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  1. Yes garage was closed both the Thursday and the Friday...the point I found strange was that Citroen had informed  by fax all garages that  the week of the day off which..... OK was Thursday and they took Friday as well .....was enough for them to shut down the parts department  and no parts were sent out for the whole week ! ....... and the C5  interior door handles  are flimsy....... my local dealer has replaced 3 that have snapped off  they are very thin cast  metal .
  2. On  Thursday the 18th of May I managed to snap off the inside door handle of my Citroen C5.... as I was going out to France that night on Friday I presented myself at the main dealers 14 klm from the house and requested they fit new handle ....it was booked in for Wednesday 24th  3 pm...... I was at the garage on the dot and was impressed by the way I was received and offered a car to go off shopping while they spent the  hour  needed fixing the car. My wife and I declined the offer of a car and walked off in the direction of the shops  only to find a guy from the garage running up behind us and requesting  our return. I was then told they could not fix the car....the door handle had not arrived at the garage although  they had 5 days to get one.....it was explained to me that Citroen had sent a fax to the Garage stating that as the coming Friday was a bank holiday ...no parts would be sent out that week and any ordered parts would arrive on the Monday after the bank holiday........I returned to the UK and my local dealer had a door handle the following day and it was replaced in 30 minutes..while I was given coffee and newspapars ..at a cost of £27. plus the part .  How silly of me to think the car could be repaired in the week there was a French Bank Holiday !
  3. Thanks Poppy......I  think you are right as the area is  in a bedroom that is part of an extension and not the same tile as the older part of the house .... even though the colour is similar to the older thicker ones......oh well .....I can expect to have to put a few more back down then !
  4. I have just experienced my first "out of the blue " happening with the lifting of floor tiles. An area that was where the sun hits the floor through a window lifted and on removal of 30 tiles I discovered they had been laid direct onto the concrete floor without any floor tile cement under them .....it appears the floor tiles were put down dry  then grouted after to hold them in place .....I can only assume that air trapped under the tiles was heated up after being left  cold over winter  expanded and up they came .? I have put them back OK with waterproof  floor tile cement and they seem to be well anchored down now ....... is this normal practice ...slap them, down dry and just grout them in ?

  5. Thank you Gluestick.......I will leave it alone ....I will get the contents of the drums checked out ... am sure somebody will have them off me ! there is a hell  lot to just clean paint  brushes with !
  6. I have  been left with an oil heater that I am a bit wary of . It has a container for oil on one side you fill through the top and  feeds through a valve to a mesh dome that obviously glows when lit.and heat convects out of the front slots.....It has a chimney made up of  flu pipe sections that vent out through the wall ...I have never come accross one of these ....there are two  80 gallon drums of oil ..and its red in colour...I have been told that the fuel may be farm  "diesel "  and  I am not to happy about firing this thing up.    I have seen them  in the "Brico " so they are still sold its not ancient ......what have I got ?.....a parafin heater and two drums of diesel ? .and just how good are these things ?

  7. Good point .......Now think one not left on while away but used on opening up the option ....Thanks
  8. Thanks  Zeb............I have decided to get a couple  to take down and they will be  handy should I need them when opened  up again. I have family heading down next month they can take one with them  ......I now dont really think I have much of a problem and a day or two with them on after opening up should make a difference ......thanks for the input .
  9. I did not have any mould problems on beams thank goodness and only a little patch on a wall in the corner so it sounds like my first experience of locking up a house for six months has not been a bad one........I will get a couple of dehumidifiers  and just keep them handy to use if required I think......thank you everyone for your posts......most appreciated .....hope you all have a good year .
  10. Thanks Baz.........I was already begining to think I would be asking too much from them...

  11. No do not have a  VMC ...I looked at  climatic control equipment and they appeared to have a pipe that has to be put through a wall to draw air in from outside ...so would be a big bit of kit permenantly fixed against a wall.....put me off as dont feel happy about going through such a thick outside  wall ...(dont know whats in the middle of it in the way of stone ) and was looking more to the idea of somthing I could move about the house when needed  ..one in the kitchen ...hose outlet down the sink .....another other end of the house in a bedroom where some long outlet  hose could be run into and  down the  shower  and then  leave all the internal  doors open...  I have used an industrial size dehumidifier after an extension build in the UK that worked fine and dried the place out ....I have no experiance  of using  the small domestic ones that have now appeared in the shops that are quoted as taking 10 ltrs of water a day out of the air if on constant setting !!!
  12.  The ones I have looked at have fittings for a hose to drain outlet .....and they seem to have settings for what is considered to be "normal  humidity" and anything other than that ....they will kick in and prevent dampness.....I noticed I had a door that would not shut  properly until I had  had some heaters running for a few days . and I was thinking it would stop this swelling ...the Vendee has been a bit cold for there  down to minus 5 and had a lot of rain over the winter .I have means of disposing of the water from via the hose  so thats not a problem I was just wondering if without heating on over winter I was expecting too much from  a  dehumidifier .
  13. I have thought that my place might benefit from a dehumidifier left ticking over having just opened up the place after the 1st winter ( Nr La Tranche  ).....they dont appear to be  expensive to run... automatically  switch on and off .....and put out warm dry air ..anybody leave one running  while away.?...are they an advantage  to keep running all winter ?....or a waste of time ?
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