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  1. Hoddy,

    The plum trees next door have blossoms on them and our rhubarb is starting to grow.


  2. Pierre,

    I forgot, my wife also has a frozen shoulder. Make that two.


  3. Russet,

    OK, back to this:

    An interesting letter in the i today quotes an article from a pamphlet published in London at the time of the flooding in 1607:

    "A true report of certaine wonderfull ouerflowings of Waters, now lately in Summersetshire, Norfolke, and other places of England: destroying many thousands of men, women, and children, overthrowing and bearing downe whole townes and villages, and drowning infinite numbers of sheepe and other Cattle."

    'On its front page an engraving showed only the top of a church spire and a couple of trees emerging from the floods, and people, animals and a crib floating in the water.'  




  4. Russet,

    She punched me.


  5. Russet,

    And I'm not dwdo, dwdime, dwxyz, or whatever.

    David W McNickle

  6. Chancer,

    As this thread has no real topic...


  7. idun,

    I don't mind being called Canadian at all. My brother in law is Canadian and Cleveland is about as close to Canada as you can get. I understand Lake Erie is frozen, so you could skate over to Canada from Cleveland. I have been to Canada several times. OK, only to change planes to come to GB, but still, I've seen a bit of Toronto.


  8. idun,

    Is that spanking when or after Boothroyd was a Tiller Girl?


  9. Russet,

    I'll ask her...


  10. Frecossia,

    My wife is doing fine, but it seems to be taking longer to get over the hip operation. She walks without crutches now.


  11. idun,

    Americans don't mind being called Canadian, but don't call Canadians American.


  12. sweet 17,

    Did you see the program about sinkholes in Florida?

    Should I complain about your making fun of my name? Somebody did when I called Betty Betsy.

    All of Wales is a stinkhole.

    David W McNickle

  13. Betty,

    Yeah, worse than the weather in GB. I talked to three men from the Winchester area today. Things are bad there, but not as bad as where you are. A few fence panels down here and some roof slates blown off, but nothing too serious. Heard about the sinkhole in Hemel Hempstead? I see where one also appeared in St Albans recently.


  14. sweet 17,

    You hassling me?? Huh, are you??

    If Teapot did that, it would be a double post, and it wouldn't be allowed.


  15. Norman,

    I took valium for a different reason, and was told that it could be addictive. I had no trouble stopping after four months. I guess different people react in different ways.


  16. Bobdude,

    A friend of mine in the US slipped on some mud and fell, pulling the muscle in his upper leg from his knee. The operation and recovery seemed worse than my wife's knee replacement.


  17. Betty,

    I forgot to say that they made my wife go up and down stairs before letting her come home.


  18. Frecossais,

    Things will/should get better. My wife had an NHS knee replacement some years ago because she hurt her knee at work. Other than the scar, you would hardly know it. Unfortunately, she is now getting over a hip replacement (other leg) that she got in July.


  19. Theiere,

    Amazing, disagree with someone and you get called a troll.


  20. idun,

    I've been in the UK (England) for so long that a lot of people think I'm Canadian, so, no, I don't get hassled. I'm just being silly and trying to lighten up a quiet forum thread. Get used to it. I only hassle people I know in real life. I also have a book called Boners that I 'permanently borrowed' from a library in Cleveland.


  21. Cendrillon,

    I used to steal Snickers bars. But then, I'm an American.


  22. Russet,

    Don't get me wrong, sanglier is quite tasty.

    It's nice to see people taking advantage of a bad situation by stealing sandbags and selling them. I thought Brits were better than that. But then, there was Joe Walker on Dad's Army...


  23. Russet,

    I thought William was busy hunting wild boar and deer in Spain while trying to save wild animals from extinction.


  24. Sweet 17,

    I see where they are sandbagging the Itchen River in my old stomping ground, Winchester.

    "Where's John?" "He's down by the River Itchen." "Well why doesn't he scratch himself?"


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