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  1. hi im a bit more south in the gers 32500 weather more consistant and more picturesque than dordougne in my opinion and not so english check it out online worth a look property slightly cheaper and lots of airports to fly into what are you looking for as a bolt hole regards peter  
  2. i lost my carte gris how do i get a new one the other part is that im trying to regerster the car cannot  regerster it with out regards peter
  3. thanks much appreciate everyone comments its just gave me a lot more room in the truck peter
  4. do our english tv work in france i been told they cannot recieve the right signals
  5. what is the best way to get a phone connected in france ? how much does it cost? how long does it take? does any body no of any deals for phone and internet? regards peter
  6. sorry to be dumb how do you apply for one of these cards
  7. can you please tell me the name of the french mot an is it like uk any particalar garage can carry out the test regards peter
  8. do you no there is a enlish version of code de la route merci
  9. from further reading on the forum the trailer does not need to be regerstered if its under 500 kg  before loading  i think thats how i understood it thaks peter
  10. my car trailer is wider than my veichle by 125mm on both sides is this legal in france i was told installing white reflector at front of mud guards protruding helps any body got an veiws regards peter
  11. thanks for your time pete
  12. is it easy to regerster a car in france .has any body had any dealings in this ,also were do you go to regerster it its a french car from a diferent area regards pete
  13. hi can any body tell me is the french mot as strict as ours or is it more strict ? pete
  14. can any one tell me what this actualy is is it like the uk out line building permision before detailed plans have been passed ?
  15. how could i get a accurate valuation of myn french property
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