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  1. I didnt even bother to find out with mine .......I was delighted that even with the TV licence included it was such a small amount to pay . .....Compared with a Dorset band E council tax plus  TV licence  ..........Its  not worth presenting yourself and  filling in the forms for .
  2. Radio 4  news this morning .........70.000 a year buying houses in Spain ....50.000 a year buying houses in France .....looks like with some ..anywhere.... is a better place to live than the UK at the moment ..." Living  " in France does not apply to me as I am one of the guys with a foot in both camps  who took three years to find my " bungalow " type property with  the right location ..in  the " micro climate "  close to the beaches of the South Vendee . Being retired ... I dont have the problems of earning a living ....but in the short time I have had the house in France I have seen for many finding work is not easy...In fact the people I bought my house from sold to me and went to live in Paris to get work . If I were living and working in the UK and  enjoying a good income I would not be inclined to give that up to find some better weather !   I am thinking frying pans and fires here .
  3. I have just binned a Hitachi microwave (working but looked tired ) that was over 20 years old.... and now realise  my Aiwa Hi Fi stacking system is also over 20 years old but still  giving service .... Recently I  changed an Indisit  dishwasher that had also given  over 25 years service with only a pump replacement .....what have you got thats still plugged in and  running over for  20 years ?
  4. Red wine can make you wheeze in the morning ... like old bellows ..........its the hystamine content that gets to some people .....like me ! .... if you drink too much .
  5. They missed out he was a bast..ard ....and not just for upsetting the afternoon nap of the good people of Hastings  
  6. Lat week I came accross a little  shop in an arcade (UK )   which called itself ......... "The E.Bay Shop ".... a guy was sitting at a desk with a laptop...... I assume people go in and tell him what they have to sell ......or sit while he looks up on Ebay what they want to buy. and he does the "work " for them on the laptop for a fee ?  In a decent sized town I suppose there must be people with stuff to sell or want to buy at low cost on Ebay who are without internet access or dont have a clue how to go about it ......he must find it a living or he would not be there.   

  7. The last flight I took the the security staff did not like the look of the buckle on my leather belt and asked me to remove my belt would you believe.......when I said  " I will not ! " she backed off ....whats next strip off and walk into the lounge in your pants ? 
  8. Jon..........Like you I would love to see Britanny Ferries get some competition.

    The Speed Ferries 10 crossing offer is tempting at £22 a crossing  but  like you ....to the  South Vendee the miles shown and the time / cost between Boulogne and La Tranche sur Mer area for me would be in the region of  6 hours drive  ..Tolls / fuel  94 Eur  and from Caen 4 hrs 30  drive .. tolls/ fuel 44 Eur.... I tried the long way round on one occasion last year ...starting Dorset to Dover  and had an evening meal and night in a hotel in Rouan to avoid getting to the house after midnight .   It was lots cheaper than BF of course ..but  compared with sleeping the way over on a night crossing to Caen or St Malo ......it was hassle and a very time consuming way to pocket the pounds saved ....... BF know this only too well ...and for us who have to get to the West coast we just have to bite the bullet...and  hope for another cheaper carrier on the route ....I shall try the LD Lines  day time crossing later in the year...thats got to be an improvment for  the La Harvre service ...but this month .....B. F get my money.... again ! 

  9. My family fly Ryanair so I suppose they are among the "awful ordinary people " to whom you refer..... I am sure  they dont wish to sit next to you either .
  10. Anybody want a free sim card to use in the UK....wwworange.co.uk/freesimpack ...have to get one ordered on line by midnight tonight
  11. Will .....  you have jogged my memory with your post..........Renault Dauphine was the most scary car I have ever driven ......roll over at the drop of a hat..........I remember a mini cab firm started up in London with the things ....cant remember the name.... they had a fleet of purple ones telephone number Welbec 4440 ....a bean tin on wheels . my first car was a Triumph Mayflower....  did not see one of them in the barn.
  12. I meant to add in France people give the impression at times that rules seem to be there to be broken ......a way of life !
  13. A few years ago it was explained to me why a  UK fisherman took his catch into a port in Britanny  and not the UK. It appeared that when he landed his catch in Newlyn  he had his boat pounced on by fishery inspectors busting a gut to examine every fish on board to catch him out landing undersized fish and penalize him should they find one .. In the Brittany port he was permitted to select fish from his catch box it up and present it to  the  fishery inspectors for examination .....no doubt on both sides of the channel all the correct paperwork can be produced to show every fishing boat had its catch inspected  on arrival..... which side of the water is playing by the correct rules here then ... when it comes to fishery inspection ?  
  14. He knows she is only there until Brown takes over then she is gone .....so ...is it worth getting to know her well enough to want to kiss her hand ...dont think so !
  15. You were lucky to get a cabin ....I have been trying for ages to be able to book one on the crossings have wanted ..never got one yet ! I think there is a better chance of winning the lottery than getting a cabin on LD lines ....

  16. [quote user="cooperlola"]Even given the white lines, Gary, there are a number of farmers around here of a certain age, who have no idea that there is any junction at which the priorite a droite rule does not apply![/quote]


    Farmers of a certain age habitually carry kids on the bonnets of their tractors. ...and when following them it scares me as I am waiting for one to fall off.... should not imagine they know what a highway code is anymore than Brit drivers

  17. It appears China has indroduced a policy of one dog per household ....following the success of their one child per household  rule.....given the number of turned out dogs in France and elsewhere in Europe .........is this not a good idea ?....perhaps with a 1000 E or £1000 lifetime licence to keep one ?  Anybody who wanted a dog I think would then  look seriously at the implications of keeping one before they took  it on .....In case anybody thinks I may be anti dog ...no....I have had dogs but not after losing our Basset  who was wanted loved and  I would have willing paid a  big licence fee to keep her.
  18. Sue ........A place such as Conforama permits you to visit the show room choose your appliance...talk to the sales staff ...compare whats on offer...then pay at the cash desk......You then go to the collection point ....sit and wait while the staff dig out what you have bought .no doubt plastic  shrink wrapped with  loads of polystyrene protection and wheel it on a sack barrow to your transport in their car park...Simple as that..... if you have an estate car or small van or have hired one .....there is no reason why you cannot buy anything in the way of white goods in any reasonable size French town and   just take in home with you .
  19. I think you will find there is a stopkock at the meter on the water supplier side . There is on mine ....there  should also be  a drain tap just on the property side of the meter so that after you turn off the supply you can drain off into the ground all the water in the pipe up to your property. In my case I just turn all the taps open including the garden tap and all pipes up from the  water company meter  end up air filled .....
  20. The one we got was a BECO.... I think.... from Conforama ....they also sell the  detendeur .. big... black ...push and rotate and two jaws close and pull the thing into the gas outlet and makes a seal .....very easy to put on and take off.... no spanners needed .... about 30 E.. I think .

     The gas bottle we use ( as did the people who had the house when we bought it ) is  the Butagas big light blue dumpy  one ...you get them everywhere ... Our local hotel which also has a bar /tabac  even sells it .....but the Super U is the cheapest at about 24E a refill.....  You take out and sign a Butagas contract  when you buy the first bottle to the effect they retain ownership .

     We do have problems with the oven it cooks VERY hot   ......you really have to watch stuff ....burns pastry  very fast . It may pay to ask questions about the oven you choose and how well you can control the oven  ....unless you like the taste of charcole !  Good Luck ..

  21. It would appear that the Container Ship aground in Lyme Bay listing and dumping containers in the sea has BMW Motorbikes as part of the cargo..... and wine . Now ...if I am walking along the beach  and a crate containing a bubble wrapped BMW Motorbike or a  wrapped palet full of cases of wine...  should just happen to be sitting there at low tide....and if I  take it off the beach ...I am supposed to ring the Reciever of Wrecks and let him know I have got it  ....thats the law I  believe. ?.. I wonder how many phone calls he will get ....and if  found on the Normandy beaches ...his French opposite number any at all ?
  22. WHERE  is Jade  Goody ?............in a safe house under protection now  I believe !
  23. British Telecom has just over 87.000 employees ...9000 of them work from home ....French telecom with 21 million subscribers has 203.000  employees........you would think with all that many they would give a problem free service !

  24. May I suggest you search for listed camping and caravan sites in your area.Some sites have static caravans and there is a turnover in old vans  from sites as people upgrade. My experience in running two statics on a "Haven " park was that they had a 10 year life.... then had to be removed from the park as the people running these parks only want the latest  designed statics to rent out . .
  25. This weeks bargain.........ASDA ...should anybody be thinking if the smaller size tumble dryrer to take out comes with vent pipe etc .White Knight is  £79.  Just picked one up...we may need it next month .
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