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  1. Thank you Chris, it is mainly deer that are hunted around us during the winter so hopefully that should end tomorrow. Anne
  2. Can someone remind me when the hunting season is in France.  Is it October to the end of March or does it go on later than that.   thank you   Anne
  3. I love your sense of humour, I thought I was the only one who hated Big Brother !!! Anne
  4. Thanks for all the answers guys.  I think our problem is that we are not taking our own skybox over that the card is registered to but a new one that we bought on ebay. It won't always be practical to take our own box - sometimes we will fly !!!  So was looking for a way of getting the card to work with the box we bought. Anne
  5. Can anyone advise me how we get the above bills sent to the UK as we are not going to be at our holiday home at the time of year when they are sent out. Many thanks Anne
  6. Hi, we have just bought a holiday home in Tarn et Garonne which has a satellite dish (that works) and we took down a box we bought off Ebay and the card from our box at home.  It worked perfectly as a Freeview card but with no Channel 4.  My question is, is there anyway that we can get a fully working full Sky service using our paid for subscription at home?  We aren't going to be there that often at the moment and therefore it isn't worth taking out a second subscription. Any ideas gratefully received. Anne (Derbyshire)
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