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  1. Thanks for the replies, useful to know what others have done/would do.  Regards Kate.
  2. After reading the "instant heat" thread I have bought a Poêle à petrole which is working OK. Just wanted to ask anyone who owns one of these current models if they have removed the clear plastic cover on the thermostat at the back of the appliance.  There are no instructions about doing this and I'm not sure if it is a permanent protective cover or just for transportation purposes. Thanks Kate.
  3. Thanks for the reply sweet 17.  In fact the claim form arrived this morning (IPCBR1 01/09) together with form IPC 1394 France 05/08 - International Pensions Direct Payment. Like you I have found it impossible to be accurate about past employment. I have entered details of my last two employers only as I know that they already have my up-to-date NI record from when I requested a pension forecast last year. Although I asked about the E121 when I phoned for the pack there wasn't an application form enclosed but hopefully from reading previous postings this might be generated automatically when I return the completed form.  Good luck with yours, regards Kate.
  4. [quote user="Patf"] The number we were given to phone is 0044 191 21 87777 [/quote] I phoned this number three weeks ago to request my claim pack as it hadn't been sent out.  Could you tell me how long yours took to arrive after your initial request. Thanks, Kate.
  5. Could anyone who is in receipt of a government/civil service pension and a UK state pension tell me how the UK personal tax allowance is applied.  I.e as the UK state pension is paid without being taxed and is taxable in France anyway, does this in effect wipe out the personal tax allowance causing any government/civil service pension to be taxed in total.  Thanks Kate.
  6. Thanks for the extra website addresses, they all seem to be fairly reasonable, just going to check the small print and then chose the most appropriate.  Enjoy New Zeland minnie.
  7. Many thanks for the replies and the website addresses which I will look into.  My daughter has suggested checking with my Mutuelle to see if they offer any extra cover so I could try them also.
  8. I urgently need to visit my daughter in Australia and will be booking my flights via the internet.  I would be grateful if anyone who has made a similar journey whilst living in France could inform me if they took out any health insurance, or have had any experience of needing treatment whilst outside of the EU.  I have searched the websites of some of the main "top up" insurance companies but there doesn't seem to be any mention of such policies. Thanks.
  9. Many thanks for all your replies, I have been back this morning to try and clarify things and the certificate he has mentioned is "CERFA" no: 11421/01.  I am beginning to think that he is as confused as we are or maybe I have not made it clear what our position is.  He did mention that we should have received it along with our cards, but as our new cards are not likely to arrive for some time yet I think that we might try another agency who hopefully will accept our recent attestation.  Regards Kate. Edit: I have just done a "search" and the above form is connected with CMU Complimentaire, so I really think that we have crossed wires as this is not what we are looking for.  Perhaps he thought that because we are now with CMUb we were also wanting assistance with our top-up. Sorry to have wasted your time, but thanks anyway the replies.  
  10. I have been to enquire re: top-up insurance and have been asked for a "green and white paper" stating which regime we are with.  I took along the new attestation which we have just received (ex E106ers) but this was not considered sufficient for them to offer us a top-up policy.  CMUa and CMUb were mentioned as was the date 1st April when "the new rules start".  When we had top-up whilst under the E106 we just showed our attestation.  We have been asked to return when the said paper arrives. Could anyone tell me if we should expect to receive something else from the CPAM?  Thanks Kate.
  11. Still tidying up and sorting out after being allowed to join the CMU, could anyone tell me if it is common practice to have to wait for 30 days before being refunded any outstanding premium. We chose a PHI company that only require 14 days notice of cancellation which ended last Friday.  We paid for the year up front and I was hoping to get a refund to put towards CMU payments and top-up (the PHI we chose don't do top-up), however I am told that although the policy is now cancelled it will be 30 days before our credit card is reimbursed.  French law and standard procedure was quoted.  Regards Kate. 
  12. Thanks for the prompt reply cooperlola.  Yes I do have a copy so I'll go in again and take it with me in case this is what they need, I have also since noticed that on this attestation they have used my maiden name only so this may have caused more confusion.  Your mention of the ayant droit means that I can relax a little until I can get it sorted out.  Regards Kate.
  13. After several phone calls/visits to the CPAM we have finally received an attestation in the post.  However, although it states that my husband has "droits a compter du 03/03/2008" next to my name it states "a justifier".  Has anyone had a similar attestation (we are ex E106), or does anyone know if this means that as yet I am still not covered.  I am a bit concerned as I was no longer on my own E106 last year but had moved onto cover through his. Thanks Kate.
  14. Thanks Will, just the one place left so should be reasonably straighforward.   Regards Kate.
  15. Thanks Lisleoise.  Yesterday we received a letter from the opposing list who have gained the majority of seats, they are now asking that we vote on Sunday for a candidate of theirs whom they appear to have pre-selected, enclosed was a small slip of paper with his name on.  We have heard nothing from the list sortant, perhaps because the mayor did not get elected.  It is possible that they are now no longer interested in the last available place or should there be similar slips for them available at the voting hall on Sunday?  Thanks Kate.
  16. [quote user="Catalpa"] there is one place remaining which needs to be decided by second ballot next week.  [/quote] Please could you tell us what happens next in the above circumstances.  Will we receive a new list for Sunday?  Thanks Kate.
  17. Richard we lived with an electrolux "Mont Blanc" bottled gas fridge whilst our house was a holiday home - possibly one of those you have been looking at.  It did seem expensive: I ordered it via the internet from Paris and had it delivered whilst we were here, around £350 including delivery.  It served its purpose until we got electricity but it was always a nuisance trying to light it each time we came over or when the gas bottle ran out, plus I used to worry a bit about any fumes as the instructions advised against using it anywhere other than outdoors or in well ventilated areas.  Hope that you get something sorted out.
  18. Thank you both for your replies.  I will try the pharmacy first which might enable me to go ahead with cancelling PHI.  When I visit the CPAM next week I can try and get a print out if they are very busy as usual.  Regards Kate.
  19. I have been reading a thread which talks about updating the CV via the machines in pharmacies.  Could anyone tell me if I'm likely to be able to get information as to whether we are now definitely in the CMU by using one of these machines.  Also am I right in thinking that we could print off an attestation.  This could be helpful to us in making a decision re.cancelling our PHI now rather than waiting until we are able to get over to the CPAM to ask for an attestation.  Thanks Kate.
  20. Thanks Cooperlola, will call in again next week and yes will post any other developments.  Still holding on to the PHI for the moment.
  21. We were at Gueret on the 19th Feb to enquire what was happening to our dossier.  E106 expired Jan 08, applied for CMU cover end Dec and received a refusal, sent appeal letter, received acknowledgement.  Sent another application 31st January attaching letter from the Health Minister hoping that this might generate a "fresh" application. We waited to see an adviser who, from previous experience, seems to be more senior and up-to-date with regulations.  She said that they had only just received the new ruling for E106ers and appeared to accept it, she informed us that our dossier was already complete other than needing yet another copy of the tax reference for 2006 (this had already been sent off twice with both applications).  It appeared to be quite straighforward, she inputted something into her computer, printed a form off and stapled the tax reference sheet to the form.  "That's it" she said.  However, when I asked re: contributions she said that we will receive something in the post within the next two weeks informing us how much we have to pay.  Having read what has happened to Ninthace and the fact that Gueret is on the list of CPAMs not complying I'm not sure whether it's gone quite as well as I thought. It looks as though we should have received an attestation, in fact we didn't come away with anything to confirm that we are now affilicated to CMUb. 
  22. Many thanks Tim, I think that I got the 2009 date from publicity on ITV stating that they were going to be informing viewers in the UK how to make sure that they are HD ready for then.  Hopefully we will just be able to continue to use the sky digibox and card as we have done since we arrived in France.
  23. There seem to be more channels that are now becoming available as HD.  Could anyone tell me if it is likely that there will come a time when we will be unable to receive the standard BBC and ITV channels via our sky digibox. Will we have to do anything when it all changes over in 2009?  Thanks Kate.
  24. Many thanks for your comments cooperlola, still working on your birthday! Many happy returns. Kate.
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