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  1. Try here as a good starting point: http://www.naric.org.uk/
  2. ALWAYS female pointing upwards, and male downwards. No horizontal of more than 150mm. Your so called "Professionals" are WRONG! Never fit flexible liner direct to stove, must be a length of 1mm stainless steel or enamel tubing. You can buy adaptors to go from your stove exit to the flue. There are a myriad of other regulations, all are available on the internet if you search long and hard enough.
  3. Vistaprint is excellent, but ensure you use the UK site not the French site,
  4. I have a BD insert (which is not built in), which has been in place and used for over 7 years, I replace the door rope every year, as well as sweep the flue every couple of months, I tinkered with it when new, to reduce the amount of air entering in round the door, glass and joints. The reason I haven't "built it in" is so that, with reflective foil insulation behind and to the sides, it allows much more heat into the room. In fact the €150 fire, rated at 11kW is our only heating in a 360m3 longere, granted, every wall, floor and ceiling is well insulated, but glad we made the effort, and spent the money on insulation, as our wood used each year is about €100 only. Many say this isn't possible, but I and others know it is. A photo to show the installation: http://www.gite-maintenance.co.uk/Portals/63/IMAGES/HOUSE/Lounge.jpg
  5. depending on the livebox you have, after entering your WAP/WEP key at the relevant place on your netbook, you will need to "associate" the netbook to the livebox, basically this means pressing the necessary button on the livebox, on a SAGEM Mk1 Livebox this is on the underside, on a Thomson Mk1 it is a button on the rear. Good luck.
  6. Looks good in that large fireplace, and I appreciate that the vid is only 7 mins. But didn't show any of the sealing of the tubes, or installation plate being fitted, or flexi being secured at its exit, or register plate being sealed to chimney, or required distance needed in front of fire, hope all these happened off camera.
  7. Hi ValB, we too, are home to Bristol for Xmas this year, we, though are going on the ferry from Le Havre to Portsmouth, £80 return, for car + 2 pax. Like you, we too were disappointed when flights too and from Bristol were reduced/stopped, but it was always a possibility that the cheapy airlines would do this. We are only 4hrs from Le Havre, but the ferry we chose was an overnighter, arriving in Portsmouth at 07:00ish, then miss the traffic on the M27??? up the A36 and stop at the truckstop (http://www.hillsidecafe.co.uk)just before Warminster for an almighty English breakfast; arriving in Bristol for about 10am. If you get an overnight ferry back, you again arrive in Le Havre for about 7am, then with your 6hr drive, will be back a little after lunch. Hope it helps.
  8. 15mm - 14mm reducers from CEDEO http://www.cedeo.fr/recherche?q=d15%2F14
  9. A plethora of sites available via the internet: http://www.listenlive.eu/france.html
  10. Try Appartements Saint-Martin www.stayparis.com
  11. Don't have experience, but the organization, that performs the equivalence of qualifications is called NARIC, this one in English: http://www.naric.org.uk/
  12. Does this help? Klima UFH system Use the insulation boards then the ufh, then can either lay a screed and tile, or just tile.
  13. If you don't want to go to all the hassle of cutting curved plywood to form top and bottom plates, use the normal metal rail system, but every 5/10 cms etc, cut through the vertical (on the outside curve) and horizontal surfaces, this will then give a good curve to whatever you want, when it comes time to plasterboard, again on the greatest radius side, use a common or garden spray and damp the surface before leaving to rest for 10 mins or so on blocks in centre.
  14. I know some slate Ryanair, but if any one needs a cheap flight at the moment, from Dinard to East Midlands, end June and beginning July, there are flights to be had for €3 each way inc taxes, credit card charges are of course extra. Have booked 2 returns including credit card charges for €32 total.
  15. http://ec.europa.eu/publications/booklets/move/64/en.pdf Check out page 7 (just easy to read) and associated EU directive 1999/44/EC, which has been subsumed into ALL EU member states law.
  16. Flights to and from Dinard/Bristol stopped in January this year. There are no confirmed plans to restart this route from Ryanair. I have heard unofficially from Bristol airport, that a summer timetable may recommence in June. Absolute kick in the teeth for our family when this happened, as my wife had just got a full time job back in Bristol, after we checked with Ryanair and Bristol airport as to the state of the service from Bristol to Dinard, and was assured this would be continuing for at least another year. Oh well, Bristol to Derby via train £60 return, Derby Train Station to East Midlands Airport £5.80 return on dedicated bus service, East Midlands to Dinard £13.80 return.
  17. All consumer goods purchased anywhere in Europe are covered by a 2 yr guarantee, without exception.
  18. Its your lucky day: Directive 2003/44/EC amends the directive you were searching for. Hope it helps
  19. are they for the sole plate? I picked some up in our local brico, in a blister pack, that fitted my pro Bosch, about €5 for 6 (with nuts)
  20. You may be able to register under the auto-entreprenneur scheme, which then means you pay your cotisations (23%) on your actual turnover, rather than an assumed turnover. I also have a micro, and have swapped, it has made a huge difference (downwards) in my cotisations.
  21. I have 2 documents on my web-site which may help explain the intricacies of Top up insurance. Top up Insurance and 7 principal hospital contracts These have been written and sourced by POMHORN
  22. Brest to Pontivy 2hrs 15mins Dinard to Pontivy 1hr 20mins. Flights are also available from Southampton to Rennes, Rennes is 1hr 5 min from Pontivy.
  23. My wife has a very similar problem on her Acer netbook, occasionally the wi-fi connection drops, though all software and wi-fi indicator light are still running, having completed an exhaustive search regarding this problem with the Acer netbook, it appears to be a conflict between the BIOS and the integrated wi-fi card. The resolution is to update the BIOS to current version, and to update the wi-fi card to latest software version. She will return to France on 19th May and I will complete updates then. Maybe a clue to your problem SD? symptoms seem to be similar. Also found this: http://www.ihatedell.net/forum/phpBB2/viewtopic,p,49191.html
  24. Yes they can IIRC it is after 30yrs of unopposed peaceful occupation. I suggest you firstly speak with the interlopers, then the maire then if all else fails a notaire.
  25. Don't know if this will help you, but I believe modern LCD/Plasma tvs are not PAL/SECAM specific, when you set them up, you need to set country of signal, so they should be capable of receiving most if not all signal types. If you wish to check out French pricesfor tvs, take a look at my web-site, on the right hand side is a link, "current store offers". A window will open, on the left hand side, select "Image" then "Television" My Samsung has been superb, and again on the Gadget show last night, another Samsung came out top in their particular test. I made my choice, by going into a shop, standing back, and selected the best picture viewable. Hope it helps
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