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  2. Whos bitter ? Bet all you Chelsea lot drink Whine !
  3. I play soccer LIKE a lady !
  4. Old Peculiar is my favourite (not Duff!) Dont think you can get it here though ?
  5. MMMMMMM    BEER Doh !!
  6. 8 Days 19 Hours 52 minutes. Yeah, I quite like the AMMERS. Better than yer poncy Chelsea and ARSEnal.
  7. Wasnt he the Argentinian player who got sent off in 1966. Or does he play for France ?
  8. Sorry Twinks, I apologise profus...., prosuf...., profuls...... -  A lot. Miki, I dont know if Id rather see Leeds go up or Chelsea go down. But I know which is most likely !
  9. Youll be telling me youre a Sunderland supporter next ! No, the only Leeds Wembley game I was not at. Working that day.
  10. Well did you enjoy Eastenders Twinks, which was actually Corrie as its wednesday and Eastenders isnt on on Wednesdays. DOH !!
  11. You have a cruel streak Miki. Anyway as a food critic, how are the fish and chips up there ?
  12. 8 days 20 Hours 20 minutes. Well you did ask
  13. If you look carefully at the ad., you will see that that was my breast size.
  14. Oh and unlike that idiot I ALWAYS practice safe sex. Its ok as long as I always wash my hands first. Anyway, what were YOU doing on that site ?
  15. No, I dont drink socially, more like unsocially. You still havnt told us about Mr . Hoddles secret Twinks.
  17. Glen was always good at making passes.
  18. I rest my case missus.
  19. And Here again - WITH DIAGRAMS http://www.burtrandworld.co.uk/offside-rule.php
  20. Only 9 Days 1Hour and 27 minutes to go.  
  21. Ah Baseball. Isnt that all about HOMERS ? Doh !!
  22. And ,by the way, us proper supporters support England at Footy, Rugby AND cricket as well as all other sports (Tiddlywinks, etc.)  
  23. Its nice to know we can rely on the female gender for an intelligent, reasoned debate about sport.
  24. http://www.worldcup-06.co.uk/World_Cup_2006_TV_Guide.htm Someone asked which games are available freeview. Hope this link is useful.
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