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  1. Darn it, 10% not 10$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  just hit the wrong key - so much to do and so little time.....
  2. Hi All, Were off en vacance to the sunny south next week and have spotted a property we are rather keen on buying and have arranged a viewing.  If we like the property and decide to go for it, assuming our offer is excepted, whats the time-line for signing the compromis de vente and paying the 10% deposit? Thinking that we may well be in France for a good 10 days after viewing I have spoken to my bank and they can arrange a bank transfer over the phone, but I`d  probably rather sort that bit out once back in the UK. Also, bank can only offer current exchange of 1.08.  Anyone reccommend one of those exchange companies for a better rate? Thanks, Dan.
  3. Hi All, I`m putting this in the South West section as the answer is heavily effected by the area.  As my other post says, I`m off in a week or so to check out some properties in the Perigord Noir - these will ne properties with "potential" - though an Immobilier has just contacted me to let me know that one property that I am due to view has had the roof collapse since the photo`s and details were taken.... Anyway, a question - what is the situation like regarding planning and putting in veluxes (does it make any difference if they are away from the road as it does in the UK) and additional windows and/or increasing widow sizes - I am thinking of ground floor at the rear, putting in french doors etc. Any knowledge I can gleam would be a big help when trying to visualize a heap of stone as a finnished maison:)   Many thanks, Dan.
  4. Thanks Leo, I have spent many hours mouching (is that really a word?) around JB`s site  - though as ever you have to read between the lines - I loved the nice looking village house, full of character, stream etc. just needs a new roof as there is a hole in it - looking at the pics it appears the hole was made by the property going up in flames!
  5. I can well believe that what takes your heart is not what was on the checklist - I fear we all imagine a stunning old farmhouse with a couple of acres, stunning views, walking distance to a reasonably priced Michelin starred restaurant, oh, and on the banks of a river..... I have checked Immonot but nothing in my chosen location but what is on there is very well priced so I shall keep an eye on it.  
  6. Hi All, My partner and I are looking for a house a la Francais and I have a question: We are not married and have no pacs or civil partnership - neither of us have children either.  When we start signing documents we want the property to be in both our names - I had heard via the grapevine that having a Tontine contract drawn up is the best way to go about this - any thoughts on how best to proceed?   Thanks, Dan.
  7. Some nice advice there, many thanks. Question for Dog - I have heard of Notaire sales but never found any detail - could you enlighten me? Thanks, Dan.
  8. Hi All, Flying down in a couple of weeks to look at some properties in need of work in the Perigord Noir. I have a question regarding price - I have noticed several properties listed with multiple agents that appear to have been on for some time.  The weird thing is they often list different prices for the same property - often as much as 30% differnt on the same house!  If I make an offer on one of these, would it be correct the seller is "keen" and open to offers?  I don`t wish to offend the owner/agent with an unduly low offer but at the same time as a Brit I`m aware the agent may view me as having deep pockets!  I figure on a property listed at 100,000 euro a starting offer of 75,000 euro would be a good place to start?
  9. [quote user="Bugsy"]£12,000 a year in interest, flippin' 'eck, the stuff of dreams for most of us. I'm always puzzled when 'these' posts appear. How would anyone accumulate that sort of wealth and then have to ask basic questions on a forum. It couldn't be a touch of "look at me how well I've done", could it. Oh cynical me ................. [:)] . [/quote] Err..... sorry, didn`t mean any offence, neither was I show-boating.  For many years I have been holidaying in France and dreaming the dream - I have also followed many tales of woe via this and other forums, read all of George Easts hilarious yet often sad tales and witnessed my own parents dream shatter following an ill-timed French venture with other friends back in `89-`92. I would have made a move several years ago, but, following good advice and the above observations figured it best to wait, work hard and then take the plunge.  As for putting figures on the forum, I was simply looking for a little advice, nothing concrete, to start the process.  I have read many posts that on finance that go nowhere as there is little or no detail. Many thanks to the other very constructive posts - it does not look quite as bad as I had first thought..... Thanks, Dan.
  10. Hi, I am looking at around £12000 a year in interest - this is based on current levels so, fingers crossed, may edge up a bit in the future - though I would probably lock the capitol away in 3-5 year monthly paying bonds spread accross a number of banks to help limit risk and look at receiving the fans without UK tax payable, that was untill I read the above post which looks like I shall need more advice. .......I have a feeling I shall need a trip to Blevins or similar!   Thanks, Dan.
  11. Hi All, Just getting to grips with the finer details of the French system..... If anyone could shed light on what could be my potential burden and which type of enterprise I would be looking at if: 1.  I lived full time in France. 2.  I owned a modest house in France outright (taxes foncere and the other one looking around 200 euro each) 3.  Income split between modest Gite Rental of around 8000 euro and interest on capitol at around 12000 euro 4.  Any ideas on heatlh charges (coming up for 40, no underlying issues, non smoker)   Everytime I try and get a handle on the above I find myself bombarded with options, nuances and schemes - straight forward help would be apprectiated.  One last thing - money in the bank - better in the UK or shifted to France?  Although the rates are junk at the moment they will head upwards in the next couple of years and the money is pretty safe.   Thanks, Dan.
  12. Hi All, Having just engaged my dreaming head again I was considering the feasability of a gite in Corsica.  Initial thoughts were 2-4 beds, detached, lovely views of the mountains and sea (though not right on the coast as this prices me out) and the obligatory pool. Now, typical letting season for a gite in France would be around 8 weeks - give or take depending on location.  Would the rather fine weather in Corsica be likely to increase the letting season as it would, say in Spain? Weekly rental I would expect to pay in a good area of France for this sort of property would be around £1,200 - £1,500 but I have never rented in Corsica - is this figure about right? Let me know what you all think before I step out into the cold north wind of a typical May day here in Blighty....... Thanks, Dan.
  13. Hi Guys & Gals, I am planning amy French holidays for next year and we are contemplating a boating trip on the canal de midi - has anyone got any reccomendations  for a good company (many seem very pricey) or places I should visit? I have posted this also in the Holiday section bet figured it would be best to get advice from people who know the area. Thanks, Dan.
  14. Hi Guys & Gals, I am planning amy French holidays for next year and we are contemplating a boating trip on the canal de midi - has anyone got any reccomendations  for a good company (many seem very pricey) or places I should visit?   Thanks, Dan.
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