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  1. it must be you because I only joined today, can you tell me more?
  2. sorry u have no response from Bobc,  maybe we could get deleted!!!! Well my friend I am off for a game of football shortly and the 'pub' later, maybe some workers on the black there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha Take care  no doubt will catch up here again.
  3. Barrie very nice here you have to put the heating on and have glass wine (vin) but the weather is just as bad for our adminstrator based in norwice, I thought it was a french site so who is working on the black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  4. hi barrie gone quite here what is the weather like there ? It isnotvery nice in wales today but it is hols time .
  5. I am a builder  of  25 years in Wales. We have many nationalities on building sites, so if you cannot put up with a few English working on the balck I would suggest you find another occupation ( maybe the one you did in England )
  6. The cold war is over, you should not  pm Mr Clarke we should all read what you have to say.
  7. Why should it not be in the open forum? We conplain about people working on the black surely we should have open speech first, if it upsets anybody through comments that they have made ( tough ).
  8. Page 5 disapeared can any one tell me why 
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