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  1. Alors, enfin! Bon soir, BobC (George) I shall begin with the phone call. I did indeed call, after I had read your original posting, in order to discuss the matter with you on a personal level without involving others - my preferred method of solving potential problems.  In this area there is, in the minds of most 'ex-pats' one English bar.  I personally dislike the label as I came to live and work, legally, in France.  If, as you say, you were refering to another bar then please contact me, through the forum or by email, privately, and tell me which French Bar you are talking about.  Alternatively my invitation to share a drink still stands.  Most of life's problems can be solved on a personal level by simple discussion rather than spurious and ambiguous allegations. I await your response. Barrie Clarke (no relation)
  2. Have a good evening We have a football team here too- consider a trip. BUT no Black strip!! cheers  
  3. Salut Diplomat (not) Take care my Welsh Builder friend or you may be deleted also. Still no response from BobC!  - or others with views on this matter. Maybe everyone else accepts the irony and has left the forum Cheers Barrie  
  4. Salut Diplomat (not) been sitting outside the bar, in the sunshine, with a glass of pastis - just as quiet as the forum! cheers Barrie  
  5. prolonging this discussion will obviously be deleted BUT it is interesting that BobC has made no response. Do any other members have comments before I am silenced? Barrie  
  6. Merci for the advice. My main concern is not the administration of the forum but the free distribution of accusations.  Surely a response to such should be expected. I am prepared to be banned should the rules of the forum be such, however at least some  will have shared my concern Thank you for yours Barrie
  7. Because I upset someone with the truth barrie
  8. As a new member I was careful to not infringe; I was making a very important point in all honesty. Maybe this forum cannot support this honesty! Barrie.
  9. I was wondering the same thing!! Maybe I no longer exist Barrie M Clarke (no relative)
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