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  1. Betty,

    Oh dear, I don't watch The One Show.


  2. Betty,

    Were you or was anybody you know on BBC TV news yesterday?


  3. nomoss,

    Back in medieval/Saxon times, people used to build houses on stilts. But that was to keep rats out.


  4. Russet,

    The crypt in Winchester Cathedral normally floods in the winter. I wonder if it is any worse this year.


  5. Frecossia,

    Our ivory tower in St Albans happens to be an end of terrace house. We just happen to live above an area that isn't affected by floods. And there is no problem with landslides. Unlike some posters here, we can't afford a second house in France. I wish Betty the best with her problems.


  6. Betty,

    If you mean me, I was only seven in 1947 and lived in a wood frame house in Pennsylvania that was built in the late eighteen hundreds. I assume it is still there. If not me, forget it.


  7. Thibault,

    We recently ate haggis for Hogmanay and Burns Night. Not wild, though. I don't believe in hunting.


  8. Frecossais,

    We live about as high up as you can get in St Albans, so no problems with flooding. Will people never learn not to build on or try to develop flood plains, unless they are Dutch, that is?


  9. Theiere,

    So, she blew it? I don't drink Red Bull.


  10. Thibault,

    When I was in the US, I used to do lawn bowling (bowls) and a lot of bowlers did curling in the winter. Some of the ones I knew were of Scottish extraction. They also hunted wild haggis.


  11. Theiere,

    I just noticed the water going down the drain on your 'profile'. Did you see that little plastic toy called a rattleback on QI that spins in one direction, but not the other? (google it if not) It, however, is not caused by the same thing (?coriolus effect) as water going down the drain in different directions depending on where you live.


  12. Thibaut,

    Careful or I'll turn over to the Food Channel. That's 41 on Freeview. Maybe not, I think the Barefoot Contessa is on most of the day. I suppose I could watch curling...


  13. Theiere,

    Oh whoopie, a bronze medal in a 'sport' nobody had ever heard of until it was included in the present Olympics. I swear if her dog could speak, they would interview it on the BBC. I now automatically turn over to the Food Channel when they mention Jones. Of course, I could be missing an interview with Jenny Jones the politician.


  14. Betty,

    I saw that Steve Davis on TV yesterday.


  15. Cendrillion,

    Daglan seems closed most of the year. The woman running the tea shop opened it becase she was bored.


  16. Cendrillon,

    We are only in Daglan in June-July and it is a small town. Sarlat is not too far away.


  17. Racer,

    We have a lot of cloth bags we bought in Germany, a lot of large heavyweight plastic Super U, Auchan, etc bags, and a large freezer bag we got free at Super U  for spending 50 euros. We have been using them in GB, France, and other European countries for years.


  18. Frank,

    We have stopped here a couple of times when on holiday in Daglan. It has an email address, and was run by an English woman. I assume it still is.





  19. 17,

    Er, um, yes I noticed the co-leader. Barenboim gave roses to several female members. And he is quite an international diplomat when it comes to music.

    One of the first things I noticed about instruments in the Vienna was years ago when I noticed the difference between their French horns and ones I was used to. One player looked like his was held together by black tape. Or maybe that was to grip it better. He did hit one sour note though.



  20. 17,

    What is the world coming to?! I counted at least six  females in the Vienna Philharmonic and there might be enough by 2015 to be in double figures. I saw the concert today. The ballet sequence with Scottish costumes designed by Vivienne Westwood was quite funny. Especially the female dancer trying to look under the kilt of the male dancer. It was also funny to watch Barenboim shaking hands with members of the orchestra during the last number. Who needs a conducter?


  21. nectarine,

    What's brave and talented about driving a 'car' around at high speeds? I guess it's one way for not so intelligent people to make loads of money and get expensive Champagne sprayed all over them.


  22. 17,

    Yep, I is here. I've heard a lot of the Bach choir with Willcocks, so I've probably heard the Stille Nacht.

    I think I have the Hallelujah on synthesiser. I'll youtube to see.


  23. 17,

     I assume that was the top ten Christmas 'carols' from the Albert Hall that you were watching. I saw it too and was a bit surprised to hear that O Holy Night came in number one. I say a bit because somebody leaked the information on Classic FM the day before. It is not a song easily sung by a congregation. The first time I remember hearing it was in the ?1950s on a Christmas LP by the Billy Vaughn orchestra, which I still have. 

    Hayley, a former street singer from ?Australia/New Zealand. I don't understand why singers have to shove the mikes up their noses either.


  24. Norman,

    Have you heard of the Stadium Pal? I wore the real thing for a while after a prostate problem. Thankfully, no cancer involved. My only problem with the hospital I was in (NHS) was some of the useless young nurses. The food was fine and being in a ward with ten other men didn't bother me.






  25. Paul,

    The Wisconsin Badgers get a bad press in the rest of the Big Ten...


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