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  1. Fig We have got friends that own 2 pure breed Staffies and their only stipulation by the local police when they were first spotted in town walking them was that they both needed to be muzzled and on a lead - because of this they bought a very cheap plot of land in the middle of no-where which couldn't get planning permission and walk their dogs on that!   Good luck with your move Dee&Tom
  2. Matt09h Have answered your email re; Alex the removal guy - did you get it? Dee&Tom
  3. Hi We used this guy - Alex - Tel: 07831121555.  He regularly does part/full loads to and from all over France and is very reliable and reasonable.  He can also recommend an excellent storage company. Good luck with your move
  4. Try this site www.boisdulac.com.  They do the complete package - source the land, build and project manage. Good luck Dee&Tom
  5. Thanks Ian As we are complete techno-phobics (I am not quite sure what ADSL or ISPs is) I think I will pass this info on to someone who lives near who will know.  Very helpful on the forum as always Thanks again Dee&Tom  
  6. Hi Hope someone can help.  It appears that since paying for Wanadoo from February this year, having our livebox set up by a professional registered IT person, having the lines tested, putting a post on here, more calls than I dare to mention to Wanadoo's supposed helpline etc etc (have now cancelled our direct debit in frustration) WE ARE STILL NOT ONLINE!!! although of course have been paying for a service we have yet to get!  Apparently it has something to do with where our house is situated in our village and our  ie. half get dial up (we are in the dial up half) and half get broadband and the signal in our nearest town is just not reaching us.   My question is which provider can we try now?  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Obviously we are going to have to go the dial up route - I just need to be able to get on the internet and send emails and upload photographs.  Any good suggestions? PS. Our French is not great but have a fantastic French neighbour who is willing to help us Thanks in advance Dee&Tom  
  7. Hi We did the same thing ie sold up in the UK and rented until we found the right thing.  We left our equity in a high interest English account until we needed it (which had internet access to it) and then transferred it over when we bought our house.  You then wouldn't have savings in France and therefore may not be liable for further tax??? Hope this helps, good luck with your move   Dee&Tom
  8. Hi We had the same problem as you with the "French white plaster".  My husband didn't even manage to get the stuff off a trowell before it set, let alone get it onto a wall!  We also have a large stone house where the walls should "breathe" and after taking lots of advice - from French and English "experts", we were told about Lutec/Lutex 2000 which has the same properties as chaux but glides onto a wall like English plaster, lets the wall/ceiling breathe and gives you about 20 minutes "playing" time before it sets.  Available from all builders merchants, Bricomarche etc. Good luck - its a pain to do but the finish is good! Dee&Tom
  9. We always give our neighbours English Mature Cheddar and a jar of Branston Pickle - bizarre I know, but they eagerly await our return from the UK every couple of weeks (where we go to work) - no good though if you can't get back to the UK too often.   There is also the whiskey that you can't buy in your local supermarket? Dee&Tom
  10. Hi If you want to save yourself a few hundred Euros the best advice we had was to dismantle your sky dish before you move to France(including all wires), remove your digi-box and keep your sky card in a safe place.  Set the whole thing up in France (as you would in the UK), climb into your attic/roof, look out of your window and see which direction all the dishes in your town/village are facing and aline your dish accordingly.  Switch on your TV (putting in your skycard), go to "settings" and it will show you the strength that the satellite is recieving, when it is to full strength sky comes on!  If you continue to pay your sky subscription to an address in the UK you will still receive all normal satellite programs (that you would normally subscribe to) however if you don't you will just receive "free view" ie.BBC 1, 2, ITV, Channel 4, 5 and a few others.  If this doesn't work, ask around - a good electrician (poss English) could also help. Bon chance! Dee&Tom 
  11. Questions Forums de discussion Données Personnelles A Propos Partenaires       Besoin d'un routeur ou d'un modem ADSL ?   >>  Comparez lez prix sur France Hardware !   Des questions, remarques, suggestions ?   >>  Venez en discuter sur le forum. Résultats des tests   DegroupTest v3.62 du 15/06/2006 Tous les débits indiqués sur DegroupTest sont des débits IP (et non ATM). Pour en savoir plus sur les types de raccordement (option 1, option 3, option 5), c'est par ici. Informations Techniques     Eligibilité France Télécom (option 5) Ligne testée :  05 49 91 10 46Caractéristiques générales de la ligne : Code Commutateur Local :  LJR86 [Fiche détaillée] Nom Commutateur Local :  ISLE JOURDAIN Longueur de ligne :  6622 mètres [+]  6/10 sur 6622m Affaiblissement :  68.21 dB [Estimation] Débit descendant ADSL :  252 kbps (32 ko/s) [Estimation] Débit descendant ADSL 2+ :  214 kbps (27 ko/s)Caractéristiques IP/ADSL France Télécom : Plaque ADSL :  PO1 Type de DSLAM :  ALCATEL Zone Dense (> 20 000 lignes) : Non NRA compatible ADSL2+ FT : Oui NRA compatible ReADSL FT : Oui     Offres FT Internet IP/ADSL : IP ADSL 512 (512/128 Kbps) Possible IP ADSL 1024 R (1024 Kbps/128 Kbps) Impossible IP ADSL 1024 Pro (1024 Kbps/256 Kbps) Impossible IP ADSL 2048/256 (2048 Kbps/256 Kbps) Impossible IP ADSL Max (jusqu'à 8 Mégas/800kbps) Impossible IP ADSL Max 2+ (jusqu'à 18 Mégas/1Mbps) Impossible Des offres s'appuyant sur le réseau France Télécom sont disponibles chez Club Internet et Orange jusqu'à 18 Mégas mais aussi chez de nombreux autres fournisseurs français jusqu'à 8 Mégas : Alice, AOL, Cegetel, Free, NordNet, etc. Offres ADSL Orange (cf. IP ADSL) Possible + TV (Bouquet TV + 24/24 vidéo) Impossible + Canal (Canal+ ou CanalSat) Impossible + TPS (Bouquet TPS) Impossible Restez informé sur votre répartiteur     Publicité Restez informé sur votre répartiteur : Email : Indiquez votre email pour être alerté dès qu'un changement important à lieu dans votre répartiteur. Plus d'infos par ici.     Nouvelles offres Orange à partir de 24,90€ - Satisfait ou Remboursé ! Opérateurs Alternatifs disposant de leur propre réseau ADSL (option 1 & 3) Attention : Les résultats ci-dessous sont valables uniquement pour les offres de dégroupage (option 1) et de collecte ATM (option 3) ! De nombreux FAI proposent également des offres utilisant le réseau de France Télécom (option 5) dont l'éligibilité est indiquée ci-dessus. Type de raccordement*  Option 3 (Collecte ATM)  ADSL jusqu'à 6,4 Mbps/640k Possible ADSL2+ jusqu'à 16 Mbps/800k Impossible Dégroupage Total Impossible Téléphonie par ADSL (VoIP) Possible TV par ADSL : NeufTV, Canal+, CanalSat ou TPS ImpossibleLe réseau Neuf est également utilisé par Nerim, Club Internet, Magic OnLine, Tele2 et Netpratique. (*) Pour en savoir plus, c'est par ici. Type de raccordement*  Option 3 (Collecte ATM)  ADSL jusqu'à 6,4 Mbps/640k Possible ADSL2+ jusqu'à 16 Mbps/800k Impossible Dégroupage Total Impossible Téléphonie par ADSL (VoIP) PossibleLe réseau Cegetel est également utilisé par AOL et EasyNet. (*) Pour en savoir plus, c'est par ici. Dégroupage jusqu'à 20 Mbps/1Mbps Impossible Estimation du débit possible en réception Non Applicable Estimation du débit possible en émission Non Applicable Téléphonie par ADSL (VOIP) Impossible Dégroupage Total Impossible Toutes les offres : Club Internet Dégroupage jusqu'à 16 Mbps/512kbps Impossible + Dégroupage Total Impossible + Télévision Numérique (bouquet Alice) Impossible + Télévision Numérique (bouquet TPS) Impossible Estimation du débit possible (IP) 608 kbps Toutes les offres : Alice A la demande de Free, l'éligibilité Free n'est plus disponible sur DegroupTest. Vous pouvez néanmoins tester votre éligibilité directement sur cette page. Réseaux cablés : Internet, TV et Téléphone par le cable Aucun cablo-opérateur ne couvre actuellement votre commune Wow!!!!!!!!  I've managed to copy AND paste!!!!!  Can you help?  What on earth does the above mean??   Thanks again Dee & tom
  12. Thanks BJSLIV Will give this a try although not sure how to copy and paste but will give it a go! Dee&Tom
  13. Not sure where to start, hope someone can help out there.  I firstly must explain that I am a complete "technophobic" and can just about get my way round a computer/ surf the internet - just used to plugging things in and away you go! So I am not good at "megabytes" unless it has got something to do with food!  However we are fairly newly arrived in France and have been paying for Wanadoo internet connection since February of this year.  We received our livebox/leads CD etc in record time and the money has been coming out of our account every month without fail (but of course)!  However in the last 4 weeks we have now found a dust free, plaster/paint free room to un-pack the PC and I decided to try to "install" Wanadoo.  2 attempts later and several "errors" I called in a fantastic English IT guy who tested everything and said that the problem with the "internet connection" was something to do with outside the house ie. dialog connection ok for speaking but not a digital connection.  We called upon the help of a fluent french speaker (we can get by with getting pissed with the neighbours by can't quite manage a telephone call yet)! who after two lots of 2 hour attempts finally got through to Wanadoo to explain our problem. To cut an extremely long story short, as promised by Wanadoo a couple of chaps arrived today to check things inside and outside our house and explained that the village we live in is not picking up a "signal" and "we need a stronger connection box".  We have got broadband in the village ie the school and several neighbours have it why can't we get it?  Now at a loss, as the guys that came today shrugged their shoulders, pointed to their watches (it was 12.30pm - they were losing weight in front of us) and said they couldn't help.  Now what??  Is there a number we can ring and speak to an English speaking person? Have followed a thread here before for a number to call for English speakers but again can never get through (hanging on for over 30 mins and then get cut off).  Beginning to pull my hair out, as I need the internet/emails for our business.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Dee&Tom 
  14. Hi, hope someone can help us out there.  We live on the borders of Dept 87 (Haute-Vienne) and are returning to the UK in July (5th-11th) and again in August (18th-27th) and need a reputable and reliable Kennels for our Jack Russell puppy (he is 6 mths old), Louis.  In July we can drop him off, but as my husband doesn't drive (and I will already be in the UK in August) we need a kennels with a facility that can ideally pick him up - although we could possibly arrange to drop him off if you are not too far away from us.  Louis has a tattoo and all his jabs are up to date etc.  He is a great little dog but loves "escaping" at every opportunity (we need to work on the training)! so need somewhere that is really secure, hence why our lovely neighbour can't take him.  I am on this contact email until Friday 23rd June. Thanks in advance Dee&Tom 
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