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  1. That's very kind, please keep me informed.

    Leeds is still not classed as being in the Poole or Bouremouth area, despite the best efforts of the nouveau riche up Roundhay way.

  2. [quote user="Gastines"]

    You need the vouchers ,not only the ref.no's


    Right ho. Anyone sell me the vouchers for a tenner ?

  3. Did you collect the ref numbers then ? This would suit  my needs next week.

  4. The way I understand it, under French law, when deaths occur en masse as with a car crash, each person is deemed to have lived sufficiently long enough to inherit. This as distinct from UK law where most Wills carry a 28 day period of surviving the deceased. When I checked out my own situation on this, which is not dissimilar, I was told that my ex-wife might end up scooping the pot.


  5. I've booked a crossing Portsmouth-Cherbourg with BF, using the standard vehicle height of 1.83 metres. Now I think I might take the roof box, which would take the total height to 1.98 metres. Am I likely to get away with this at check-in, both directions, without reaching for wallet ?


  6. You're not a risk-taker are you ?

    I'm assuming your caution is based on the fact that you are planning to make a sizeable investment, and is therefore understandable. The family scenario you outline is similar to mine, but I'm not really going to change my life wants, or lose sleep, over a net investment of under £25,000. In your situation, if the primary desire was to move to France, I'd split the finances into two, and buy two houses, one each. One to live in, one to rent out. Inhertitance, spousal security, investment and, most importantly, karma dealt with at a stroke, without being scared off by the law.

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