense to me i wont go further ill only get banned anyway what does the op want translated
  12. it would help if your english made sense
  13. thanks that has helped so you did this 15 years ago wonder how much its changed since then? i think i will be offered the language side of it with an exterior organisation but it seems to be a similar set up. im hoping to be able to come home each night so as far as accommadation goes i only have to pay my normal household bills but i have to travel and obviously feed myself. so my main reservations are purely financial as the information i have been given so far is a little vague as far as the financial side of it goes, so i am hoping to be able to clarify this side of things before i make a definate decision.  before finishing my last job (self employed) i was informed i would be eligeable for assistance however when i finished and applyed for assistance this was refused as i live with my girlfriend who has a salaried job. Another important point that came up during my interview was the fact of my nationality: with the current political situation in france leaning heavily to the far right it was mentioned that if i applied for french nationality this may be a way of protecting myself against what could end up beeing a very nationalist climate. i did make some enquiries three years ago about this but didnt get very far it seemed to be a large can of worms that could take at least three years to complete at the time i was far too busy to get involved in the administartive circus that this would entail. I have a french girlfriend and she lives with me in my house, that i have bought and paid for on my own. it has been discussed that marriage or paix could make it easier to apply for french nationality but i am loath to put myself in the legal situation that this would entail, as well as this i do not believe in marriage and feel more stable in my relationship with my girlfriend as we are with only our own private obligations and commitments. I do not follow politics that much as they all seem a rotten bunch however the fascist tendancies are becoming more and more prevalent and i think it is becoming more and more difficult as a foreigner in an increasingly nationalist environment. i wonder what peoples thoughts on this issue are and how this will progress especially after next months elections.......
  14. havent read all the mails but www.quechoisir.org is a consumer site for 50 euros a year you get weekly reviews and access to assistance juridique for allconsumer related problems they reviews items and services and then give feedback on quality reliability value for money faults problems etc joined up recently and got some usefull information and it could help save buying a duff product and steer you towards the better brands
  15. i am wondering if anyone has completed a training scheme with afpa and whether they have found it beneficial. after an initial reendezvous i have a chance of getting on a years training course. before i do this i have to do a three month preprofessionilisation couse and advance my level of written french. this basically means i will have to work for three months without pay, travelling to work and my expenses, food and diesel, will i think come from my own pocket, i may be elligeable for between 200 - 400euros per month in assistance. after that i may have a chance of a years training again with minimum income. Yes i want to do the training but living for a year on virtually no money will be difficult. i have a french friend who recently got a job again through afpa, he has no prior experience apart from beeing french and has a six month trial contract. the training i want to do will be difficult and at the end of it i may not get the qualification but i would like to take the risk, having no income for a year is however an important bad point, when i do think i could get at least a paying job for the same period. anyway not sure how it will all pan out. just wondered if any one has had any experience with these couses, and whether they benefiitted or did the language barrier prove too much of a problem, how did they cope with the financial implications of earning next to nothing for  a year. anyway if youve got any thoughts........
  16. they are or were when i got mine between 350 to 400 euros with about an extra 100 euros for the extra hardrive memory thing, saw an excellent seat with integrated speakers for 160 euro at xmas was going to get it for the xbox but i hardly ever use it since ive moved so it would have been a bit extravagant games are between 35 and 70euros each new but can be got second hand but still stay reasonably expensive. you will have to go to the bigger towns to find shops specialising in second hand games and equipment but most supermarkets sell new boxes games and add ons hope this helps
  17. saw some very nice coloured plastic shutters on a house the other day, looked like wood but no maintenance bet they were expensive these were good quality shutters and not roller shutters same colour as the windows spect they will still look class in 5 years when the paint starts peeling on the wooden ones
  18. ive often seen them sand blasted to get them back to their original state youll have to ask someone else what to treat them with bu tthe sandblasting brings them up nice wouldnt mind hiring a sandblaster myself in the future to clean up some oak beams  aswell
  19. could be mice or a pole cat or birds or maybe youve discovered an extinct animal from bygone days anyway look for poo that should give you an indication of what it is, probably mice.....
  20. thanks that makes sense and keeps it all neat and straightforward ish. got an apointment next week to see about training for house electrics 12 month course not sure if ill get accepted think a lot may depend on my level of frenchfinger crossed anyway to did you do anything like this or did you bring your trade from the uk?
  21. reading through my electic books ive come across something im not sure about: I want to wire in a hotte(cooker ventilator) in the kitchen in one book i can wire this from my normal sockets and in another i need a dedicated line,aswell as this i am planning a vmc unit and ive also found reference that all ventilation should be wired to the same disjoncteur. So where does this leave me? Can i run the vmc and the hotte on the same dedicated line should, the hotte be own its own dedicated line and the vmc on its own dedicated line, or should the vmc have a dedicated line with the hotte on a normal socket line? If anyone can clarify this for me i will be all ears for the information many thanks.....
  22. thanks what size would you recommend for washing machine and dishwaters and just to be thick what is per?
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