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  1. Must be lovely, a nice temperature 21c, not too hot and not too cold. This winter has been fairly mild for all of northern europe, you may get some frost but the way the weather is performing at the moment even here in Lincolnshire may see an early spring, saves on the heating as well.



  2. Well all i can say is thanks, ive enjoyed reading what people are saying about the weather, ive found peoples comments very interesting. I just hope Living France will recognise that a weather related discussion area would be very well used.

    Regards  lesman

    ps Lincolnshire weather today, alot better than yesterday, mostly cloudy and drier.

  3. [quote user="siddalee"]

    Bonjour tous.

    I have been trying to speak better French all my life and feel it is never too late to get really serious about it.  My family and I are going on holiday to the Vendee in June and I would really like to be able to converse with some degree of confidence. 

    I wondered if any native or fluent French speaker out there would be willing to converse - just by e-mail - and put up with my mistakes whilst I try hard to get better?  I would love to be able to speak with you on a variety of subjects.

    When I say I am sensible, I'm not so sure about that, but I assure you I am genuine.

    J'ai 46 ans, je suis mariĆ©e et tres heureuse, j'ai une etape-fille et j'aime les promenades, lire et je suis en recherche et etudes pour PhD.

    Merci pour votre temps.



    There was a site that i have used in the past called freetranslation.com. You have a selection French,Spanish etc,just type in the English sentence, click  french and then after a few seconds the sentence will be translated in french. Just a thought which may help you.

    Regards lesman

  4. [quote user="Dick Smith"]Well, it has been lovely here today. All day it has been daylight. It hasn't rained yet. The isobars are barring, and the weather fronts aren't backwards at coming forwards. I think I saw some cirrus cloud (or was it cirrhosis or did the windows just need cleaning?).


    Sorry, but I think the idea of sending in weather reports is tedious beyond belief!



    Im not asking for a forum for weather reports, just general chat which may be able to help people with their everyday routines. Over here in Lincolnshire you only need to hear a wisper about snow and before you know it there forcasting blizzards.

    Look at how the weather effects peoples moods,another reason for leaving England.


  5. Any chance we can swap, unfortunately im in Lincolnshire, mostly wet today, cool, stopped raining at the moment, talks of being better this weekend. So you can see the weather gets people talking and can be very interesting with extreme weather.


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