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  1. Yes but you can't talk face to face with them can you which is what the original poster was asking for?
  2. I would say, if your buying in France, get a French mortgage, which are a lot lower than UK mortgages. You can always negociate the bank fee!
  3. Mmm sounds interesting; I wonder if they charge for cash withdrawals/payments? Sounds similar to the French Moneo "pocket money" system.
  4. Do a free quote on www.meilleurtaux.com English link: http://www.meilleurtaux.com/index-AN.php
  5. I think you'll find it's pretty much standard practice for a pret relais which is based on 70% of the value. As for your income, in France lending criteria is that you can only be in debt for a third of your income.
  6. You should normally be covered on your own home insurance for trips abroad upto 3 months??? Check your UK policy.
  7. Hi, An "attestation d'hebergement gratuit" should do.
  8. how about a fixed term deposit at your bank; these can run from one month to over 1 year. Obviosly the longer you can leave it the better rate you'll get.
  9. citibank are in the process of closing their branches.....
  10. try the english staff at ca-paris.fr   i'm very happy with my account there which gives me internet banking too.
  11. [quote user="cooperlola"] Does anybody know where I can get hold of a basic French version of such a thing as the bank needs proof of residence and don't understand the English contract! [/quote]   Hi, you can buy tenancy agreements in stationary shops.
  12. I suggest you ask your French bank directly for a credit card, you should get one there surely? I pay 15 euros annually for the bank's credit card.
  13. [quote user="Will "] This is just another example of the way that the French banks, like the tax people, will always get you. The charges I particularly like are those for having an inactive account. OK, you close the account to avoid those charges - but there are even bigger charges for closing accounts. [6] [/quote]   No bank can charge for current account closures; i think there was a new rule end 2005.
  14. Yes i agree; but can't see them chasing after someone with a bad debt if they're non resident. There's also the salary and tax docs that are in english and those french credit companies (and probably with their platforms in morocco...!!) are not in the know.
  15. [quote user="hastobe"]That seems illogical - if you can get a French mortgage when non resident why not a credit card?  It should be based on your ability to pay not your residence. Kathie [/quote]   a french mortgage has a solid guarantee; but what guarantee does your credit card have ?????
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